A Few Things I’m Excited About!!

First, many people I know have FINALLY started the Mortal Instruments series! This is huge! The movie will be out August 23rd.  Also, more people to discuss that mind-blowing, somewhat disturbing, twisted twist in City Of Bones.

I cannot stress enough how awesome these books are. The world building is outstanding. Things that don’t exist in the real world start to make total sense in the world Cassandra Clare created. ALL the characters hold a special place in my heart, and when the Shadow Hunters need to call in the Silent Brothers… oh, boy!

images Picture is an Amazon link $5.99 Kindle price

That is Jace on the cover. He is a Shadow Hunter. Those are not tattoos. They are called Runes. Runes are markings that protect, enhance their abilities, and heal the Shadow Hunters. Fact that shouldn’t matter, but does to me: Jace wears white T-shirts a lot. Clary can see his Runes through the thin cotton.



Movie shot. Characters in black Shadow Hunter gear from left to right– Isabelle, JACE <3, & Alec.

We will pick a day soon and discuss Mortal Instruments.

Moving on…

Daemon Black has entered my life. And this is how I feel about it….


When Daemon calls Katy, Kitten, it does more to me than to her. That might be my jealousy talking because she has alien cooties and I don’t!!

I finished book#1 last night.


I started book #2 this morning

onyx-cover (2)

Jennifer L. Armentrout , I am your new #1 fan!

Thanks to everyone who suggested I start this series to try to get past my Premonition series book hangover!!

19 thoughts on “A Few Things I’m Excited About!!

  1. I know I am late for The Mortal Instruments Series…but into book #2! Oh my…I do love Jace! Have to agree he is very swoonable! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I have not read the Lux Series…but LOVE Jennifer’s Covenant Series! AIDEN…*swoon* *sigh*

  2. Ok…done with Book#4 City of Fallen Angels and oh my! The love between Claryand Jace …swoon! And spoiler for anyone who has not read them yet………Sebastian is still alive!! Are you kidding me??!! And Gabi, I love how you are always talking about “angst” when it come to Jace–so true! I think it really manifests itself in this book.

    Oh and the romance between Alec and Magnus. Magnus melted my heart at the end of this book! And is Isabelle falling in love with Simon—love it!

    Now…I have to start Book #5 City of Lost Souls……..I hope that Clary can find Jace before Sebastian destroys him!!!

      • The twists in these books are unreal. It is bad enough that they are each other’s first real loves…but all the other craziness they have to go through!

        And yes…he is a bit too young, but by putting yourself in Clary’s place it is ok since she is younger than he is! 😉 …so that is how I rationlize it—just call me crazy!

      • Ah hell, Gabi! I’m going to need moral support at the end??!!

        Ok…so Jace is worth the emotional roller coaster… 🙂

  3. Holy crap!…just finished Book #5 …where to begin!

    Isabelle and Simon together–fantastic! I hope she finally decides to tell him how she feels. I am afraid that Isabelle will see either Alec or Magnus before seeing Simon and then chicken out.

    And *tears* Magnus and Alec–I wanted to kick Alec’s ass when he started thinking of changing Magnus behind his back with Camille of all people. I am praying that things will turn around for these two! And Maureen killed Camille–wow! She will she turn Alec or will he kill her???

    Damn, Sebastian! I almost fell for his act..that maybe there was some good there. I think he does care for Jace and Clary in his own way, which is sick and perverted

    And how many times did I cry when it was just Jace and Clary. Having to deal with it not really being her Jace and then the night when it was him again. Broke my heart when she didn’t let him leave to go to the Clave and called Sebastian. And when she drove the sword in his chest *tears* because that is what she thought that is what he would want.
    Then when she finally gets to see him after 3 days *more tears**ok so hand over another box of tissues* I just love them!

    Is Book #6 supposed to be the last book? I wish it were coming out soon–not a year from now!

  4. lol….lol… How hot is it that Isabelle lets straight laced Simon DRINK HER BLOOD!!?? 🙂
    What Alec did was unforgivable. I will not hold it against my Magnus if he decides he’s had enough of Alec’s insecure bullsh*t.

