Xavier; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premonition Series

Yesterday I shared my bordering unhealthy love for Reed.

After reading all the comments I know I am not alone. In fact, we are legion!!

This week is about ALL the men, angels, and undead. That means I have to set my obsession aside and be fair.

I’d also like to say thank you for all the shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!! It’s awesome that so many people spread their love for this series!! Especially with Iniquity coming out soon (I hope).


I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters. Some of those authors are, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Fine, Colleen Hoover (LOVE!!), Veronica Roth, Laury Falter, Abbi Glines, and M. Leighton

Here it is in case you missed it

In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.

I will start by saying that I am Team Reed.

Are there only two teams?

Robyn Leanne , a fellow blogger, says no.

You decide

Meet Xavier; Seraph Angel


After seeing this picture on Amy’s website I almost forgave Xavier on the spot!

“Xavier is Evie’s guardian angelllll.” <—Sang Gabi Daniels in an angelic voice.

Ouch! Move over lovarrr Reed & soul mate Russell. There’s a new (old flame) angel in town! Turns out it is very rare for a Seraph to be a guardian. And rarer still for them to be together for thousands of years. In fact, in the history of Heaven, it’s never happened. And he’s back.  Only Evie has no memory of their past… at first.

As it’s all coming backing to her – I’m making up scenarios in my mind. All involving a patient, loving, I’ll do anything for you Xavier. By the end of that chapter I was OK with the possibility of Reed being called back to Heaven.

Simmer down, Xavier haters and enjoy another pic

(pretend those wings are red. I can hardly work my cell, let alone photo shop)


See that poor angel? He had to endure THOUSANDS of years of watching Evie with Russell in each of their lifetimes. Married, children, happy. In Heaven she fell in love with Xavier. SO in love she volunteered for this mission to be free of Russell. After thousands of years, he finally has her — only now she is branded with the mark of Reed??!!

In a perfect, fictional world — I would be the one branded by Reed! But, that’s besides the point. I have to call a TV time out here. Xavier is wounded.


     Xavier is one angel level above Reed. Oops. I love the way Amy set this up!! Just when things are coming together– Tau, Cole, and Xavier show up. ALL Seraph Angels. All very respected. All are the highest level angel. All exude power, control, and confidence. Why is that important? Because Reed & Zee are Power Angels and have to give up control to the Seraphs! Things just got complicated.

     To Xavier, Reed is a nonissue. Evie is his. What Amy Bartol did here was brilliant! As the reader, you are well into book #4, obsessed with Reed; there is no one in the universe that compares to his strength, efficiency, love, and commitment to Evie.

Or is there????

This exchange between Evie and her father Tau, fuels that question:

What about Xavier?”……“I hardly know him.” I say uncomfortably. ….. He asks me, “What happens when your soul awakens and that changes? What happens when you do remember him?” …. “I don’t know—maybe it will never happen,” I reply. ….. “I forget how young you are, Evie,” He frowns. “There will be an alignment of your heart, your soul, and your mind, and then…. You may feel differently.”

Whoa. Hold up.

 In the next book Xavier will challenge Reed for Evie. This terrifies me. PLUS! She hasn’t told Reed she remembers Xavier.

The part where I go a little off on a fictional character as if she is standing in front of me:

Dammit Evie! Stop putting yourself in positions to be kissed by Xavier! And when are you going to stop lying to Reed!? NOT telling Reed you remember some of the good old days with Xavier is lying by omission!

Moving on.

What if Xavier starts being nice and less controlling? What if Evie forgives his betrayal? What if during the challenge Reed is losing and Zee steps in and is killed? Noooooo!!!! What if all my fears are realized in book #5?



One of this blog’s loyal followers, Kristin is adding her two cents in the form of a hate letter.

Her Kristin / Reed squishy name is KReed. JEALOUS!

I tried it and unfortunately came up with Reabi. Which is too close to a life threatening disease, and brings up images of Cujo. Although the foaming at the mouth works….


I saw your picture before I read book 4 and yes, you are unbelievably attractive….okay HOT.  There I said it, you’re hot; with your come hither look and smoldering bedroom eyes.  A nice piece of eye candy you are.  And if all I had to do was look at you, I’d swoon all day.

