Vain — Go Get It!

VAIN by Fisher Amelie

$2.99 on Amazon ^^^ That is a link


If I had read this AMAZING book when it came out in December– I would have bought a copy for every single woman I know for Xmas!!


Accepting your past, loving you, and not being afraid to make changes in your life.

I’m all about swoon worthy guys in books. Ian is that and then some. But, the romance part of this story takes a backseat to self-discovery.

Have you read Vain? Let’s discuss!

17 thoughts on “Vain — Go Get It!

  1. YES! You have to. Don’t let the book description turn you off. I’m not into the drugs/casual sex/girl everyone hates kind of books…. this book is about Sophie discovering she’s worth more than all of that AND NOT BECAUSE OF A GUY! Which I love!
    Thanks for stopping by again, Chrissy! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you for the recommendation! Loved this book! Completely have a book hangover because I couldn’t put it down.

      At first I was a bit skeptical…did not like Sophia at all…but when Spencer comes into the picture and silently shares her thoughts, I began to feel for her. Too have all that money, people that should care about you and don’t, and to have a group of “friends” like that–it is heartbreaking knowing that there is just a hurt and scared girl hiding behind a beautiful facade. I truly love Spencer as well…he is the only one of her crazy group of friends that loves her.

      I love Pembrook and how how he has tried to be a surrogate father for Sophie without her realizing it. And then there is the unconditional love that she receives from Karina and Charles while at Masego. Karina becomes the mother she never had. And also gives the unconditional love to a child as a mother would–to Mandisa. Her ability to give that love of herself to the children of Masego–but especially to Mandisa…is truly special.

      And then there is Ian… *sigh* *swoon* Oh my goodness. The bond that forms from her own self discovery about who she is, about how people see her, and the how she can change is incredible. She finds herself and a true love follows. He understands her and where she comes from. He sees what is inside her and falls in love with that…not just what is on the outside.

      Again, Gabi, thank you for recommending such a wonderful book!

  2. You are welcome! I loved Pembrook too. When he got off the plane with the supplies, I almost cried for Sophie!
    Did you also notice that seeing the children through her eyes — they slowly stopped being disfigured and maimed. She started to see them as happy, loving, and deserving children.

    🙂 I know I really love a book when I see 50% at the bottom of my Kindle, and I am disappointed I only have 50% left of the book to read! We’ll have to check out her other books…

    • I did notice Sophie’s description of the children changed. She was able to love them and let them love her.
      My heart broke for her when Karina died…I cried then, when she was leaving because my heart broke for both Sophie and Ian, and then when he showed up at her father’s house.
      We will definitely have to check out her other books

  3. When she woke up in her own bed after leaving Africa — I loved that her first thoughts were of Mandisa, and missing her little, warm body. 😦

    And when that stuck-up bitch was telling Sophie, “you need a makeover.” Her reply was, “I just had one.” Thinking of my heart and soul. I fell more in love with her…

  4. And when Ian was getting out of jeep when Masego is under attack and say, “If we don’t make it out of this alive, Sophie Price, I want you to know that I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. You’reit for me.” And Sophie risking her life to tell him, “I love you…It’s the kind of love I thought I never thought I would have, never thought I would I deserved, but it’s forever, Ian. Forever.”

    • I loved this book…so much.

      Sophie started out as a selfish bitch whose greatest assets were her looks and her Daddy’s money. She used people, drugs and sex to get what she wanted. She humiliated and hurt people for her own entertainment. She was materialistic and didn’t care about anyone else.

      I loved her discovery of her own self-worth through helping others. She saw these children whose lives and bodies have been torn apart smile each day because they were alive. She became a better person because she saw real suffering and genuine happiness. She truly wanted to make their world a better place for totally unselfish reasons.

      The love story was second to the story of becoming a better person and it really worked.

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