    It got so freaky there towards the end — I half expected Valentine to show up and WATCH! *shivers*
    Yes, the knife in the chest. What could be worse than the beach? Clary paralyzed, watching helplessly as Jace is stabbed??!! HAVING TO STAB HIM HERSELF! That was just awful. Poor Clary. It would have been what Jace wanted. She knew he was trying to fight it all along!!
    And here is where my dirty, black little heart was when she finally got to see Jace after 3 days — and the new “development” ….
    Whaaaa??? Are these two EVER going to be able to have sex? 😉

    • Yeah….Iz getting Simon to drink her bloodi—very hot! She has to verbalize a declaration of love to him or I’m going to scream!

      What Alec did is unforgiveable….but I think Magnus will. He loves him too much. And Magnus will help the gang even though he is trying to distance himself–he won’t be able to help it! He has more of a heart than he wants anyone to know. And with Alec, this was his first relationship, ever! I know he was acting too insecure, but they belong together! I love Magnus…but I love Alec too!

      I think those two will work on a way to have sex…they will try, I’m sure! Seeing Jace so vulnerable jsu ake me love him even more!

      Brother Zachariah??…I can’t help but wonder who he really is. He is different from all the other Silent Brothers and has a soft spot for Jace and even Clary.

      • The Silent Brothers are one of my favorite parts of this series. If they get a call — it’s bad. And whatever the situation, no matter how on edge I am reading the books– if someone says, “We need the Silent Brothers.” Everything is taken to a new, “oh, crap!!” level.
        I’d LOVE to find out who Brother Zachariah really is…. wouldn’t it be crazy if he was a relative????
        I love Alec too.
        I fear Izzy’s walls are too high. Especially after what happened to Max. Will she EVER let anyone in?

      • It is definitely “an oh crap” moment when the Silent Brothers are called. And I wonder whose relative he is , too!

        Another crazy question…are Alec and Isabelle really Robert Lightwood’s children?? With the description of Robert and Maryse ad someone wondering who the kids dark eyes came from? hhmmmmm

        I think that Simon is someone Isabelle would let her wall down fori–but I hope there is not a rason for her to become an Iron Sister!

      • She loves herself too much to become an Iron Sister! But, she certainly is a total bad-ass and would fit right in. 😉
        I hope she does let Simon in. Serves her right, in a way, that he two timed her with the wolf (could do w/o her POV, BTW) OR did Izzy some good. Simon isn’t your damn play toy!!
        They are Lightwoods. In the Infernal Devices Series — The Lightwoods have dark hair.

      • I like Jordan and Maia, but there was too much of them towards the the end that didn’t seem relevant to the story–but could it be a set up for the next book?

        What color are the Lightwood eyes in Infernal Devices? I thougt there was a comment that Alec and Iz has the dark hair but that Robert and Maryse had light colored eyes?

        I thinkl over the weekend I am going to re-read book #5…there was something else that I wasn’t sure of and can’t remember what now!!

    • ^ You said it all, I had to call my 15yr old neice to rant about this and she spoiled it for my sister who still hasnt read them GAH!! Like holy hell waiting for the next one is driving me bonkers the only thing getting me through is that clockwork princess comes out soon 😀 but but… jem… i dont want him to die…. Q_Q. I cant wait to unpack all my books and reread these, its been years 😦
      Sorry totally stalking ur blog lol

      • We all stalk each other here — no worries! If you hadn’t noticed by now, this is more like an online book club??? 😉

        FACT: I was so upset waiting the next Mortal Instruments book, that I BLAMED Infernal Devices! And Will. Even Tess pissed me off at times (SHE’S NOT CLARY, DAMMIT!) Because if Ms. Clare hadn’t started the second series, I’d have the next book in my hands! 😉
        That said, I lovies Jem, Will, Tess, and Magnus. That picture Magnus pulls out of the chest has me worried…. Jem better not die, but I want him to give up Tess! That Library was awful! POOR WILL!

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