Reed; The Men, Angels, And Undead of The Premonition Series

I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters.

Here it is in case you missed it

In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.


We had a blast reading the series, swooning, loving, hating, and swooning (did I say that already?). Things got “playfully heated” and there was a threat of blackmail, “I’m not sharing anymore”, “how dare you!”, begging, and some SHOUTY CAPS. How lucky am I to have found people who feel so passionately about the characters in the books they read?

I made a promise they would each have their own post– Kristin & Chrissy, this one’s for you!!

I will start by saying that I am Team Reed.

Are there only two teams?

You decide

This, THIS is our angel, Reed!


<– Look familiar??

Reed—Power Angel.

–Charcoal gray wings that SNAP open in response to Evie’s wings. IT’S SO HOT! The way all these angel’s wings involuntarily communicate with one another, I swear it’s better than any sex scene you could read.  Wait! I’m forgetting about the shower in book #4. More on that later.

–Primal growls that are so animalistic in nature, a contrast to this divine & fine (Oh, I rhyme!) angel.

— Speaks Angel and it’s beautiful, musical. No Earthly language has the proper words to describe Reed’s love for his girl!! Hell yea!

— Lightning fast, can crush stone in his hand, wings,  rippling perfect muscles, wings, bares the symbol of Evie on his chest!, wings, he is so cocky that I cannot help but believe that he is indeed the best at everything.

When my crush turned into stalker mode and Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments) no longer existed:

Reed and Evie are driving in the car. He is overwhelmed with the need for Evie to know the real him. He carries Evie (lightning fast speed) to his bedroom and shows her his wings. She touches them and they twitch in response to her fingers. SO HOT!

***She also finds a sculpture that he made OF HER on his bedside table. (Does he sit and stare at it when he is in bed? How long does he stare at it? What goes through his mind?)***

Team Reed!!



Ah, that’s better. Moving on…

When I completely lost my sh*t:

Training with Zee, Russell, Reed, and Evie.

Normally Reed is kept out of the training room. He can’t handle watching Evie sparing with Zee, the other Power angel. Reed decides to see “what Evie can do” ( Evie is half angel, fast, and can hold her own). They are sparing. Evie is running on the walls and jumping off things coming within inches of Reed with knives. He is so impressed – BEYOND THAT—this Power angel is so crazed turned on that he throws his weapons to the floor and catches Evie midair.


When fiction and reality blurred and I hated my hottie husband for not being Reed:

Book #4 INCENDIARY — REED’S POINT OF VIEW, first person ( meaning that the voice you are reading is Reed’s. Inside his head, his thoughts.) HUGE battle is over for now. Evie almost died. Evil Brennus almost took Evie again. Well folks, it makes for one hot, I almost lost you, let’s have sex moment. But, that’s not what did it for me. In the shower, Reed speaks to Evie’s soul in angel. Telling her soul that he knows it belongs to Russell… but he’ll wait an eternity and some day all of Evie will be his.

(I might have put my own spin on that!? Basically, that is what happened)

*deep breath* & *wipes tears* & *God, please make Reed real*

 His wings were also spread during this – ruffling and twitching and so were hers. Then he tells her, “I can’t be gentle”… she’s all, “just touch me”… and the tile is cracking.

Up next– Xavier. Check back tomorrow!!

55 thoughts on “Reed; The Men, Angels, And Undead of The Premonition Series

  1. Cant put these books down… when i finished the first one i knew any ounce of spare time i had would be spent with these books! I will keep reading and re reading everything evie and reed until the end of the series. Best romance out there! Im glad im not alone in this!!!

    • SAME HERE! Thank goodness I was able to discuss the books as I read them on this blog!
      If this series doesn’t go beyond a book #5…. I don’t know what I will do!
      thanks SO much for stopping by, and you are not alone!

  2. I can’t decide which team I’m on! Ugh!! Fickle, thy name is Suzanne! My heart has been torn each direction possible!! Thank goodness one southern boy hasn’t been left hanging on his own or there would’ve been some elf darts thrown in anger from this Texas girl!

  3. “Fickle, thy name is Suzanne!” — I’m laughing so hard right now! Elf darts– LMAO!
    So is that Team Russell?
    I’m thinking it’s Team Russell… We’ll have a post on him by midweek.
    I have many favorite Russell moments. Evie and Russell out on the ocean on surfboards was one of them. Combining their power…WOW! Gave me shivers wondering how powerful they were going to get. Then Reed shows up and I feel sorry for Russell all over again!

