Brennus; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premonition Series

This week is about ALL the men, angels, and undead.

I’d also like to say thank you for all the shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!! It’s awesome that so many people spread their love for this series!! Especially with Iniquity coming out soon (I hope).

I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters. Some of those authors are, Cassandra Clare, Nicole Williams, Sarah Fine, Colleen Hoover (LOVE!!), Veronica Roth, Laury Falter, Abbi Glines, and M. Leighton <–all Amazon links

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In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.

We can’t do an entire week of the Premonition without including Brennus. In an effort to remain fair to Brennus I asked Cristina from Cristina’s Book Reviews to tell us about her man.

Cristina asked that I not mention ____ <– name of the most amazing angel that EVER fictionally lived. So her Brennus could “shine”.

I have my battle shirt on….


And my hands ready at the keys…wired on coffee…


Meet Brennus; Undead


When I first stumbled upon Inescapable, I had no idea how much I would love this series and to say “I love it” is putting it lightly.  I have stalked the master storyteller, Amy Bartol since September and I believe the restraining order has been filed but I’m hoping those charges will be dropped soon.  In any event, I’m beyond thankful to Amy for introducing me to the fictional character that I want to marry and yes, it’s boarder-line unhealthy but who cares, right?

Moving on…

I see that you’ve met Reed, Zee and Russell.  *big yawn* While I think they’re nice, let’s just say…they don’t do it for me.  One word: Brennus.  Ladies, be prepared to fall in love and I mean, fall hard.

Brennus is introduced in book two of the Premonition Series, Intuition and this is when he meets Evie and nothing will ever be the same again.  Like EVER.

“I think ye’re looking at dis da wrong way. Why wouldn’t ye want ta be one of us; ta be protected and cared for by Gancanagh who will always have yer back?” he asks. “We will never look at ye like ye’re scum…like ye do na have a right ta exist.”

I get it, Brennus was a bit brutal with Evie when they first met but then Amy Bartol teases us with little shreds of hope that Brennus does in fact have redeeming qualities.

Just when I think I know Brennus, I really don’t because he becomes more than loveable in Indebted (#3). He demonstrates he’s capable of being selfless.  If he was attracted to Evie before, he’s now full on head over heels for her and he wants to make her his Queen.

“Dis is…ye are giving me yer blood?” he asks with a sultry look I can feel. “I’m giving you my trust.  That is the blood I planned on drinking in order to stop the craving of being bitten.  You can do whatever you want with it – my blood.  I just ask that you protect the trust I have given you,” I say, watching his eyes grow dark as he puts the stopper back on the bottle. “Do ye know dat no one has given me anyting since I died?” he asks, extending his hand for me to take, I sit next to him again.  “Everyting dat I have I have had ta fight for or earn”.


That one passage is so heartbreaking!!

I will admit that Brennus broke my heart in Incendiary (#4) but I think people do crazy things when they’re in love.  Okay, so the things he does is a bit over the top and somewhat drastic but I’m still team Brennus.

“I’ll save her, aingeal.  I’ll make her storng again,” Brennus says.  CLICK, his fangs engage and he uses them to tear open his flesh.  He lets his dark blood well up.“Why can I na do it?” Brennus spits out in torment.  “Why can I na turn her?”

Relief makes my neck bend and my head hang forward.  “You love her soul – willing or not.  Her soul has been rooting for you – for your redemption.”

“Dere is no redemption for me, ye know dat.”

There are so many layers to Brennus but once you reach his core, you know he’s not all evil.  Yes he’s mercurial and somewhat obsessive but no one is perfect.

I urge you all to take a walk on the dark side and you might find that you’ll love it as much as I do!

Brennus will always be MOIN!!! 😉


And thank you to all the Amy Bartol fans who stopped by and showed their love! This week was a blast!

I ask that everyone play nice. No name calling to each other (characters in the books is okay). We are all fans of the same books. Let’s keep that in mind while we rip each other’s opinions to shreds!