BUT. Then I read the book and I want you to know, I DID NOT FALL FOR YOUR CHARMS.  That’s right; I was not enamored with you.  I did not swoon over you.  You are trying to reclaim Evie as yours when she is with Reed now.  Clearly, you do not understand that you are Evie’s EX-boyfriend as in, past tense.  As in, you left her.  Yeah, I know, you were called back, couldn’t disobey a direct order yadda, yadda, yadda.  WHATEVER; you still left her heartbroken.

Evie has told you she does not remember your great love and that her heart is with Reed now.  Take the hint, she’s over you.  Find some self-respect and move on and leave Evie and Reed alone.  Find a nice Stepford Angel who doesn’t mind handing over her free will to you.

The soccer game thing; okay, I’ll admit, it was sweet and touching.  But what you did to her when Reed was taken by Brennus was heinous and unforgivable.  You stood there watching her fall apart, completely broken over the loss of Reed and the torture he would be enduring.  She begged you, BEGGED you to help her and what did you do?  You tied her to a bed, leaving her vulnerable to Brennus.  He could have done anything to her and she was powerless to stop him thanks to you.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you rough up Buns leaving her bruised and battered; Buns, a Reaper Angel, who could not possibly match you brute strength.  Did you forget all the flirting you did with her?  Did it mean nothing to you?

These qualities are NOT attractive. You are NOT a nice Angel.

Unaffectionately yours,


Kristin, you get extra points for the “Stepford Angel” crack. Our Evie is no Stepford!

Up next– Russell. Check back tomorrow!

77 thoughts on “Xavier; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premonition Series

  1. Kristen…letter was spot on in my opinion! Loved it!

    That pic makes it difficult not to like him…very difficult!

    But my big question is still–why did Evie not have the “butterflies” for Xavier when they were in high school?? Yes she may have loved him…but never once has it been mentioned that she had “butterflies” like she did with Reed. This journey was her choice…for her to pick…and she has picked Reed.

    The is just something about Xavier I don’t trust–plain and simple.

    • No, she doesn’t have the butterflies. Not even the pull Evie feels towards Russell (soul mate)

      Chrissy — What bothers me is that she can remember parts of her past life with Xavier, but NOT Russell?? I’m afraid that will mean something later!!

      • She still knows she is drawn to Russell, but I think that she didn’t want to remember him because of this mission she is on. But couldn’t let him go. With the Xavier “memories”, something just seems off about them…I just don’t know.

      • Another question — IF and I mean IF Evie signed up for this mission AFTER her last life time with Russell ended — WHY? Did God assign Xavier to Evie for the last few thousand years?

        Someone help me with that…. Please!

    • I can totally appreciate Xavier’s pretty face and smokin’ hot body but that’s where it ends for me. Underneath all that pretty packaging, he’s not so nice and, like you, I do not trust him.

  2. I love the new angels! I like the extra twists that come along with them, and I think they add so much to the story. Im excited to see where Bartol goes with them in the story. I love Reed! Im still team Russell though. He always has the best lines, and he cracks me up!

    • She set up the “air” of the O mighty Seraph Angels in the first three books. Then to have them show up and one is Evie’s old flame???!!! What a twist!

      Thanks for stopping by Alexis! And for sharing

  3. I almost forgot, thanks for printing my letter Gabi. Although, I wouldn’t really say it’s a hate letter per say, more of a bit of “friendly” advice that may have gotten a smidge ranty. 😀

  4. I love the new “aingeals” and really love the Anya twist! I thought the introduction of Evie’s relationship with her father was flawless. Hoping Paradise sends her mother down to have a stern talking to Tau! I’m a solid Team Reed fan!

    • Oh Sally! I like that idea about her mom!!

      I think we all love the Anya twist. Poor Russell finally has a little Evie relief…

      Thanks so much for commenting and for stopping by!!
      TEAM REED!!!!

  5. Not a big Fan of Xavier- – Yet. Only time will tell. Still patiently waiting for Breenus to have his day in the sun; sorry, but Team Breenus all the way!

    • You aren’t the only one, Shalee.

      The only way I am coming close to being OK with Evie and Xavier possibly hooking up— IF that leads into a book #6, 7, 8 😉

      Thanks SO much for commenting!!

    • I agree with Kristen on that!!