    • I’m not so much Team Russell as grateful that he has been made whole. What I loved most about him up until book four was just how in love with Evie he was…heart, body, and soul. He just made me wanna wrap him up in my arms and protect him. I just didn’t want to be a spoiler by going into too much detail. No, it’s the other three: Reed, Brenn, and now Xav that have me pulled every way but Sunday. What’s a girl to do with two such divine hotties and a fiery fae bad boy heating up the pages?

      • Confession: When Xavier first entered the picture I swooned so damn hard that I made it ok (in my head) if Reed was called back to Heaven. It had been a fear of mine since book #2. Like as if all the action/suspense wasn’t enough — I had to scare the crap out of myself with “what if Reed gets called back?!!!” lol.
        I fell in line with Xavier haters after he tied her up and gagged her.

        Confession #2: End of book #4 I finally accepted that Brennus’ love for Evie was real. NOT THAT I LIKED IT. But he did give her to Reed so Russell could save her. Then again, it was all HIS fault to begin with.

        What will book #5 do to all of us??? 😉

    • HA HA! Thanks! You rock, Kendra! Just sharing my love for this AMAZING series.
      Thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by!

      We will be doing a post for Zee, Russell, Xavier, and Brennus and the Fellas each day this week.

      I tried to fit it all in one post, but that would mean cutting out some of what I had to say about Reed. Um, yeah, not happening. 😉

  4. I’m Team Reed through and through. I agree with you on the shower scene in book four. Reed was cemented in my heart at that moment!!!

    • I swear — I will NEVER swoon that hard again in my life!!
      WE need a TEAM REED button we can share on here for blogs/FB/Twitter/Pinterest.

      Also, I should add a poll! hmmmmm

      Thanks for stopping by Amber!!

  5. I’m horribly addicted to this series it’s like I’ve been touched by Brennus lol. I need more and cannot wait for book 5. I hope there is a release date soon… Ill be suffering until I read it!
    I read a lot! This is by far the most addicting story that I’ve ever gotten myself into. I wake up in the middle of the night bc I needed to know what happened next. I love the family! I hope Evie and Tau make up in book 5!
    Please don’t let me suffer too much longer lol!

    • You are not alone, Melanie, with your love for Brennus! We will be posting on Brennus and the Fellas this week.
      To be fair to Brennus (because I am so utterly in love with Reed) — a friend of the blog will be doing your Brennus justice.

      I’m with you on book 5!!! And PLEASE let the series not end there!
      I’m also suffering from Book Hangover; The inability to start a new book because I’m still living in the last book’s world.
      Thank you so much for stopping by Melanie!

      • Your Welcome! I’m in love with Evie and Reed too! I just feel like this book had the effect on me that the touch of Brennus has lol. Powerful!!!!

      • Oh my gosh, Melanie! I’ve read three complete series since finishing Incendiary last week and I JUST CANNOT MOVE ON! I feel like I need grief counselling until Iniquity comes out!

    • Quote away Gabi! I think I love all of you guys! I tried moving on today with a new series but found myself right back on Inescapable . :((( how do I move on from my beloved Reed? Lol I’m so emotional hungover from this story that I haven’t been able to start a new one. Guess ill bask in this funk I’m in a little longer lol! Btw the quotes from you ladies had the waterworks going again. I loved what Brianna said about describing Reed in Angel lol!

      • I feel you! And we have no expected date for #5.
        We love you too, Melanie!!

        Well, the best suggestion I can make is to switch gears. Read something that is not based around angels, but still fast paced. Something to ebb all this Reed/Evie longing

        Have you read the Mortal Instruments Series? Jace Wayland was my man before Reed. Cassandra Clare also wrote the Infernal Devices series.
        Divergent & Insurgent
        Sanctum by Sarah Fine (although they are dead. Might be a Reed trigger…)
        Tempest by Julie Cross was an awesome book

      • Lol Gabi, I love where your mind is! I’ve read all of those except Mortal Instruments. Which I will put on my list. Thanks so much and I look forward to reading more👍! You’ve got a fan here!

