Russell; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premontion Series

***** SPOILERS!!!*****

This week is about ALL the men, angels, and undead. That means I have to set my obsession for Reed aside and be fair.

I’d also like to say thank you for all the shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!! It’s awesome that so many people spread their love for this series!! Especially with Iniquity coming out soon (I hope).


I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters.

Here it is in case you missed it

In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.

I will start by saying that I am Team Reed.

Are there only two teams?

You decide

Meet Russell


Our angel, Russell; half human, half Seraph Angel. Southern gentleman, football star, loyal friend, and loves his momma and sisters.

We first meet Russell at an event for school. Evie and Russell hit it off and he nicknames her, Red. She feels like she knows him, but can’t place where or how.

Fast forward – and THIS is your first hint that Russell and Evie do, indeed, know each other.

Clenching his teeth, Reed looks at Russell again, but longer this time as his eyebrows come down slowly in a frown. “Am I interrupting your reunion?”

Hmmm. What’s up with that!!??

I’ll tell you what’s up, Mr. Perfect Power Angel – turns out your girl has a soul mate! His name is Russell and she dreams about Russell, not YOU. In the near future she will be willing to die for him. And almost does trying to save him, and in doing so changes him into a Seraph Angel – one level above YOU!

So what does it all mean??

1: Russell is sticking around now. And because Reed loves Evie, he moves Russell into his home for protection.

2: Someday Russell may, and probably will, surpass Reed in strength & speed.

3: Dammit! It’s worth mentioning again…. He’s got Evie’s soul.

And if there is a Team Russell card carrying member out there – that person has a HUGE HEART and is probably on Team Simon, Team Jacob, Team Jem, and Team _______ <—- insert name of underdog who will never measure up to Reed, Jace, Edward, or Will.  No, I didn’t include Gale. I’m on Team Gale…

To a Team Russell reader I say, I’m sorry. This is the part where I slap you in face with my Reed Reality Check:

It’s never going to happen. Soul mate or not.

Look at this face….


That said – let’s discuss a few parts of this series that depending what Team you are on – your heart broke, you wanted to strangle Evie, you hated Reed, you fell in love all over again with Russell, you cursed Amy for bringing these angels into your life because NOW – you suffer from Book Hangover.

Book Hangover definition: Inability to start a new book because you’re still living in the last book’s world

Book #2 Grocery store. The plan; Russell, stay in the car and be the lookout. Evie is going shopping.


Russell  …”Another growl escapes me……My hand twitches on the handle of the door. I am across the parkin’ lot and pacin’ in front of the store window in a matter of moments. I’m not even sure how I got here, but I’m here, watching the round man eyein’ my girl…… Red sees me….. she scans the parkin’ lot lookin’ for any potential threat that would cause me to deviate from the plan….. The manager does the unthinkable and puts his hand on Red’s arm….. Fantasy after fantasy of ways to main and kill him bounce through my head.”

In the two previous posts I’ve talked about all the angels’ wings communicating, the primal growls, and lightning fast speed. In that scene you see that Russell’s angel characteristics are developing fast.

If you are Team Reed – the “my girl” pissed you off.

If you are Team Russell – You are swooning over his animal-like, involuntary, protective-angel response to a man touching Red.

Book #2 Brennus’ Cave. The Plan; If we get separated, Russell, you run as far and fast as you can.


Evie — …. “I hear a deep, low growl and a voice that I thought I’d never hear again in my life. Tears of anguish spring to my eyes because he should have run!….  The image of Russell walking across the hall is nothing short of breathtaking…… He is so much more than human now. He is a dangerous and lethal assassin. He is Seraph.”

That’s so damn hot… but THIS is hotter;

“His huge frame is almost dwarfed by his bright, crimson wings as they stretch out like wide, arching symbols of vengeance.”

HELL YEA! It’s going down!

Let’s get a visual on that!!!!


Oh, Russell.