      …But damn it–I am not ok with Evie being with anyone but Reed. Sorry everyone, but Xavier, Tau, and Cole are up to no good! Something just doesn’t add up for me! I think some kind of plan has been brewing with them for a very long time! I just wonder if Xavier ever really loved Evie or if he has just been using her for the plan.

      And Gabi–I think she chose not to remember her past with Russell because he was supposed to die–but she changed her mind…she changed her mission! She has free will in this life and making the choices to pick Reed and the family.

      • CHRISSY!
        You’re freaking me out! Oh, God! What if?

        If that bastard Tau is planning something and Xavier is in on it??

        Ok. I need to calm down. Let’s discuss this rationally… we already know that Tau, Cole, and Xavier were on Earth from her birth to watch her.
        Called back RIGHT BEFORE Reed enters the picture. I choose to see this as a good sign. Even though the 3 are Seraphs… God calls them back to make room for Reed.
        AGAIN — the butterflies have to play into this!!

        Next — Reed skirted around the idea of some big battle brewing with the Fallen. Divine Angels are coming from all over the world & will stand behind Evie. Could it be that simple? Could this be about gaining control over the angels through Evie?

        BUT that doesn’t make sense because HE’S a Seraph. They have to follow him!

        AND! Reed & Zee would know if there was anything shady in Tau past.

      • Just found this blog. Hi, I’m Kris and I’m a newly obsessed Premonition series reader. I have no idea how I haven’t heard of this series before now. I can’t wait for book 5. That being said I wanted to add my opinion and to see if anyone agree’s/disagrees. This author (she’s fantastic and extremely detailed–which I love) writes for a reason I’ve come to find. Every character, from the first chapter in book one (Xavier was mentioned) has a purpose (granted he doesn’t come up until book 4). I have a really stinky feeling that the reason we were also informed that Tao just “walks into hell” all the time is because Evie’s mother’s soul is in Sheol. His love for her would make him walk directly into hell. To bargain as we were told he does there. Pair this with the fact that it is rumored that Evie is “redemption” as in book 4, she wanted to help that one fallen angel and now later in book 4 with Brennus…. See a pattern? Amy writes for a reason. I think that her mother is in hell. That Tao see’s Evie as that “price”. I think that he knew Evie was in the wall and that she would fail against Brennus and her soul would go to Sheol. For a bargain–in walks the devil aka Tao–to bargain for his women; mother and daughter. There’s also the Greek mythology aspect, the painting, Hades (hell) loving that other goddess? Persephone?–forgot–that tells the tale of her love living a split year between both worlds. That painting, dress, etc., again was done for a reason. Do I think Tao loves her? Yes. But he has an extreme hidden agenda. I do not trust them and I think that Evies mother is a fallen angel and Evie is the chip. I think she also knows something about Russell, I think that there is betrayal there for some reason and that she forgets their lives FOR a reason and not just love. I think that it would change her opinion about him–even going as far to say she’d hate him–and that it would mess with her mission. This applies to Xavier as well. Hence why she doesn’t ermember him. If she was happy and in love in Heaven, why would she ask for the right, the choice, to love whom she wants? I read all 4 books within 3 days. I have no idea how my kids are alive (I must have cooked and cleaned house in zombie mode lol) but now I have to go back and reread to pick up pieces I know are triggers that I think I overlooked. It all goes back to her mom I think. Can’t help it–ugh! Awesome blog! Can’t wait to read more of this! See you around book 5!

      • My love for this series is huge! It thrills me that you’ve found this series and love it as much as we all do.
        Click on the link to Amy’s website and read all her teasers for book #5. Gah!!!! I’m so close to loving Brennus.
        Also, you MUST read her latest book. LOVE! If you scroll through my blog, I have a review.

        So glad to meet you. #teamReed

      • Oh I did!! It was fantastic! I can’t wait until book 5 comes out. Any idea (rumor mill answers accepted as well) on when it might be out? I’m definitely going to check out her other book as well, thanks for the info! So, asking another fan here who completely understands the logic/obsession of the series, what do you think of my theory on Evie’s mom? I just can’t get that out of my head AND Amy writes for a reason! I’m thinking of rereading the entire series because I literally did a speed read through as I couldn’t put it down. Something about her mother, Tao and Sheol has me going in a circle.