ALSO, since this will be the last Premonition post on this blog until Book #5

Get it ALL out of your system! Who you love, hate, don’t trust, root for, and…

Feel free to flat out beg Amy Bartol for the one thing that you NEED to happen.

220 thoughts on “Brennus; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premonition Series

  1. got to admit I have a soft spot for brennus!! it grew even more when I saw the pic of him on here!!!…HOT!..yes he went abit crazy in #4 but u fight for what u want right? he loves evie an will do anything and take anyone on for her which is y im (secretly) attracted to his character, he got right into my system when he told evie how he became gancanagh and I felt a tad sorry for him I dont think hes truly all evil theres that little bit of goodness in him that makes him the badboy u dont want to love..but you just cant help it!!

    • Mizzy …drinking the Gancanagh kool-aide are we??? A being who takes everything by force…and he does that time and time again. Pretty face does not equal a good person.

    • Fighting for what you want I get and can even admire. But we’re talking about a “man” who has gone way beyond “fighting”. He locked her in a cell for days without food and water so she’d beg him to take her soul and change her. He fed on her knowing it would cause her excruciating pain if she didn’t drink his blood. He forced her to be his prisoner knowing he was never going to keep up his end of the deal and let her leave when his time was up. He bound them together (what kills me, kills you) and watched her bleed when he bled. He flaunted his feeding whores in her face. The guy was willing to torment and abuse her into submission and make her his undead Queen. The only thing that made him stop was falling in love with her soul and he feared a souless Evie would crush his ass. He’s the bad boy I love to hate.

    • Hey Purpinkrose!!
      I love this series too! Obsessed. Amy is VERY talented.

      Make sure to click on the links to Amy’s website and Goodreads. Leave her a view there.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. When Evie is KIDNAPPED by Brennus and he takes her to his castle, AGAINST her will…. I will admit that
    1– I really like and trust Finn
    2– I swooned a tiny bit when her set up her bedroom. which, BTW, makes him a THIEF.
    BUT — In that book, I stopped believing that he had real feelings for her when one of his lovarrs walked in and said to Brennus in FRONT OF EVIE — where have you been? I haven’t seen you since you made love to me this morning.

    • It’s hard, Kara…. with so many characters Amy created that are all awesome and different and swoon worthy.
      I’m firmly on Team Reed, and scared of Xavier coming between them!

      thanks for stopping by! What do you think will happen in book #5?

  3. Finally Breenus has his day! If no one likes him, good; then I have him all to myself. I knew the moment I was team Breenus when he walked Into that church on book 3 and said, “Dat is me aingeal dat ye’re breakin’ Valentine”. Nobody messes with his aingeal <3!

    • Okay — I will give you that!!

      what about after? He forces her into a deal to save her friends

      .Esther, what do you think will happen in book#5 with the new powers he got from Evie? Curious….

      WHAT a tease was that when he momentarily got his beautiful wings back!!

      • Gabi, I think book 5 is going to be epic! Amy gets better and better with each book. What I love about Breenus is that I feel he’s the only one truly honest with Evie. Even with his actions, he doesn’t pretend to be something that he’s not. I think all the angels around Evie either keep the truth from her in order to protect her (Reed and Russell), and others have a hidden agenda (Tau and Xavier). Even after everything, at the end of book four, Breenus is the one laying it all out and telling it like it is to Evie. I love and respect him for that. I’m a realist, I know deep down that The chances of Evie ending up with Breenus are slim to none, but I feel he truly loves her in his twisted sort of way, and that part of her loves him deep down. I also believe his actions are the result of him given up on redemption. He doesn’t think he can be saved. I hope that changes with his new powers :). I CANNOT wait for book 5!!!!!

      • I’ve got a totally juvenile what if…. Brennus doesn’t “take” Evie because he was afraid to break her. But, she’s as strong as any other angel now. Right?
        *letting out my inner teenager* what if the pull between Evie and Brennus is stronger because of the end of book#4 and she cannot resist him any longer??