  6. SWOON!!!! Thank you talking about OUR Reed first! I’m sorry I’m late for the party today! Wonderful way to end a Monday!

    My other swoon moment in Incendiary is during the fight between the “drugged” Reed and Evie…how she starts to heal him while saying their Shakespeare quote (which I love so much) : “Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt that truth be a liar; but never doubt that I love…I love the best, oh most best, believe it.” How Evie starts it and Reed finishes….swoon!

    He broke my heart when he was speaking to Evie before he let go to let Russell heal her. ‘”The most fortunate day of my life, ” my voice falters and I have to pause before continuing, “was when I stumbled across you, Evie. I need you to stay with me…please…I. will love you every day until my last. I promise you that I will.”

    Oh there are too many quotes that show just how swoon-worthy Reed is!

    Thank you again, Amy Bartol, for giving him to us!!

    And Gabi, thank you, for giving us such a wonderful insight into Our Reed! Your original posts were so much fun!

      • Cristina will be doing Brennus for us! She is aware that we”ll be hating on him. 😉
        Xavier is tomorrow. And… Chrissy, I swoon a little. (don’t hate me!)

    • CHRISSY! I’m going to start crying again! Oh, God! YES, when Reed was drugged… and the quote that he finishes.
      That whole scene was so damn intense!

      Or his feather he takes from his wing and puts it in hers to swear his allegiance. Only a direct messenger from God can break it…. Where’s my Kindle! I have to find that!

      GOT IT! “He lays the dagger aside and reaches his uncut hand to pluck a silky, gray feather from his wing. He dips the spine of the feather in his blood before he reaches over, inserting his feather among the crimson ones on my wing….. I pull him closer, my hands entwining in his hair. His wings are magnificent, stretching out around us.”

      Remember that part when she’s explaining what happened in the cave? Reed stills when she talks about Brennus, THEN has to pace the floor while she talks about being made to fight one of the fellas. Gah! I love the way Amy portrays his emotions so well and you are in Evie’s head, not his!

      • Y’all, I’m tellin’ ya, Amy’s a genius. Yes, I cry at Hallmark commercials. But NOBODY can drag me around by my emotions like a bull by the nose like Amy Bartol. It happened the first time I read the series last spring, and now again. I’m moping around like I’ve lost my best friend waiting for the rest of the story. Dammit.

      • Gabi…not going to be too upset if you swoon a little for Xavier. The pic Amy uses…he is hot! …but he’s messing with our Reed! …anyway–an argument for tomorrow! 🙂

        Oh my…the feather and pledge to Evie! Loved it! And with Zee…his “brother”…love them both!

        Don’t forget back in Inescapable …when Evie had taken Russell’s wounds and Reed has used his power of persuasion to keep the doctors and nurses around until he knew Evie would be ok…almost getting into a fight with Zee outside her room…and completely destroying his dining room.

        I have read interviews with Amy where she says that Reed isn’t as loud as other characters…but most of the time he is the loudest. He gets described by others and he is just an overwhelming presence. I love that chapter 28 in Incendiary…Reed’s POV…I am glad Amy waited to show just how vulnerable he is with Evie.

      • Vulnerable with Evie– *I just sighed. Twice.*
        Me too, Chrissy. I loved that chapter.

        I cried when Zee and Reed were standing in the kitchen with the feathers. For many reasons… “brother” & look at where these two Power Angels were emotion-wise in book #1.

    • Completely agree, Suzanne and Gabi! Amy Bartol …fantastic author. Gives us characters we fall in love with…and characters we love ot hate!

  7. OHMYGOSH!!! finally I know that I’m not some creepy girl who’s obssesed with Reed!!! I knew i couldn’t be the only one I mean come on, southern boy is fine but Reed is just…no english word can describe him if I want to say something worthy of describing him I’ll have to learn angel,,On other things no offense to Brennus lovers I mean he’s hot and all nut he;s just way to unpredictable like sometimes I find myself rooting for him which i odd because I’m team Russel all the way but sometimes I want to knock that sexy confidence right off him…And last but not least Xavier..well I kinda have mixed emotions about him I mean I can’t decide to love him or hate him or love-hate him

    • Nope… you are not alone! Let’s all take singing lessons (opera) and make up our own Angel language!! 😉
      I discovered this series and read all 4 books back to back. I feel terribly sorry for the rest of you who had to wait out each book to get your Reed fix!

