It’s My Birthday So Let’s Swoon!

It’s my party so I’ll do what I want to.

These swoon worthy fictional characters are in no particular order (not!)

Jace —  Loving me some Jace from the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It has been years of comparing every badass bad boy I read about to Jace. What makes Jace so swoon worthy? Let’s start with the basics; He’s hot! Covered in Runes, wears Shadow Hunter gear, and he has angel blood which makes him Nephilim. Jace has more angel blood than the average Shadow Hunter that makes him faster and stronger. More than his overall hotness Jace has layers. Poor Jace. Raised by Valentine, orphaned at a young age, and in love with Clary who helps him break down some of the protective walls. Like Clary, I will forgive Jace any infraction. There is always a damn good reason for his behavior and sometimes I hate Clary for not understanding Jace the way I do.

Side note; Was anyone else terrified before they cast Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace in the movie City Of Bones? The way he says mundane in the trailer!!! *shivers*  I was prepared to boycott the film until I saw the trailer. AND! What the hell? Jonathan Rhyn Meyers as Valentine??!! I am supposed to hate him. How is that possible now? Swo-oo-oo-on!! Is there anyone hotter on this planet? (The Tudors, August Rush…. yes, THAT guy.)

Will — He is NOT a badass and therefore NOT comparable to Jace. Will, from Slammed and Point Of Retreat by Colleen Hoover, is hands down my all time favorite swoon worthy guy. People, go buy these books. The relationship between Will and Layken is like none other. Will writes and performs Slam Poetry. At one point in the book Layken sneaks in to watch Will perform. This is the end of that poem, “Keep your ocean, I’ll take the Lake.” *tears* (Lake is Layken’s nickname). I cried and laughed and swooned and loved all the supporting characters. No exaggeration–I felt like a different person after reading these books.  Colleen has a new book, Hopeless coming out.

FourYea, yea, I know his real name is Tobias. He will always be Four to me. From Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth. You’ve all read these books. No point in explaining why Four is on my list. Let’s take a moment of silence and relive the first time he took off his shirt in front of innocent Tris! Or threw the knife at her. Or showed her his simulation. Or watched helplessly as Tris got her ass kicked and refused to stay down during Dauntless training. Who’s Dauntless now, bitches!

Another side note; I loved these books more than The Hunger Games series. That brings me to my next swoon worthy hottie….

Gale — Yes, that’s right. Gale. NOT Peeta. Deal with it. My obsession was only made worse when Liam Hemsworth (Thor’s brother — “This human body needs subsidence.”….. I’ll give you some subsidence!!) was cast as Gale.

Jude — Have you read Crash and Clash by Nicole Williams? You are taken to the edge of what is forgivable with Jude. He lives in a boy’s home, his mother left him at a young age (Everyday he wears a beanie hat she made for him. Awww poor Jude), and his dad is in jail.  A few times I was screaming at Lucy to cut him loose. Then she does right when he’s had an epiphany and starts to change his life around. I can’t list any spoilers here, but I want to so I can gush over what Lucy and Jude have overcome. No man has ever loved a woman the way Jude loves Lucy. Believe it! Book 3 is out on April 23rd 2013.

Travis — I have read Beautiful Disaster, by Jamie McGuire, three times now. I will never get enough of Travis. Book two, Walking Disaster is coming out soon! EEEEEE!

Patch  He’s a fallen angel, folks! Enough said! Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick is dark, scary at times, and there is also Nora’s Nephilim bloodline. Did someone say Nephilim? ( I ❤ Jace!) Anyone else buy the first book based on the AMAZING cover of Hush, Hush? Click on Patch and there’s a link to Goodreads.

John — I am huge into scifi. John Smith is an alien sent to Earth to hide with ten other children numbered one to ten. One – Three are dead. John is number four and he is next. He knows he is part of a group that will save their planet, but he also wants to be a normal teenage boy. Oh, and he has Superman-ish abilities. Can’t forget that! I devoured I Am Number 4 and The Power Of Six. The movie didn’t have anything on the books! The action that is. NOT the love triangle.

Trick  Never in my life have I swooned over one line in a book like I did with The Wild Ones by M. Leighton. Patrick (Trick) delivers a single line to Camie in the horse stables, and you pray they’ve given up trying to stay away from each other. I had to set down my Kindle and compose myself. I have the line memorized, of course, but you will have to read it. PLEASE come back and message me about this book so we can swoon together!