      • Omg Gabi, from your mouth to Amy Bartol’s ears!!!! Evie giving into Breenus, even temporarily, now THAT would be Epic!!! ***squeeeee!***

      • Esther, You are SO right in that Brennus is the only one who is completely honest with her. I find that to be a big draw. I dislike characters in books who do things to protect the other, lie or hide the truth. It bothers me. So ya ok, Brennus pretty freaking evil but hey honest is good.

      • HOLD UP!!

        Brennus with all his — Evie you are the only one for me (said in his accent)

        I will again point out his fed on whores!

        AND! Yes, he’s honest with her as in — I’m going to kidnap you. I’m going to bite you. I’m going to kill Reed & Russell. I changed your BFF to make it easier for you here….

        That said, Reed practically threw Evie in Brennus’ arms with all his damn rules.

      • Haha, Gabi! Some habits are hard to break 😉 I think Reed and Brennus makes plenty of mistakes that Evie has to get her self out of. It’s like a hot potato game between Brennus and Reed. Those silly men, watch while they are both playing the “lets keep stealing Evie away from the other” Xavier will come up from nowhere and truly steal her away.

      • Well yeah, there’s the whole feeding on whores thing, nobody is perfect lol* but how many evil SOBs has he ripped to shreds for messing with Evie? I tell you, he makes the whole series for me. If he was gone, Evie’s life would be so freaking boring. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been a big fan of Reed. He’s just so overbearing and protective to the point that he treats Evie like a child. Sure, Breenus is one French fry short of a happy meal, but he’s so Hot. I think if Evie gives in to him, he’ll make Reed look like a Boy Scout! Lol.

      • Oh, GOD! Someone tell me I am mistaken — but didn’t Reed tell Russell that Brennus could do things to her “pleasure wise” that they don’t even know about…. or something??

      • Remember the Rules of Heaven…there are a lot of things Reed and the family cannot tell her–especially since she has a soul. Yes Brennus lets her on on some plans…but not all. Why not show her all the castle?…he is trying to brainwash her. Reed does not force her to to anything against her will.

        And Reed has rules because he can’t tell her everything, but wants her to be safe. He allows her to make her own decisions…not forcing her to bend to his will.

    • Again…he just wanted her for himself and didn’t want Valentine to have her. Albeit he saved her and made her deal with him to save her friends…seriously–who the hell was going to go after him? Sure as hell was not going to be Brownie or Russell. If he cared about her…he shoulder not have made her beg!

  4. Brennus, while I loathe him, is the perfect villain. The portrait started all his lusty feelings for Evie and turned him into an obsessive stalker. But unlike a typical stalker, Brennus is smart, everything he does is strategically planned and his actions are not ruled by his emotions, which means, he does not make mistakes and that makes him lethal.

    He’s managed to get under Evie’s skin; she started to trust him, she let her guard down around him and allowed him to teach her things. In a way, Brennus helped her find the confidence she needed to kick ass. I like that he taught her magic, it saved their all their asses.

    But for me, I just can’t get past all the awful things he’s done to her in the name of love. He tortured her, bit her, kept her prisoner, tried to take her soul and wanted to turn her into his undead queen. He plays on her fear and uses it to try and get her to surrender to him. Quite honestly, I love to hate him.

    • Alright — since we are all riding the fence a little due to Crintina’s awesome post —

      Another score one for Brennus — Reed was pretty controlling and her opinion meant nothing. Or near to nothing.
      Brennus asked her opinion, brought her in while making battle plans, and even though she was a prisoner– she gained some inner strength

      • Reed’s biggest mistake was keeping Evie in the dark. Yes, it was done to try and protect her but it opened her up to Brennus because he gave her something she didn’t get from Reed.

        But to Reed’s credit, I think he’s learned from that mistake.

      • YES he did. And let us also point out that REED would never do any one of 10″s of terrible things Brennus did to her….
        Even Russell came into the cave prepared to die if Evie had been changed. WHY? love. He refused to let her exist as an undead.