  6. I am loving these posts (and your blog)! I’m team Reed, but I do love me some Xavier, I can’t wait to see what happens with him (and Tau!). Love the idea about her Mom, too! But all of these questions you guys are bringing up about Xavier have me nervous now!! I hope Amy doesn’t have him break my heart in book 5!

    • Brittany — first, thank you. Very much! We are a bunch of crazy book loving ladies here. 😉 Welcome!

      Tau — I want him humiliated and broken. Nothing less will do. A bonus would be if Reed did it.

      I’m scared too over Xavier. As I said, Xavier (to me) feels like the first real threat to Evie and Reed. It’s been in the works for thousands of years!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Brittany!

    • See…I think your onto something! She wasn’t supposed to live thru whatever the original plan was!

      And holy crap…I am freaking myself out!!

      And they don’t have to follow Tau…Evie and Russell–in my opinion–out rank the other Seraph…because they have souls! That is why Reed made that pledge. I can see all the other Prostat Power Angels following suit as well. Evie is pure–love…where Tau and the boys seem shady!

      I just wonder if before Evie left Heaven this last time…if she and God didn’t come up with a different plan than the one she and Xavier came up with…hhhhhmmmmm???

  7. Personally, I don’t believe Xavier ever really loved Evie. He has shown his loyalty to Team Tau, Evie’s best interest and her safety be damned.

    Let’s start with Tau’s plan to draw Brennus out of hiding by humiliating him; live in HIS castle with the object of HIS affection. The castle; charmed by magic with hidden portals everywhere and shrouded in evil. Tau assumed Brennus’ anger would cause him to make a mistake. Um, Brennus doesn’t make mistakes and he certainly wouldn’t make one on his home turf. Every single thing Brennus has done to acquire Evie has been strategically planned. He probably WANTED them back at the castle.

    Tau assures everyone he along with Xavier and Cole can and will protect Evie. So tell me, where were they when Evie and Russell were attacked and Reed was taken? Where were they when they left Evie drugged, gagged and tied to a bed when she received her visit from Brennus? Are they really the three stooges who let Brennus lurk around the castle undetected at least twice, or was that the real plan?

    Tau, Xavier and Cole have no problem dangling Evie out as Brennus bait. They have left her unprotected and defenseless. They have stood by and watched her have a complete breakdown over the loss of Reed. They removed everyone who matters to Evie by sending them away. It seems to me they want her to fall in line and be completely devoted to them. The only chance they have of accomplishing this is to leave her broken and alone. That’s not love.

    • Kristen…Omg…I completely agree!! They don’t care for Evie. She is just a pawn on their game. Reed, Zee, Russell, Buns, Brownie, and Anya only want to protect and love Evie…their all family.

  8. Holy crap is right! And I keep coming back to Evie & Xavier paired over thousands of years— but only Ok’d this mission 18 years ago?

    ALSO (I’m bringing up my wishy-washy feelings about Anya again…) Remember that Anya and Xavier were “born of the same fire” … someone brought up that she changed her attitude towards Evie so fast….. could SHE be in on it too?

    Kristin — all excellent examples. They did do all those things to her…good question. Was THAT the plan?

    Team I hate Tau!!

    • Anya is Karma. “Nothing is worse then a woman scorned.” And she has been scorned. Remember where she says that she has been watching the lives (in heaven as well) for how many years? Who is to say that this is exactly it, karma for Evie being with Russell and something happening with Xavier? It’s all about choice as well. At least this time it is. It still doesn’t explain why Xavier, the highest ranking angel, would guard Evie (and not just once, every time), unless he isn’t guarding but watching–for a reason. I think Anya was mad at something that transpired with Tao’s team/Xavier hence why she came down (which wasn’t in the original plan either) and why she allies herself with Evie but I fear it is out of guilt. That her karma is turning it against herself. Feeling bad Anya–very much so as of late. She goes from hating her to walking directly into Brennus knowing she wont come out. She also speaks of the love she see’s between Reed and Evie. That changed something in her. I still think this is all about karma. And Evie’s mom to whom I believe resides not in heaven (Tao would mention that then, having not gone insanely raged when Evie brought her up, and maybe she’d come down to the earthly party as well) but that Evie’s mom is in Sheol. Hence why Tao would willingly walk in there.