Malachi — Head guard of the Shadow Lands, described by the author as having “deadly efficiency” (hell yea!), and willing to give up freedom to save Lela. Not that she needs saving. Lela is as badass as Malachi! Sanctum by Sarah Fine is an excellent book. I could not put it down.

EranSWOON!! So I might have a thing for angels and/or dead people. The Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter were three books I read back to back to back. Eran is Maggie’s guardian angel and they have history. Hundreds of years of history together. Only Maggie doesn’t remember. There are major battles and when Eran expands his wings! Oh, swoooon. I’m all — It’s going down now!  *Also possible in the air, clothes ripping off, wings fluttering sex.*  SO HOT!

Cage, Preston, Jax — All these swoon worthy guys are from Abbi Glines’ Sea Breeze series. Where do I start?

Preston from Just for Now. I started off the book hating Preston. Then, THEN I find out why he is so guarded and wounded and oh, God… feels he isn’t good enough for Manda.

Jax from Breathe is a rock star spending the summer at his house on the ocean. Sadie is working at his home. She is not impressed with Jax the superstar, but loves Jax the boy (me too!). He also sings Bon Jovi to her. I think that’s an official double swoon.

Cage — Swoon, Swoon, SWOON! Baseball player Cage from While It Lasts is stuck working on a farm for his coach’s brother. Playboy turned sweaty farm boy with no shirt on. More please! Eva is the off-limits farmer’s daughter who is jealous of Low, Cage’s female BFF. I didn’t read the Sea Breeze series in order. My bad. As a result I haven’t read Because Of Low, well, because of Low. My friends tell me Cage and Low have a beautiful friendship and she doesn’t break Cage’s heart. I will read it eventually. I’m not ready yet.

WillFrom the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. He is so much like Jace that I compared the two constantly. Unfortunately, Will came up short. Doesn’t make him not swoon worthy. Will is also a Shadow Hunter and his BFF Jem, is swoon worthy as well. I am a little scared to read book three. Will Jem die?

Duncan — Here’s where I reveal how much I get my geek on…  Firebreather is a comic book published by Image Comics (Spawn!) and yes, I swooned over an animated character. What can I say? He breaths fire. Duncan is half human and half dragon. I also own a Marvel and DC Comics Encyclopedia. And a cat named Logan.

All the names have links to I’m on there too.  Send me a friend’s request. Does anyone have a fictional swoon worthy guy to add?

74 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday So Let’s Swoon!

  1. You have great taste Gabi! 😉 I’ve read about half of the guys on the list (and LOVED them), and something tells me that I’m going to go crazy and read the rest while ignoring the books I should read . . .

    • Ha ha! I’m curious which ones who’ve read. You must read The Wild Ones and Down To You (not on the list) both by M. Leighton. Down To You has a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. Cash & Nash — twin brothers.
      Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. 😉

  2. You definitely have to add Reed Wellington from Amy Bartol’s Inescapable (The Premonition Series)! Very, very swoon worthy…aaaahhhh, Reed….a divine angel who would do anything to protect the woman that he loves!

    • Chrissy– I checked the series out on Goodreads. I agree it’s looking very swoon worthy!! AND! He’s an angel too? How did I miss this book? The good part of missing the boat on a great series is not having to wait for the next book release. 😉 Thanks you Chrissy for the suggestion and for stopping by!

  3. Great list. I didn’t read the Sea Breeze series in order either and I still haven’t read Breathe. Cage is double swoon worthy in Because of Low and I wish I had read it before I read While it Lasts. I saw Cage in a totally different light after Because of Low and it made me love him even more.

    • CRISTINA! I could do a post on Reed alone! Been pretty busy here with the kids and family in town. I just finished reading the scene with the portrait!! “Yes, she’s Mine,” Redd says…. ah, yes! She is! Also had to go back and reread the part when he talks “angel” to her. I’m loving this book Inescapable

      Who’s this Brennus? Will he come between Reed and Evie? Don’t tell me!!!