      • Brennus doesn’t make any mistakes!? How about when Casimir totally outmaneuvered him and ambushed them when they were trying to leave through the underground tunnels!? That was one deadly mistake and proves Brennus cannot protect Evie! If it weren’t for Reed defeating Casimir and ripping him to shreds, Evie would have been brought to Sheol and tortured and god knows what else!
        I don’t blame Reed for anything he did to protect Evie. He is not god or omnipotent. He could not save Russell and Brownie from Valentine but how could anyone blame him for that?
        I agree with another post that it’s totally Stockholm syndrome and the venom for Evie towards Brennus, nothing more.

    • Almost like Stockholm Syndrome…starts to care for those who are keeping you prisoner. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt…but could never get passed the fact he tried TO KILL HER..AND ALMOST DID NUMEROUS TIMES! He is sick and demented …he has this perverse way of showing love!

      • I’m right there with you Chrissy. I can’t get past the ugly things about him. I’m judgmental that way 😉

  5. I also did FINALLY believe at the end of book#4 that Brennus loved Evie. And loving Evie meant loving her soul (As the awesome Reed pointed out)
    I didn’t like that he rubbed up on Evie while she was tied up. Just saying — I cursed him for violating her like that!!

  6. I would really like to know how brennus took control of the gancanagh and became leader and y he turned out as evil as he is because finn was kinda nice to evie and brennus said he only became a gancanagh to protect his brother I would like a few chapters from brens point of view 🙂

    • He became the head dude because of the way the old leader treated Brennus and Finn and the Fellas– he fought him to the death.

      And — Yes, he’s evil. But, do you notice how protective he is over Finn? When it goes down — Brennus always has him somewhere “setting up” something.

      If Finn gets killed and its one of our angel’s fault? All hell is gonna break loose!! And Finn’s girl will avenge him by trying to kill Evie???

      I ❤ Finn. I don't trust his girlfriend as far as I can throw her (Evie's old BFF) why? … not sure.

      • Yes Reed should totally get a power up too! He has Evie’s blood in his veins too and it won’t be fair if only Brennus got an upgrade! At the end of Incendiary it almost seemed like Reed could sense Russell’s magic? Please let him have magical powers too!!

      • Well it’s not really clear… Right before Russell healed Evie, Reed said it’s “like the scent of rain, the change in the air alerts me to the storm coming.” Maybe I’m just reading too much into it but I really hope Reed gets to use magic too!

      • Sarah, on the beach on the island when Evie was pulling energy towards her, Russell could feel it — but the angels couldn’t. SO now Reed can. This is good!

    • But Russell didn’t have her blood either. I think Amy is holding a few cards up her sleeve on Zee and Reed’s new abilities! *wink* hopefully shared in Book #5

    • Maybe Zee doesn’t realize he has extra powers yet. Maybe they surface when he’s meets up with Xavier again. “hand on my heart, we will meet again” (sigh)

  7. I am Team ABR. (Anyone But Reed) In books 1 & 2 I was Team Russell. In book 3 & was Team Russell/Brennus, and in book 4 I was team Russell/Xavier. Yep, I’d take someone who tied Evie up and left her defenseless over Reed. 🙂

      • Oh, it’s not Reed hate it’s just that the other characters are so much more interesting. Reed, in all his perfection, doesn’t give me anything to root for. There have been times when my heart’s broken for him (like the voicemail he left Evie in Michigan that she had to delete because it was just too much & his utter brokeness at Dominion), but all-in-all I need a bad boy, a spurned soul mate, or a forgotten guardian angel to make my heart swoon!

      • Ok. I feel better — I was personally offended there for a minute. For my Reed.
        But, I get what you’re saying.

        And what do you see happening or want to happen in book#5?

