Interview with Author L.W. Patricks

I am very happy to have Word Samurai L.W.Patricks here.


His novel Shadow of Wrath will be released on March 13, 2013.


“A brutal tale about survival, tragedy, and human perseverance,

the Complete SHADOW OF WRATH is the first book in the Sins of the 7 series.”

Let’s do this!!


What would you say to a reader who is on the fence about Young Adult Dystopia?

It’s the gateway genre to hard Science Fiction and Fantasy! Don’t like starships, phasor beams, sloppy orcs, and blooming elves, yet want to read something that’s unique, fresh, and different from the world we live in today? Give dystopian fiction a try!

How long did it take you to write Shadow of Wrath?

First draft took about 2 months, second draft another 2, and a third draft almost 3 months. I know the sentences like the back of my hand. You can read me a sentence from the book and I’ll be able to tell you what chapter it came from. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not…

Part of what I liked about Shadow of Wrath are the raw, stripped down emotions of all the captive characters. Particularly Dog and Allegra. It reminded me of The Hunger Games and the acceptance of the world they live in. With that acceptance comes hopelessness and living everyday trying to survive. What was the writing process like for you while creating such a dark world from a YA perspective?

The most important thing I had to do was create characters that can survive in the world of the Arena, seeing as how death was so prevalent. I decided to have a kid living on the streets, Dog, as the central character because he knows what it’s like to survive. He’s done it all his life, and he’s got the brass to stare death in the eye and kick him in the junk.  I also needed a character that’s grounded and can keep Dog from going over the edge and transforming into a heartless killing machine. That’s where Allegra comes into play. She’s beautiful, compassionate, caring, but she also doesn’t have much to live for either. They need each other to exist. The one thing in this world as well, I found that cramming in a love story was fairly difficult. I had to make their emotions real, so my story reflects that. Allegra and Dog’s relationship is what I would perceive as realistic and organic.

I also fell in love with Allegra’s character while writing her and created something more out of her than I originally intended. Once I had these two characters, the rest of the story seemed to fall into place with all the events, supporting cast, and plot threads. The ending changed from what I originally intended though, mostly due to Allegra’s growth from the beginning to the end of the book.


This novel is part of a series (Sins of the 7). How far along are you on book #2? And may we have a sneak peak?

I’m about 75% done the first draft, though I may have to add more to it. I would love to give everyone a sneak peak, but sadly it’s not polished yet. It’d be like me feeding you raw chicken. However I am thinking about getting the first 50 or so pages revised and edited and throwing it up online in the near future for free, just as an advanced preview.

This is Allegra on the cover


She is a total badass by the end of the book

I love Allegra’s strength, tenderness and plotting to take down Ryker, even when it seems all is lost. In the next book will Allegra’s dreams come into play?

Allegra’s role is much more mysterious in the next book. She’ll be a fairly different character from this one. In fact, for the second book “Awake the Ghosts” we’ll be focusing on brand new characters though there will be some surprise appearances. But that’s all hush, hush for now.


You and I share a love for Marvel Comics. Let’s have a little fun with that and mesh your book and Marvel together. A challenge. 300 words or less. The possible scenarios are endless, so I will not make you spend the next two days coming up with the best match up. Unless you’d like to.

The scene: Your arena

The two people fighting to the death: Magneto & Thor

Magneto’s ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy and magnetism & Thor’s magical Odinforce powers are intact

The crowd is rooting for Thor

The powers that be (Ryker and his guards) want Magneto to win. What the crowd and Thor don’t know is that hidden in the stone walls are hundreds of tiny pieces of metal. A total Ryker move, that bastard!

A request, for swooning purposes: Please make Thor shirtless  😉


*Rubs hands together while wearing a big, dumb-ass smile.

What will L.W. do with the hammer of Mjolnir? Will Magneto’s powers work on it?*


HEY! How did that get there? Damn add media button… (Oh God, yum!)


L.W. Patrick’s Thor vs. Magneto

The topless Thor basically grabs his hammer and shouts out something along the lines of “by the power of Odin’s beard, thou wickedness shall be slain by the might of Mjolnir” to which Magneto looks at him with disdain, clearly uncomfortable staring at Thor’s oversized pecs. Wanting to end the fight quickly, Magneto uses the shards of metal in the wall and hurls them at Thor all at once. However they bounce off the thunder god’s chest like cheetos being hurled at a pink cement wall with nipples. Thor laughs and summons a storm cloud over Magneto, striking him over and over again with lightning admist the rain. Magneto suddenly wishes he wasn’t wearing that metallic helmet of his because his head has basically become a lightning rod.