      • Oh…you have much more reading to do!! They only get better!! Amy Bartol is a genius! You would meet Brennus in Intuition and some falll in love with him in Indebted. And then comes Incendiary! …you will not be disappointed! Believe me…I have been in love with Reed from the start and it gets better!

      • If this Brennus comes between Reed and Evie… I need a NO on this ladies! Right now I’m not liking how upset Reed is over Russel and all this soul mate business. It must be huge if he can hardly talk about it!(NOOOOO!!!!) Chrissy, thanks for stopping by again.

      • LOL!!! You can’t make me tell you. CAN’T DO IT!! Sorry for the yelly caps!! 😉 You are at such a good point in the book!!!! *squeeeee* I’m sooooo jealous!! *deep breath* I love Brennus but you’ll meet him in book 2. If you don’t have book 2…you must have it!! PM your email addy! 🙂

  4. And…. I’m done. Not only with the book, but also with Jace Wayland… moment of silence please, ladies.
    My heart belonged to Reed when he flew Evie (lightning fast speed *swoon*) to his bedroom and showed her his wings.
    Cristina, I will resort to blackmail in the form of I WILL NOT READ BOOK #2 until I am SURE your Brennus will not mess with my Reed’s girl!! I’m feeling all fragile about it…. 😉

    Thanks again for stopping by Chrissy & Cristina!! (not sorry for MY shouty caps 😉 )

    And if you two haven’t read the Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter– get on it!

    • Gabi, I wish I could tell you that Brennus doesn’t mess with our (I’ll share with you) Reed’s Evie…but you will fall in love with him even more as the story goes on. Believe me, I didn’t think that was possible–oh but it is!!

      • Okay, we can share. I like you, Chrissy! I might need to take a break before book #2…because that was a yes. He IS going to mess with our man.
        WAIT! Is Evie going to betray Reed? She is so sure about Reed! Don’t tell me. Dammit!

      • LOL…don’t wait. It gets…painful…at times, but it is worth it! Reed only gets better…MUCH better. You won’t regret it!
        So glad I found your blog…so much fun!

    • Premonition Series. Words cannot describe how much I loved book 1. Who knew growling could be so unbelievably hot. Vampires out; Angels in. I can’t believe I put off reading this series until a friend gently nudged me to read it.

      I just finished book 2 and it almost killed me in both a good and bad way. What can I say, Reed owns my heart. I’m very possisive of him and on principal alone I won’t like anyone who messes with my boy’s happiness. So Russell and Brennus, yeah, not feeling the love LOL. And Alfred (I refuse to call him Freddie now), HATE. Now Zephyr, on the other hand, I can enjoy ALOT. He poses no threat to Reed and Evie and he’s totally hot too. Win/Win.

      I do love how Evie evolves in book 2. She’s learing to rely on herself and find her own strength. She’s becoming quite the badass herself. I did want to throttle her a few times and I did find myself wishing she’d be a little more selfish than selfless but then if she was, I probably wouldn’t love her as much.

      Overall, the beginning and the end made the difficult parts in the middle bearable and I’m glad I read it. Binding; I’m dead.

      I can’t wait to read book 3 but I might have to take a break and read something a little less heart-stopping.

      • Well, well, well. No love for Brennus. GO Kristin! I am starting book #2 tonight. I have a feeling I will be the same way. If your name isn’t Reed — get the hell away from Evie! Please tell me she doesn’t feel a pull towards Brennus.
        I didn’t see Freddie coming. Bastard!

        Thanks for stopping by again, Kristin! The ladies here are saying the books only get better. 😉

  5. I’d like to nominate, Zephyr or Zee, as he’s affectionately called by his family, in the Premonition Series for a spot on the swoon worthy list. I mean, what’s not to like; he’s Reeds closest friend and like Reed, he’s Power Angel. He’s built to fight and kicks ass. He’s often times the voice of reason to those around him, especially to Evie, whom he loves like a sister and he’s NOT an Evie groupie. THAT alone, makes him swoon worthy in my book. Plus, he’s funny and I like that in a character.

    • I think the boys of this series need their OWN swooning post!! Dare I say — I am swooning over Xavier?? I’m still on Team Reed.

      I share your love for Zee. Sometimes he shows up when he is not supposed to be there and I’m all — OH thank God! Zee is there! I’m terrified he will be killed off and I will have to blame someone. Evie!

