I’m Reading Covenant. What Are You Reading?

I started the Covenant series by bestselling author, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Book #1 Half-Blood


Everyone told me I would love this series more than Jennifer’s other series, Lux.


I laughed at the idea that Daemon could be outdone by Aiden.

I’m not laughing now

Chapter #1

Alexandria wakes to the sounds of the monsters called, Daimons

(The name is a little too close to MY Daemon and right now, I can’t help picturing his beautiful face!)

in the abandoned warehouse she broke into the night before.

Oh, crap!

Alex kills one (in a total badass way– I like her already) and runs down the stairs only to find two more Diamons!

She is going to die.

In a painful way.

She makes a run for it, she’s almost outside. If she can just make it outside she will outrun them!

There’s a blast and a wall of fire….

Walking through the wall of fire, totally unaffected by the flames, is Aiden.

A pure blood Hemitoi with godlike powers, and there to save Alex

“Get Down.” Is all he says. She does.

❤ And, I’m done ❤

In that one paragraph, I’m done.

Alex runs from Aiden and he catches her– having to use his body weight to “subdue” her on the ground in a field.

Too bad she hadn’t showered in a week!

Too bad Alex is a half-blood, because pure bloods and half-bloods is a no-no.

Friends, a few of you have told me you will not start this series until the final book is out.

I hate waiting too. It sucks.

But in the few chapters I’ve read I can say with honesty that the wait will be worth it!!

What you reading right now?

15 thoughts on “I’m Reading Covenant. What Are You Reading?

  1. I just finished Reckless by S.C.Stephens. I absolutely LOVED this book and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the book or the series. I’ve read Thoughtless and Effortless twice and now that I’ve finished Reckless, I want to read them all over again; this series is one of my all time favorites and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it. Thoughtless was a little rough at times due to the cheating but I promise, it’s worth it to see how it all works out in the end.
    Currently, I’m reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I know I’m really late to the party on this one but I’m just shy of the half way point and things are just starting to get very interesting. Jace is all kinds of awesome and I cannot say enough how much I love him. He’s more than just a pretty face ladies, he’s cocky attitude and witty banter too, which I love in a book boyfriend. I might even see the movie when it’s actually still on the big screen instead of waiting for the DVD like I usually do.
    I am one of those who loved the Lux Series and because of how Opal ended, I’m trying to hold off on starting the Covenant Series until the last book is out and I’m safe from any dreaded cliffhanger endings.
    I’ve read Captive in the Dark and I’ll be honest, it disturbed me a lot. It’s a well-written book but the subject matter is very dark and at times, it’s difficult to see the rooting factor for the hero or the romance between the main characters because of the things he does.


      Yes!!! Mortal Instruments, book by book, only gets better.
      As I told a few others I am available when you get to that twisted-twist! Please contact me and I will do my best to talk you down from doing something destructive. lol!!
      My favorite character of all time, Magnus Bane, gets more involved. He is also a star player in Infernal Devices.

      thanks for stopping by!

      • AGREED with the talking down part, I am in the middle of doing that with a girlfriend who is reading it. I keep telling her, be cautious and weary of what you read!! lol

  2. I became addicted to all of S.J. West’s books! First had to read The Watcher Trilogy…Lilly and Brand!! Love Brand…and did I forget to mention he is a Fallen Angel??! (Sucker for angels!). Then read The Watcher Chronicles with Jess and Mason…omg. Can’t wait til the 4th book comes out! Gabi, if you haven’t read at least the Trilogy…it’s a must. You will fall for Malik too…pain in the ass but lovable!
    Just got done with the first two books in the Harvester of Light Trilogy–not so patiently waiting for the third! And did I mention there is now another swoonable Jace?!!

    • You had me at Jace! 🙂 I will definitely check those out! Thanks, Chrissy.
      I am not so patiently waiting for Haven to be released. I love all of Laury Falter’s books and this is a new series!

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