In one last effort, he tries to pull the hammer out of Thor’s hand with his magnetic powers, but realizes he can’t because, well, he’s not worthy of it. In one epic swing, Thor knocks Magneto out of the Arena like a steroid fueled Barry Bonds before turning his attention on Ryker, grin on his face and sweat bearing down his broad chest and washboard abs.

And that’s the end of that chapter….

*** Impressive, L.W. You even worked baseball into it. ***


I have to talk about She Dreams of Lonely Stars! I liked all six of the short stories, but The Universe Inside Me is the one I cannot get out of my head. Your imagination is incredible! Do you have any plans to write a sci-fi novel in the future?


Actually I was thinking of expanding one of the flash fiction stories into a full length novel at some point in the near future. I’ve never been a ‘hard science fiction’ type of guy, but I love sci fi stories with reality grounded in them. I’m not going to lie; I love the bubble boy character and think a whole novel from his perspective would be unique and fresh, especially against the backdrop of some cataclysmic event. I’ve got a lot of people telling me that they wished my “Last Temptation of Snow White” story was longer too. Not very sci-fi but I guess fairy tales are still fairly popular.

Describe for us a day in the life of L.W. Patricks

I wake up in the morning, stare at the mirror and beat my chest while shouting out quotes from the 90s sitcom “Perfect Strangers.” After that I eat a bowl of protein before leaping out the window to fight crime in all its terrible forms as the “Inconceivable Captain Insane.” After I’m done, I go home and do all my chores very badly so that Mrs. L.W. Patricks decides to never ask me to do them again, (TIME OUT! You just lost some bonus points! Boooooo) thus freeing me to write for a good hour or two before relaxing  with either a good book or some movie on Netflicks (luckily Mrs. Patricks has the same tastes I do). Oh and on Tuesdays, I play Dodgeball where only the strong survive (and by strong I mean the one who can catch balls like it’s their business).

Besides preparing for the release of Shadow of Wrath and working on the series, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Despite sounding like a mental patient in my answer above, I’m fairly a friendly individual who loves talking to people. Email me any time at LWPATRICSK (at) GMAIL.COM and I’ll always try to respond. I also love hearing from my readers and I’m grateful to each and every one of you who buy my book (40% off the first week) and I promise to give you only my best, because you’re all worth it!

From the brain of a Word Samurai!

L.W. Patricks

Thanks L.W. for stopping by and sharing Shadow of Wrath with us!!

In case anyone missed that — 40% the first week

Everyone, I cannot WAIT! for you to read this book so we can discuss the twist (I emailed Mr. L.W. using my shouty caps over the twist I didn’t see coming). Also, I cried (both sad and happy tears) over this ending. I want so badly to tell you why. But I can’t.


Want to stalk L.W.?





13 thoughts on “Interview with Author L.W. Patricks

  1. Awesome interview. Mr. L.W. is all kinds of awesome. I loved the challenge story; very funny and creative. I also loved “Last Temptation of Snow White” who wouldn’t love Snow White whoring it up in a bar. This interview definitely sparked my interest in “Shadow of Wrath”. Thanks Gabi and thanks Mr. L.W.

    • Thanks Kristin! I’m glad you liked the Last Temptation of Snow. I was considering writing a book about emotionally damaged fairy tale characters…but I don’t know if the entire genre has been beat over the head enough =P. I do hope you check out Shadow of Wrath, and let me know what you think (hopefully you like it)

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  4. Awesome interview! And I just finished The Complete Shadow of Wrath….and holy crap, L.W. Patricks! Amazing writing! What a dark place that these characters have to survive…in different ways. And the TWO Epilogues …wow! I loved Dog…along with Ty and Allegra and I cried so much towards the end. Well done!

    • Whoot! Thanks, obviously I knew this interview would be fun to do since L.W. is so damn funny!

      The book– How about Ty completely losing his sh*t!!?? I’m reading it like I’m watching a pay per view fight (not that I watch those often, but when I do I’m throwing air punches).
      I cried too ESPECIALLY when that “lady” read the paper and saw the picture of the moon. That was such a good wrap up for me. I needed that for Dog.

      So glad you liked it! Will you jump on Amazon and leave a review? He is also on Goodreads. Thanks, Chrissy!! New authors need all the love they can get. 🙂

      • I posted my review last night! 🙂
        Ty broke my heart! I wished Allegra could have talked him down a little–but his rage was too much…he just took a flying leap off the deepend!
        And the Epilogues…OMG–Daniel! And the woman–I cried too at her realization! And Allegra’s sacrifice that makes her so much stronger!
        I can’t wait til his next book comes out!

      • Her realization eased the sting I felt for Dog’s empty life before Allegra though. ONCE there were people who cared and remembered the boy he was before all that ugly.
        I need closure with Ty and his sister. I need to know what happens there. I hope she is still alive. That damn Ryker!!!!

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