Now that I’m all warm and fuzzy inside…. Poor Russell. His soul mate is now branded by Reed. And as if all this undying love inside for her is not enough, all his memories come back of their past lives together over the last few thousand years.

Let’s talk about crap thrown in Russell’s face! ie – The island!

Hey, I get it. She is Reed’s Aspire. They are reunited. The whole family is together again! Everyone is happy, aside from Russell. Russell, who was on the beach when Reed & Evie go inside their cabin/cabana – destroying it like rock stars.

I felt so sorry for Russell that I almost had trouble enjoying Reed The Rock star in action.

Ok, so I lied to you. I felt a twinge of pity for Russell. That was before clothes are being ripped off and furniture is breaking.

Russell Pity Party is FINALLY over! Enter Anya

Ho, Ho, Ho. What’s this Miss Everyone Loves Me Evie? Your soul mate has HIS OWN Aspire? Complete with butterflies. Or as Russell calls them, crickets.

How about that library!!?? Russell so hot and clumsy. Wings spread, knocking crap over. SO Russell.

Things I love about Russell:

His southern charm.

He sets aside his immense pain and jealousy, and is there for both Evie AND Reed at every turn.

Gotta give him props for the sparing on the beach that turned into Russell getting his ass handed to him by Reed. But, he tried.

After all he’s been through, he feels guilt over Anya. Not wanting to accept her story that Russell picked her over Evie. Awww.

His bravery

He doesn’t let his Seraph status go to his head.

His loyalty and love for his friends is unconditional

(because I will hear about it in the comments– no, I’m not forgetting the watch switch. Not cool, Russell. Not cool.)

What do you love about Russell? What are you favorite Russell moments?

Let’s discuss!!

UP NEXT — Zephyr (Zee)  Check back tomorrow!!

52 thoughts on “Russell; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premontion Series

  1. Nice job, Gabi! If Reed wasn’t Reed…I would totally pick Russell. I mean the guy tried to save Evie from Freddie after having “dreams” of his own by trying to push her away.

    And I love his development thru all the books…especially book #4. He is fighting Reed on the beach and in the end of does save Evie’s life knowing it would be Reed she would go to. He becomes the ultimate bff. He starts to worry more about his aspire than his soul mate.

    I think Russell and Evie will always love one another, but as close friends only. He understands the relationship and feeling that Evie and Reed have for one another now thanks to the appearance of Anya.

    I cannot fault someone for being Team Russell…he is too charming and cute.

    …But I will always remain Team Reed!!

  2. I am team Reed. He is totally swoon worthy. Honestly, I just think Russell is too much of a down home boy for Evie. They are better as best friends. Reed is totally her match made in heaven. I am not a fan of any of the other men vying for Evie’s love except Reed. I want them to have little angel babies! LOL Can’t wait for the next book, but I hope that Reed and Evie will get a break and get to spend some time together without all the craziness constantly.

    • Naomi — first, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Second, YES! I have been wishing for angel babies! I keep waiting for signs of pregnancy. I thought I was the only one!
      Russell is such a well rounded character… I love him. But, as her BFF.

      • Angel babies??!!…how exciting would that be! I am sure Reed would make an awesome dad…much different than Tau!

      • That would be a nice twist!! There is always hope!! :).

        Uncle Zee would be cute to watch! Russell as the Godfather? Buns as the Godmother??

  3. Out everyone, who is not Reed, vying for Evie’s love, I like Russell the most. As in, I don’t outright hate him; I hate some of the things he does in his efforts to win Evie back. And I will be one of those commenting on the switch because, I’ll be honest, there were flames of red-hot hatred directed at him for that.

    I like Russell as Evie’s BFF. He genuinely loves her and will do anything to protect her. He’s also hilarious, which I love. You can always count on Russell to lighten a tense moment with a witty comment. I love his friendship with Zee; teaching him “slang” so he’d blend in better and helping him understand Buns; so funny.