      • I can’t bring myself to swoon over Xavier but that can change if he lets Evie choose who she wants instead of trying to force her to be with him like the others *cough Russell* *cough Brennus*. I’m kind of swooning over Evie’s father though, When she told him he smells like the night and he tells her is was the time he could be closest to her, I melted a little. Although, now that Russell has found himself a Thrown and has cricket flutters, he’s kind of growing on me. In the sense that I don’t want want to smash his face in with a brick.

  6. Read some more last night. I’m swooning hard over Xavier. To the point that I’m OK if Reed gets called back to Heaven…. whoa.

    I was out of control swooning after Evie sees Xavier in the soccer video cheering for her when she was a 7 yr old.

    I cried over, “You smell like the night.” Tau had been with her all along!!! BUT, he’s pretty controlling too.

    • Gabi…how dare you give up on OUR Reed! I know there are a few things that Xavier and Tau say that can be swoon-worthy…but after everything that has happened so far–for you to give up on Reed…I’m shocked! I am no longer sharing him with you!! ;). I may change my mind at a later date!!

    • WHOOOOA!!! did you just say that out loud!!!! no friggen way can reed get called back… i would cry so damn hard. He is swoon worthy and i feel for him but pfft

  7. After further reading, I no longer swoon over Tau. And I’m so glad I did not swoon over that rat bastard Xavier. I thought it was cold to send Zee and Russell away when she needed them the most. But watching her fall apart, begging for their help and doing nothing was worse. And when I thought they couldn’t be anymore assholeish, they tie her up leaving her vulnerable to Brennus. She was powerless to stop him; he could have done anything to her and they never even knew he was there. I SMITE THEM BOTH!

  8. Kristin, Chrissy — I HATE XAVIER!!

    Chrissy, I’m sorry for my momentary lapse in judgment. I hadn’t come to the part where Tau and Xavier showed their TRUE intentions. When Reed is saved, AND he will be!! I hope he shreds Xavier and totally humiliates Tau! And his sidekick, Cole too! Just for being there!

    Poor Reed being fed on… it’s too much.

    Where I am at in book #4 — Right now, Anya is helping Evie escape. I’m glad to hear from you that it was Zee’s plan to leave her behind. I’m in such a man/angel hate mode right now that Russell made it on my shit list for leaving her behind!

    Ladies, I am so happy to find others who fall so in love with characters in books!!! TEAM REED!!!!!

    • Gabi…since you are so repentent–I will again share Reed with you again! And I think you may your attitude of Russell as well…I like him not as Evie’s love just her BFF. I just never trusted the other angels…something just does’t add up. Can’t wait til you finish the book!

  9. If this ends up like a Clary & Jace situation on the edge of the lake — I seriously don’t think I can take it.
    In fact I might read ahead just so I know my Reed survives.

    Have either of you read The Mortal Instruments series?

    • Don’t worry…he survives! You will fall in ove with him even more!! PROMISE!!

      I just got Mortal Instruments series last week but haven’t started

      • You will LOVE that series! First book starts out a little slow getting to know Clary. Stick with it. If you love Reed this much, then you will lose yourself over Jace.

        You also meet Magnus Bane in City of Bones. One of the best all around characters EVER!

      • Thanks! Then I can’t wait to start reading it!

        Have you read the Covant Series?? Aiden…a very close 2nd to Reedb

  10. I lose myself in books ALL the time. I fall hard for characters which means I’m fiercely protective of them so I end up hating characters who screw with my favorites. I sort of like Russell now *ducks from Gabi*. He’s not nearly as annoying with his soul mate crap now that he’s found an aspire of his own.

    I have not read the Mortal Instruments series. I may have to take a break from angsty books after I finish book 4.

    • Covant series?? No. I’m looking it up! Thanks!!

      Oh my, 2 people who don’t know Jace. I may start reading that series again. Just a warning Chrissy & Kristin — the 6th book in Mortal Instruments, City of Heavenly Fire, isn’t coming out until March of 2014

      Kristin, I’m ok with Russell now. 😉 I’m also still harboring some bad feelings towards Anya. I can’t shake it. Why??? Because she hated Evie so much?