  9. I could be blinded by my intense happiness that Russell has an aspire of his own but I think Anya is legitimately with them. I think her hatred of Evie stemmed from her jealously over Russell. She is a vengeance angel, karma is her thing.

    She was threatened by the “soul-mate” thing, same as Reed. I think seeing Evie’s binding to Reed helped ease up on the jealously thing. It seems the more time she spends with the family, the more welcome and a part of it she feels. That could have also contributed to her softening towards Evie.

  10. But with the thousands of years…Evie doesn’t have the “aspire” feelings for Xavier at school. Somehow Evie’s heart has always belonged to Reed. I mist wonder if Evie has switched up this plan to get herself the angel she has always wanted…Reed. She gets to choose…not be forced into loving someone.

    I think with Anya…she is just pissed off at Evie because she chose to keep Russell around to help her by healing him. This was supposed to be a solo mission for her but somewhere along the lines she changes her mind. He was supposed to go back to be with her after 18 years and in the process, be able to be hers mind, body, and soul. Now she fears for him and is just ticked at Evie for not holding up her end of the Barton in letting him go.

    Definitely… Team I hate Tau, too!!!!!

      • Phadreus….loved him in book #3…very ticked off at him in #4. I think he is just so scared of Tau that he thinks he is doing the right thing.

  11. I do believe that Amy Bartol has created a bunch of crazy, obsessed fans! Oh, Amy….we love you and the world you have created for us!

  12. Oh em gee yes!!! Preach it my sistas!!! Team REED all the way!! I’m gonna die if they don’t end up together like for real! Eeeek I’ve never wanted to read the ending to a book first like I want to do with the premonition series! ! Can’t wait! I don’t see through this Xavier character one bit or Brennus’ s bitch ass either! When Evie woke up screamimg she killed him I died a little.When Reed said he couldn’t be gentle in the shower with her I was like “OMG take me!!”Bahahaha

    • NICOLE! 🙂 Your enthusiasm for this series brought the biggest smile to my face! I<3 REED!

      I did not read the sample of book #5 at the end of book#4 because I couldn't handle it… I need more!!!

      SO loving all the Reed groupies leaving comments! Thanks so much so stopping by, Nicole!

  13. Haha I LOVE this whole discussion.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Reed, still do, but Xavier is all kinds of crazy hot. AND he was there first?! Way before Reed.

    Reed for me is just getting a bit whiny now. I feel like the heat has left him and his relationship with Evie is just like yaaaawn.

    Xavier on the other hand?! Imagine the pure torture of the boy knowing that the love of his eternity is bound to someone else!

    Don’t worry haters, I will console him.


    • I love that RobynLeanna!! Again — through the first 3 books the Seraphs are talked about in a mysterious, awed way.
      Zee would have killed Evie if she hadn’t sprouted RED wings. Then to find out SHE is above Reed & Zee? Whoa. Who are these Seraphs?

      I LOVED the scene with the Fallen Seraph in Brennus’ office. He’s so beautiful, controlled, showing zero emotion… then Evie’s wings involuntarily flutter and his massive, menacing red wings snap open!! WOW.

      Here comes Daddy and his two side kicks– all Seraphs!! I swear I sat up straighter as I read that part!

      But, yaaaawn??? Do I have to post the shower scene AND the closet scene??
      Yawn and Reed do not belong in the same sentence.

      Thanks again for stopping by!!

      • Hahaha okay okay, I’ll give you the shower scene!! How could I have forgotten?!

        I’m ridiculously excited to see how Iniquity pans out, I flipped my freaking lid when Incendiary came out but when Xavier came into it?! Holy cow, like made my year.

        I agree theres something fishy going on with Tau HOWEVER I dont think Xavier knows about it.

        SO my thoughts on Iniquity are that Tau is planning something shady, tries to rope Xavier in on it saying that it will guarentee him Evie forever, then Xavier sees how much she loves Reed and switches sides to help the goodies fight the baddies and Evie and Reed live happily ever after.

        NOW, not saying this is my ideal outcome, but there’s like 4 books revolving around Evie and Reed and I think Bartol would get some serious death threats if she split them up! xx

      • Robyn — we need an intervention! You are BLINDED BY YOUR LUST.
        Xavier is totally in on it!!