      • My hopes for Book 5: I’m pretty open. My greatest fear for Book 4 was that Russell and Brownie would fall for each other. I’m glad that didn’t happen.
        My only other preference would be a resolution with Brennus. The cat and mouse has run its course. Maybe he could join an uneasy alliance with the Powers to fight something really big and sacrifice himself in the process?!? How hot would that be? 🙂

      • What about Xavier? Book #4 –was like — hey, here’s this new (old to Evie) guy… and I have all this angst over him!! A lot of that is tied up in him being a Seraph.
        BUT, here we go again, Evie is lying to Reed by omission. SHE REMEMBERS
        For all her love… she has no trust!

      • I know, Xavier was a total game changer for me. He helped me get over the Russell Anya thing. I’m really interested to see how it’s all going to play out. My money’s on Xavier, sorry. 🙂

      • I knew all along that Russell and Brennus would never come between them — but Xavier?? It’s like she WANTS to find out where it will go with Xavier… otherwise, why lie?

      • The reason Xavier is such a game changer for me is that Amy could go back and write a whole book (series of books?) on Evie & Xavier as sort of a prequel to Inescapable. (As a side note, she could do that with Russell, too.) There is SO much we don’t know. We know all about Evie and Reed’s relationship because it’s already been played out. What are we going to learn in book 5? What don’t we know that cause Team Reed to switch sides?

      • She talked about considering an Evie & Xavier spin off.
        I would read ANYTHING Amy writes — but in the back of my mind, I’d know Evie’s choice was Reed. OMG! Unless she throws us all for a loop and Evie ends up with Xavier!!
        Evie & Xavier book would cushion that blow….

      • I know, right?!?! Game changer.

        As a side note, Spotify just told me Amy’s listening to the Xavier playlist. A hint? 😉

      • Gabi…don’t you dare back down now and ever be ok with Xavier! It is easy to get sucked in…but she has chosen Reed!…her own free will!

        And let’s hope Amy listing to his playlist is his farewell scene!

      • Wow I really don’t get the non-Team-Reeders’ issue with his perfection. That’s what you’re holding against Reed? Seriously!? Because that’s what girls complain about all the time right? Can’t meet nothing but too perfect boys instead of sick sadistic guys!? I guess I’m just not into bad boys and don’t feel a need to change/save them…
        And ok Brennus might not be all bad, but he is almost all bad, and that makes him overall bad (eloquent I know…) I’m not against him having redemption though; I do believe in second chances.

  8. Ok, ok, I will admit it. I like Brennus, I want him to die but I don’t want him to die. Crazy I know. He’s definitely hot which is one reason I don’t want him to die, funny, a bit strange, and an arrogant jerk but aren’t most hot guys? He’s the guy you want to “do” fun stuff with but leave behind cus you can’t take him to mom. For one, he’s dead, two, he smells, and three, he’ll probably eat your family. Having said that, Brennus has nothing, and I mean nothing on Reed. The audacity of him to even think he’s even in same ballpark as Reed is just ridiculous. Reed is everything a perfect man/angel/vicious assign/hot lover/defender of all good things should be. Brennus, uhhhh not so much. He’s a two bit, blood sucking (so hot) Gancanagh. Reed is just dreamy, in fact, I dream about him all the time and I’m totally cursing my parents for not being angels so I too could have a shot at him. So annoyed with them right now.

    Brennus watch out because in the next book, Reed is going to pluck your black feathers off, one by one, break your wings and feed your stinky flesh to you. Take that!

    If only Reed knew how much I loved him.

    In-case you guys haven’t noticed. TEAM REED IS IN THE HOUSE! Do ye need more tellin?

    • When Brennus locked Evie in the cell to torture her until she begged to be changed. It was thoughts of Reed that kept her from giving up her soul. Evie was able to resist the torture that Brennus himself could not because she couldn’t imagine never being with Reed again.

      That kind of love is Epic and hard to come between. Just sayin’ 🙂

      • Kristin, These are great points!!! I guess we look at which men loves her the most, or who has done the best by her but really we should be looking at who Evie loves the most. Who makes her the best she can be.