      • Kristen…I completely understand in being protective –I am exactly the same…but I was only slightly annoyed with Russell. Definitely more then annoyed at Xavier, Tau, and Cole–and don’t get me started on Brennus!

        Gabi…if it is a good series the books are worth waiting for. And with Anya, I think it is because she hated Evie. I kind of feel sorry for her for Russell’s reaction to her.
        And with the Covenant Series…it too starts off slow with the background of Alex, but once Aiden is in the picture it’s all good!

  11. I think Anya’s hatred of Evie is what made me like her. EVERYONE falls in love with Evie in some way or another, hell even the weapons sang to her. So when someone showed up and didn’t fall at her feet all stary-eyed, my first reaction was FINALLY lol. But aside from that, Anya helped Evie when nobody else could and she helped Evie get Reed back so that alone gives her a free pass 😉

  12. The girls made it BUT no sign of Reed!

    *** I haven’t felt this kind of gut wrenching angst since I read The Power of Six (I Am Number Four series) and Reckoning (Guardian Trilogy)

    • I know, right??!! Reed’s POV…totally awesome! Makes you fall in love with him even more…didn’t think that was possible!!

      • I think Amy Bartol is a genius! Love her imagination…totally awesome author. I seriously can’t wait to read the next book, Iniquity (which will be out by summer 2014)…love her writingb

      • The devotion between the “family”…melts my heart! I cried too!!

        Sure…I’m in!

        And Inquity come out this summer 2013…not 2014! I wouldn’t be able to stand it!

      • Kristen…I loved POV, too! Long overdue! I do hope in Iniquity Amy is able to give us aleast one chapter in Reed’s POV.

    • Amy, I love every book in the Premonition series; I’m obsessed with them. Thank you for writing such amazing books and giving us Reed and Zee to swoon over. I don’t know how I’ll be able to stand the wait for book 5.

    • We’ve decided OUR ANGELS need their own swooning post on here! I promise to be nice to Brennus (for Cristina)

      Amy – I have to steal that picture you posted on your blog of Xavier… I almost forgave him on the spot!! 😉 We need a perfect Reed pic too… might have to photo shop some wings on the hottest hottie I can find.

      PLEASE just promise us at least one chapter of Reed’s POV again in book 5!!

    • Amy…we love you! Awesome author, creative genius…who created a world that we don’t care to leave!….especially when there is Reed!

    • Thanks SO much for stopping by Jolie!! I will be doing another post like this soon. If you haven’t read the Mortal Instruments — get on that one. The movie is coming out soon. I ❤ JACE!

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  14. i cannot believe you like Xavier… thats not even imagable. i am so in love with reed i was sobbing when brenus touched him. wheew, got him back though. i feel so bad for reed and evie because people just keep on coming in betweeen them *russell, brenus, XAVIER* i just ..sigh… i cant take it i just never want them the excitment to stop!!

    • Shannon, I SWEAR to you I am so on Team Reed! 🙂

      In the Xavier post tomorrow — I talk about when he first enters the picture… and I did. I swooned. A blog follower (Chrissy) ripped me a new one for not be faithful to OUR Reed. I deserved it and when I read the next chapter I couldn’t believe I swooned at all!!

      I am so scared for Reed in book #5… I just KNOW Xavier will challenge him for Evie.

      Here’s another thing — if Brennus ended up with extra powers…. why didn’t Reed? And what does that all mean in book #5?

      “That’s not even imaginable. I am so in love with Reed….” … I like you Shannon! You’ll fit right in with us here! 😉 thanks for stopping by, check in tomorrow.

      • OMG, Gabi! You asked the $64,000 question…what powers did Reed get??? He had to have gotten some just as Brennus did…only initially they aren’t as noticable because he already has wings–where Russell and Brennus did not. Also, I think by Evie healing Zee and Reed…it has made them more human emotionally…presented by the family they have all become to one another.

        I am sure there are abilities that Reed will have thanks to Evie…because they are in this together…

  15. I’m freightened for when Evie gets her memories back of Xavier! But it makes me so fustrated when Xavier says how she doesn’t actually love reed. I just wanted to sucker punch him then and there. ugh.

    Also i just wanted to add, i dont know about anyone else, but i literally was cheering Evie on when she was leaving Tau. He justs bothers me how he wantes to get to know her and thinks that making her friends leave will have her trust him. No. Just no. and major creep factor that her dad looks young enough to go to high school with her. yuck.