        Example of something REED would NEVER do:
        Look at how hard he tied her up! w/o telling her if she moves the ropes get tighter!!?? Evie could have lost her wings. Felt like some seriously sick payback?? Maybe not.

  14. Oh my god, no way! He was just blinded by his passion for her that he accidentally tied the ropes too tight! PLUS he blatantly figured that she already knew if she tried to pop her wings out they would break, everyone else knew!

    Okay… maybe we need an intervention.


    Okay I’m done…


    • Oh, God! He would kick Reed’s ass. That challenge is coming. After that feather exchange between Zee and Reed, I just know Zee will step in. Especially after what Xavier did to Buns.
      AMY – please don’t kill Zee!

      • I don’t think he can take him…plus I think Zee will go after Cole –to keep him busy so Reed and Evie.

        I’m sorry, Amy, but the famiy has to stay intact! No one dies in the family!

      • Cole (Cold Misery–Evie’s nickname for him), Tao (Dreamy Drew) and the “X” (ex, haha–my attempt at a joke) Xavier were all mean to her in high school. They wanted to “toughen her skin” as they said. They weren’t ever there for her even when the could have been, or just ignored her instead of break her heart and make her life hell. Literally, in which I think thats what their agenda is, having something to do with Sheol. On the flip side, Tao did say, “what will happen when you wake up and your feelings change?” Amy said she was going to flip everything and make this last book (5) her best book yet. I’m SO interested to know. A huge part of me thinks that Tao is up to go good for a GOOD reason. Maybe he knew that Evie (and Evie agreed in Heaven) could only get her mother back (yes, I still believe she is in Sheol) and that he has to thicken her skin, prep her and toughen her in every sense of the form. She is her father’s daughter after all. I don’t trust Xavier or Anya. I borderline trust Tao and if it came down to it, I think he would do anything for his… aspire, then for his daughter. I trust Reed, I do not really trust the heaven Russell, not the Earthly Russell hybrid. I think along with karma, something happened and this is his guilt. I think he will be the ultimate betrayal for some reason. Evie always says that there is something dark in her. And Russell is HALF of her as he has half of her soul….

    • Xavier will never kick Reed’s ass!!! Sorry…our Prostat Power Angel with Seraph wings on his chest will win! Gabi is right…you are blinded by your lust for Xavier!

      How dare he even tie her up in the first place like that…who the hell does that. It isn’t right and he drugs her–seriously!

    • There’s no way he “accidentally” tied the ropes too tight. He did that so she couldn’t free herself. He also drugged her and gagged her, were those also accidents in the throws of his passion? Those were all done deliberately to keep her where she was because he knew if given the chance to escape, she’d go after Reed and that’s exactly what she did.

      I wouldn’t underestimate Reed in a fight, he knows losing would kill Evie, she’s told him as much so he’ll make sure he stays alive to spare her any pain.

  15. Reed is not whiney, he’s intense and intense is sexy. And no offense, but the only yawning done around Reed is by Evie after he’s worn her out ;-).

    Reed is driven by his love for and desire to protect Evie at any cost. Xavier is driven by his lust for dominance over her. Therefore, my money is on Reed in a fight.

  16. Amy Bartol might honestly catapult me into a multiple personality disorder. From the very beginning of her Premonition series, I was torn between Russel (yes, I know, but I’m a sucker for the underdog) and Reed. They just both have so many swoon-worthy, pantie-melting, hot-alpha moments.

    Now enter Xavier – GEEZE! I just can’t stand it. I find myself rooting for him already. (sorry Reed) But I tend to agree with daddy dearest – that she bonded herself to Reed too soon and under less than ideal circumstances. And once she remembers EVERYTHING from paradise, its going to be pretty hard to dismiss those feelings.

    And lets face it – every love interest or would be suitor for Evie’s heart has gone to extremes to protect/shelter her… even Reed. So don’t slam the other Angel dudes for their behavior!

    I feel for Russel and Xavier… because here they are with this timeless love history with Evie that she can’t even remember. They both harbor so many memories of Evie’s LOVE FOR THEM – that’s gotta be near to impossible to let go.

    My heart breaks for you Xavier!

  17. I missed alot when i was out! uuggh I love all the overviews of the characters. I feel like everyone needs to give Amy a round of applause for these amazing characters that have the fans so divided..