        On that note, I think while Reed might take the lead, Reed, Brennus and Russell all have taken roles in bettering Evie. But you could be right that the strength of Reed is how Evie copes/deals with all the chaos of her life. Reed Makes Evie better while Evie makes Brennus and Russell better. Though, that is not to say that Evie doesn’t make Reed better. Together they make each other stronger.

      • Gabi, I can see that. I think that Reed’s ultimate and only goal is dedicated to Evie but Evie has a lot more taking her attention away from Reed. She loves so much and cares deeply for all the men in her life (some she doesn’t even realize *cough* Xavier *cough* ) so she is spread a little thin.

      • Xavier!!! The thorn in my big toe! His only hope of redemption with Evie is to stand up to Tau when the sh*t goes down and he drags his daughter into Sheol to use her as a weapon.
        That’s if Tau is not in with the Fallen! I so need him to go down in a way that will have every Seraph and Power laughing….

  9. This was the first series that I ever loved the bad guy (I felt a bit for the bad guy in Mortal Instruments series in the 2nd part). Brennus I dont think was born into evil, he had a life before he became evil undead and he had some good qualities. He became undead for his brother right?? And since then he has done what he needed to survive, but to the readers he just seems pretty darn evil. I was pretty mad in the 4th book because of his actions but I also think this book was when Brennus finally realizes that he truly loves Evie. In Chapter 11 it goes a little something like this:

    “Tis whah I tought I wanted, too, Genevieve-ta see ye extinguished from all existence…However, when yer wee isle incinerated and I believed dat me fellas had annihilated ye, something happened ta me… I learned dat dere is a raging depth of pain dat I had yet ta experience…Twas na remorse…Twas loss on a scale I had never imagined possible. Twas an agony dat even da death of me own heart or da heart of me brudder, could na equal”

    Sigh. I think, for Brennus, meeting Evie was the first time that he could really see himself doing something good, of course in all the wrong ways, that he could protect her and love her. Ya he made some mistakes along the way, thats from a long time being evil, but Evie, to him, was a light and while Brennus says he can’t redeemed maybe Evie is his redemption. I think that there is good in Brennus under all that evil and he is still trying to figure out how to do it and be a good leader.

    In all reality it seems that most of the guys see Evie as a saving grace, in one way or another.

      • Gabi, Yes how am I suppose to hate someone who is bad that looks that good! Unfair! (Cuz Valentine doesnt have any good qualites, nope. Not one). I did feel a bit for Sebastian, but thats a whole other convo haha!! That would be a good blog post to write, all the evil men we love to hate!!

        And Thanks!! I’m glad you liked my view of Brennus :):)

  10. Oh ya I forgot about that!! Sebastian had like tiny itty bitty tidbits of something good. But otherwise, pure evil.

    Unlike my Brennus, ummm I mean Evie’s Brennus 😉

  11. First off I would like to point out that Amy is a fantastic writer! She created such a wonderful cast of characters. Some we love and some we love to hate. What truths are really behind Brennus’ beauitful words to Evie or what promts his evil torture methods? I see
    Evie’s relationship with Brennus as an abusive one. He is emtionally & psychologically abusive. Why are women attracted to those type of men? I can only that Reed will prevail.

  12. In have another crazy question after the past few days talking about angel babies…….in Inescapable Reed tells Evie that angels canning have children–then how do we explain Evie??

      • Gabi if you hadn’t put that JK in there…aaauuuugghhh!

        …But since Reed has her blood and her wings on his chest..that has to be a plus??!!

      • This Xavier business — I’m more worried now than after I finished book #4.
        My husband says we’re crazy women who talk about characters as if they are real…
        My answer: so? You talk about athletes like you know them — same thing.

      • I think it’s just immaculate conception? Tau was only allowed to have a child because Evie’s on an epic mission? But then again there are the nephilim who are the children of fallen archangels… So maybe God will bless Evie and Reed with a child when they complete their mission? 3/4 angel 1/4 human baby?
        And LOL Gabi’s comment re: athletes

      • I really feel for Xavier and my heart breaks for him that he has loved Evie forever only to lose her when they agreed to go on a mission together and she can’t even remember him. But I really believe Evie is meant for Reed – she only feels the butterflies for him and no one else. Just like Reed trumps Russell the soul mate, he will again trump Xavier the guardian angel.