      Xavier — well, for me he feels like the first REAL threat to Evie and Reed’s happiness. My relationship with book #5 is love/hate. I can’t wait, but scared for our angels!!

      Thanks for stopping by Brianna!! You’ll fit in with the rest of us here. Obsessed. 😉

    • RobynLeanne– first… I love, love, LOVE! to read comments from other passionate readers. Awesome!
      Xavier will be coming this afternoon. That’s a promise. There will most likely be more than one Xavier hater commenting. So, be prepared to fight for your man. 😉

      I am also posting a letter to Xavier written by one of our followers. It’s not a love letter. 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  8. Crap. I’m really late for this party. Damn real life responsibilities.

    First and foremost; TEAM REED.

    There is no other than Reed for me. In my eyes, he can do no wrong. In other words; he’s PERFECT.

    I was quite taken with Reed from the very beginning of book 1. He was mysterious and broody with a smidge of a danger. And the butterflies, yeah, that gave me some butterfly flutters too. And I thought, I could really like this guy.

    Then came *the* scene; you know the one where Evie, unsure of his intentions, nails him with the taser and he stands there, totally unaffected, with a simple reply of….”Really?”

    Holy crap, I fell in love.

    From that point on, I knew there would never be another for me. Reed was IT.


    This is my phrase; I use it all the time. It goes perfect with the “bitch please” face.

    Reed uses “really”; I use “really”. It’s like we’re kindred spirits.

    Our squishy name would be KReed.

    If Brennus should win Evie’s heart, I will gladly be his rebound girl.

  9. My love for Reed isn’t just about his pretty face and hot body. He’s got substance underneath all that pretty and he loves Evie in a way nobody else does.

    Everyone else who is in love with Evie wants her to be with them no matter what. It’s all about what they want and what they need; they don’t care that her heart loves another. They try to force her to love them and manipulate situations in order to accomplish this. They play on her guilt and fears. They don’t care if she’s miserable as long as she’s with them because the end justifies the means. But Reed is different. He loves her with all he has but if she decided he no longer “did it for her” he’d let her go because her happiness is more important to him than his own. He would fight for her for as long as she wanted him and if the day came that she didn’t, he’d bow out even though it would kill him. He would never let her suffer in order to fulfill his selfish needs and desires. He allows her to follow her own heart and he respects her enough to recognize she is capable of making her own choices.

      • Hey Gabi! For starters…if you ever and I mean EVER find a ring tone that says “…its Reed, You have a call, love” in Reed’s voice, I would PAY YOUFOR IT!! Really!

        So I was quite the fortunate one to thankfully discover this series rather late and read all 4 in a little over a week. Would have been a shorter period of time but a girl’s gotta work to make a living, right? 🙂 Anyway thank goodness I came across them late because if I had to wait months before another book was being released I know I wouldn’t have survived. The very thought of having to wait an indefinite amount of time until Book 5 is released is…………no words can describe.

        REED IS so SWOON WORTHY!!! He is the air I breathe.

        Thank you for all your time and dedication in allowing all of us to continue our Reed fixes. I found your site today and have melted over the photos (mostly over Reed, of course!), sighed over the quotes (from Reed of course), cried a little when remembering bits & pieces from the books (related to Reed of course) and giggled at all the posts. I especially feel more secure knowing that I am not a crazy female who is completely & irrevocably in love with Reed…………..there are lots of you out there and I’m not alone. 🙂 Of course, I know the others are also getting some attention too like Zee, Russell, and the bunch. But at least I know where my heart lies……….forever with Reed.

        Keep up the great work and I have really enjoyed reading all the fun posts!! I guess I will eventually go and check out the Brennus page………..maybe. 😉

      • No, you are not alone. And you should read the Brennus post. Or at least the comments. Who knew Reed had so many #1 fans??? lol

        We will be doing something VERY special here after book #5 is released. And hopefully we, Amy Bartol’s fans, can convince her that this series must go on and on and on!!

        Thanks for stopping by! Check out Amy’s website and Facebook page too!

  10. Another Reed swoon moment happened when he accompanied Evie to her portrait session. She’s in the goddess dress posed intimately and Reed can’t take his eyes off her. He’s looking at her like he wants to devour her and claims her as “his girlfriend”. The way Amy described that entire scene made me tingle all over.

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