    Coming off of that matter.. I honestly think its a no-brainer that Reed deserves Evie. they have been in love since the begining and you cant say they bonded too soon! Its like they were thrown into the deep end with only Reed knowing how to swim. Its not Evies fault she didnt know what the heck was going on, but it is why she fell in love with Reed. Reed was there for her any helped her and he deserves her!! Also i just love Buns and Zee. I really really REALLY hope they bind in the #5 book:)

    Reed fan 100% ❤

  18. I am so glad I found this site!!!! Love the Premonition Series – it is my absolute favorite series!!!! I am definitely Team Reed. Reading this post made me think about Zee interfering in a battle with Xavier and Reed. Yes, I think he would but what a twist it woud be if Amy wrote the battle scene to look like one of them died but actually they were just called home to heaven with God and reintroduced after a little one-on-one time with the big Guy. Their entrance again would be mind blowing and think of all the conflict their supposed death would cause!!! I would be bawling if this happen in the book until I read their safe return to the family. But if this would make the series longer – I’m all for it! Please don’t hate me – just a strange and twisted thought process.

      And I agree — anything to drag this series out is what I’m all about!
      What if it were Reed called back? He doesn’t have a soul… if he dies, that’s it. Evie will know she will never be with Reed again. Would Evie move on with Xavier? Then Reed shows up again????

      I might not hate her if she truly believed Reed was dead.

      But, that has to be done right. I read a book about 6 months ago. Love triangle. The one I wanted her to be with was killed. She jumped too quickly into the other guy’s arms. The book was ruined for me and I found myself nitpicking everything about the book.

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  22. I find it funny that everyone is bashing about Xavier and Tau, but yet we know very little about them. Basically all Amy gave us was a hard interdiction about them we don’t really know if they’re really that bad for Evie. If you ask me I don’t hate Xavier nor Tau most of the people think they are bad and want to use Evie as weapon against the fallen, but did you guys ever came to the conclusion that the Seraphs maybe want the exactly same think that Reed, Russel, and Zee want, and that is to protect Evie. You guys can’t forget that Xavier and Tau are both Seraphim angels they are at the top of the chain their known to be leaders and they were created to kill and protect what they desire, and they obviously desire Evie that is clear. If you remember in the end of incendiary where Russel wanted to go into that portal to rescue Evie from Brenuse he sated something very interesting about Tau’s feelings for his daughter. Russel: ”As I glance at Tau, I see somethin’ in his eyes that makes my gut clench. Regret, sorrow, confusion—he’s her dad. No doubt.”-Incendiary. Hmmm that is quit interesting that especially Russel would sated something like that about Tau due to the fact he is not in great terms with the Seraphs. So obviously Tau cares for his daughter he may not always act like a father who cares about his daughter like a human does, but then again he’s not human, he never had had a fatherly figure in terms the way Evie is used to with her uncle Jim, but it is clear that he loves Evie and would do and say anything to protect her, don’t forget he’s an angel not human so expect him to act like one. And about Xavier I feel sorry for him. How would you feel to stand thousand of years on the sideline and watching your love getting married and having a family with someone other then you over and over again, then finally givin’ the chance to be with her/him only being called back to paradise and and then returning 2 years latter only to find out that once aging he/she slip from your fingers. I know would feel pretty shitty about, and lets be clear there is something pretty hot about a guy being all confident and controlling, hey Xavier if Evie doesn’t choose you in the end just call me 555-555-555… 😉 lol .

  23. Ok I know I am super late to this game (but I am sorta releived I only have to wait a few months for book 5). I found this series in the mist of my post book depression of the Arcadian chronicals by Kresley Cole. Let me say that by book 4 I can’t wait for book 5!

    I am team Reed, and feeling less guilty about it now Russell has Anya!!!! Although I don’t want Evie to en up with Xavier, can we all agree we would like a hot tension filled scene between them?

    I think that Xavier’s initial reaction with Evie is normal, yes they did know her in HS but when reed first met her he was not super nice either, mentally terrifying her and I think he has a lot to do with her thinking she is a freak on his initial reactions to her.

    All I want to say to Amy is please don’t 50 Shades of grey is with Evie and Xander. It is time for Evie to man up tell Brenus to get lost, stop trusting fin, or anyone outside the family and get stuff done. Listen to some Beyoncé when finishing up book 5!!! Girl power!!!

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