      • No don’t freak out! Evie has to end up with Reed! They belong together! But a big yes to Xavier prequel and Zephyr spinoff though!!!

  13. Trailer? Movie? What? Where have I been? Where ? Please share site. Gabi this is a wonderful site for the books. Absolutely amazing job. The posts are intellegent, respectful and so ahhhh!

    • Debra, Thank you so much!
      And, we got a little side tracked — the trailer is for Mortal Instruments.

      Everyone — lets stop all talk of any books not penned by Amy Bartol.

      Man, Debra… sorry. If I’m you, I hate me for getting my hopes up!

      • How could I hate a fellow “team REED” member? Not going to happen. But miracles do and maybe (we can hope) for a movie in the works. Thank you for letting me know though. During my momentary euphoria I did not spread incorrect info.
        I have read all the opinions and wonder why no one has mentioned Evie’s MOM in anything. I wonder if Amy has such an insignificant place for her or will she play a surprising role.

      • Debra — we discussed Evie’s mom in another post. In hopes that Amy will bring her down and give Tau the smack down for his treatment of Evie. Also, I’d like to see Uncle Jim again

      • Yes I’ve actually been wondering about Evie’s mom too! If Tau is her aspire, I wonder what happened to her soul mate?

      • NOW you’re talking Sarah! *evil laugh* It would serve Tau right if she showed up with a soul mate! OR maybe she wasn’t Tau’s aspire…. and shows branded by an equally powerful Seraph angel.

      • Anya said Tau is Vivian’s aspire, so I don’t think there is a question about that. I do want Evie to meet her though; I feel bad that she had to grow up without either of her parents. I know Tau didn’t help rescue Reed at all, but that was to protect Evie and I think he does have her best interest at heart. I hope I’m not wrong!

    • Brennus is such a unique character. You need to hate him because he is the villain but you can’t help but love him. He is everything you shouldn’t want but says all the right things at the right times. He is all about family and being extreme to get what he wants. His strength and loyalty are huge qualities. Does this sound like anyone – Evie??? She is very stubborn and thinks of everyone else before herself which is why Brennus turned Gancanagh. His love for Finn outweighed anything else. Reed is that for Evie but Brennus is in her heart too because she is a forgiving person. She wants to save him. I bet Brennus will be the one that dies saving Evie because if Reed dies it would kill Evie. Brennus loves her too much to not sacrifice for her in the end. He is finally learning what love means again.

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  15. WOW! I LOVE all the men in this series with all of their flaws included. Even when/if I thought I hated them for one reason or the other… I still couldn’t get enough of them. I imagine a GQ underwear shoot. LOL
    Yes, I’d love to see it become a movie.
    Yes, I want to know what exactly happened between Russ & Evie to fray the soulmate bond.
    Yes, I want more after #5!!!! And then #6!!! LOL And yes I want movies for all of them too. Or how about a long running cable series; that comes on EVERY week!?!?! 😉 That would be heaven!

    • Hi Christina!

      Congratulations — you, my new bestie, have come up with the best idea yet! A weekly cable show! YES! A long running show so we can all get out Reed/Evie/Russel/Zee/Brennus fix.

      We will be doing something special on this blog for the release of book #5.
      I PRAY Amy Bartol doesn’t stop there and she gives us a book #6!

      Thanks you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, Christina.

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  18. I find myself in the same predicament as Evie, loving Reed and Brennus both. Oh! It just tears me apart!! I’m also feeling the love for Xavier. Why dose Amy have to make such amazing (hot. I mean, come on? Sexy wings, drool worthy boddies, and deep enchanting eyes. Who wouldn’t fall in love?) characters? Seriously, it’s not fair.

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