    Im so glad i found this site im definitly going to read some of your swoon worthy characters once i get over as you say “book hangover”, which describes it perfectly. im definity stealing that phrase just letting you know:)

    • I stole it from someone else — go right ahead! In fact, it’s on one of those “some ecards”

      YES! Xavier totally dismisses Reed! It infuriates me to no end. BUT what if in book #5 — he starts not to such a jerk??? And Evie IS remembering, she’s lying to Reed about it.

      Wasn’t it so hot when Reed first met Xavier in the castle? Wings snapping, challenges hinted to in Angel language. Reed is cool and cocky. Then he gets Evie in private and demands to know — “who is he to you?”

      PLUS, Zee was going to do something about Xavier hitting Buns! I’m not looking forward to that. I adore Zee

    • Shannon, welcome to the fun!!…I am totaly on board with how you feel about Tau! Arrogant…self rightous,SOB! …same goes for Cole and Xavier.

      And IF Evie was so in love with him, why didn’t she have “butterflies” for him in high school and all throughout her childhood?? Like she keeps saying, Evie made her choice–and it is Reed…and it was accepted by God!

  16. but Reed respects Tau in a weird way.. what if Reed favors what Tau did? Because doesn’t Reed say he thought Evie shouldn’t have come for her? and what made Anya stop being jealous, all of a sudden she was nice to Evie…

    • Russell started to remember Anya and Evie sat with her by the fireplace. Trying to be a friend.

      Reed is scared of Tau taking control over Evie. That’s why he did the feather thing… no one but God can break his allegiance to her now. ie Tau can’t tell him what to do.

    • Reed initially respected Tau…but after the way he treated Evie…all bets are off!

      And I think with Anya, Zee and the rest of the family got her to see that Tau and friends were going to let something bad happen to Evie…she just opened her eyes to the truth.

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  19. Awesome post. I have new books to read 😀 but only a few i’ve read most of what you have and have all the same BBF’s so i’ll add my list 😀 If i can remember them all of the top of my head :/
    Not in order 😛 and with a few edits because it was a wee bit long :/ (i’m not a book whore i swear….)

    Christian Grey ~ Fifty shades of Grey by E.L James he ticks all the boxes except the pain part lol
    Dean Holder ~ Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (must read book!)
    Will Cooper ~ Slammed by Colleen hoover but i love Holder just a little more :/
    Lucas/Landon ~ Easy by tammara Webber OMG i am soo in love with him possibly no 1
    Gideon Cross ~ bared to you by Sylvia Day oh how yummy
    Gabriel ~ Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard Oh professor…
    Rush ~ Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines I love all her boys… except Sawyer :/
    Dank Walker/Death ~ Existence by Abbi Glines (must read! these are the best of hers)
    Chase ~ Taking Chances by Molly Mcadams OMG!! Read with tissues :/
    Damon Black ~ Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout sexiest alien ever! (tied for 1)
    Adien ~ Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
    Sean and Cooper ~ Caged by Amber Lynn Natusch i love them both but team sean
    Lucas ~ Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
    Jace ~ City of bones by Cassandra Claire *swoon* (also no 1)
    Will ~ Clockwork prince by Cassandra Claire
    Patch ~ Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick the last book…. omg!
    Reed ~ Inescapable by Amy A bartol (totally top 1…also)
    Ashton Taylor ~ Nothing Left to Lose by Kirsty Moseley (wattapp) and pictured as jensen ackles oh holy yumminess
    Howl ~ Howls moving castle by Diana whinne Jones ( i know its a bit out there :P)
    Mr. Rochester ~ Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte for some old school

    PS Team Gale, Team Edward, Team Damon Salvador!

    • Love your list! I definitely need an updated list. This list was created before Daemon Black came into my life, also before Hopeless & Fallen Too Far were released.

      I will be meeting Aiden next week!! I have Gabriel’s Inferno on my Kindle, just low on my list right now. 🙂

      I can’t add Gideon or Christian b/c they are both too screwed up mentally (still hot as hell!) to make my BBF list.

      Have you read anything by Laury Falter? If no, please get the Guardian Trilogy (ERAN!!!), Then Residue.

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