    The problem with Russell is his obsession with the soul mate thing. Sometimes it gives him tunnel vision and makes it impossible for him to grasp the bigger picture. For instance, switching the watches so he’d end up with Evie and Reed would end up with Brownie. One track minded thinking without considering possible problems or dire consequences that could arise.

    Reed knew the chances of Evie being bitten before they escaped through the portal were pretty likely so he made sure there was venison blood waiting where they would be. This did not cross Russell’s mind nor did it cross his mind that he too could be bitten, which is exactly what happened. Now, there are two Angels in need of blood and only one container. Evie could have died because Russell didn’t think of anything but being where she was. Plus Russell had to know Reed would go to Evie immediately which left poor Brownie, who Russell was supposed to be with, unprotected. I was really, really, REALLY mad at Russell for that.

    But, the addition of Anya, his Aspire, has redeemed Russell for me. Russell finally *gets* it now. The butterfly flutters and being so drawn to someone who is not your soul mate. He finally sees that what Evie feels for Reed transcends soul-mates because that’s how he feels for Anya. He can’t explain it, but he feels it.

  4. Chrissy, that’s why Reed is so awesome; He thinks of EVERY possibility. But I will give Russell props for buying them some time in the bar.

  5. I think Russel is pretty awesome! Now with that being said, Russel and Ayna are so cute together. Evie and Russel need each other they are bestfriends. A bond like that is very strong. Absolutly love every character in the series but still team Xavier 🙂

    • That’s true! And let’s not forget — the mysterious “master plan” made in Heaven for Evie and Russell — that combined magic out on the ocean was badass!!
      Thanks for stopping by again, Shalee

      Xavier will be the death of me. Book #5

  6. efirst and foremost i would like it to be noted that I am a proud TEAM REED member. Ok, now that I got that out of the way I’ll talk Russel…I would pick him as a bestfriend but when it comes to the owner of my heart or my angel wings (take your pick) I choose REED. REED. REED.
    my favorite Russel moment: when Evie was teaching him magic and they made the sky go dark. I thought that was pretty cool. i also like when he was like when he came to rescue Evie fron the Gancangh the first time.

    • “owner of my heart or angel wings” — love that!

      Out on the surf boards is one of my favorite too! It was pre-Anya, so still uncomfortable… but, as Evie put it, “It feels right” *sigh*

      thanks for stopping by again, Brianna TEAM Reed!! 😉

  7. One of my favorite Russell moments is when watches Anya rush past him into Reed’s arms seeking comfort. Russell is seething with jealousy watching his Aspire in the arms of another. He is forced to watch while another man gives Anya what she needs. Of course, the irony of this is not lost on Reed who couldn’t help but point out to Russell that the shoe is on the other foot. A cold dose of karma served straight up by his very own Vengeance Angel.

  8. HAHAHA OMFG. You are so awesome. Can we be friends? And darling, I’m totally with you on the Team Gale thing. To be honest, the number one reason I love Russell is because he makes Reed insanely jealous, and jealous Reed = smoking hot. Also, it kinda killed my feels when Evie ditched Reed with Russell and Reed left all those sad voicemails. Yeah, I know, I’m a masochist.

    • Can we be friends??

      Best fricking Team Russell logic EVER!! Hell yea! Jealous Reed is so smoking hot!!

      Those voicemails were awful. She better start trusting Reed with everything in book #5!

      Thanks for stopping by, Orchita!!

      re: Team Gale — What did you think about the end of Mockingjay???

      • I was one of those die-hards who went to get Mockingjay the DAY it came out. It actually made me phyiscally ill, when I found out that she ended up with Peeta. I’m not kidding, my dad was SO worried, because I was just so sick. The way she ended things broke my heart into a billion pieces. I think Gale’s broken heart just changed my life forever. Like Mockingjay is sitting on my bookcase right now, but I haven’t cracked it open since that first time I read it.

        What did you think of it? I think I had the most serious allergic reaction to that ending of all my Team Gale pals.

      • I was ok with who she ended up with. The wrap up was way off for me. None of it seemed true to Katniss. Gale and her mother would never have let that happen to her….

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