A Fight to the Death Fanfiction Contest



Recently I did an interview with author L.W. Patricks

His novel, Shadow of Wrath was released yesterday!


In the interview I asked L.W. to write a very short story involving the arena in his book and two popular fictional characters, Thor & Magneto, in a fight to the death.

His story was hilarious!

And guess what? He offered a free ebook of Shadow of Wrath for a contest!!

Yay us!


Amy Bartol also offered a free SIGNED copy of any one of the Premonition series books!!!


SO, my friends let’s have ourselves a contest! A fight to the death contest!

We won’t be killing each other for a free copy


Hell yea!

In Shadow of Wrath– Ryker, who is one of the biggest fictional jerk villains ever, makes boys fight to the death in a stone wall arena he created. Dog is forced to kill or be killed (yes, it very much reminded me of Hunger Games). Ryker watches from his balcony with his slave, Allegra at his side.

So here are the rules

Any two characters from any two books must fight to the death in an arena. Like a gladiator. Not cool with writing a death scene? No worries, my stories don’t end in death either. 🙂

Please give a shout out to the authors of these books!!

It can be as short as you want or up to 1,000 words!

Is your favorite an alien? Warrior? Fallen Angel? Zombie? Vampire? Shadow Hunter? Undead *cough* (Brennus) Or just a regular guy?

If they have special powers– cool.

*Gabi, I’m not a writer! And why do we have to work so hard for free stuff on your blog!!??*

This is going to be fun!

We will call it fanfiction

Don’t worry about not being a writer either. It can be as simple as :


Jude from Crash by Nicole Williams & Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Travis and Jude stare one another down in a fight to the death. Jude takes a swing and Travis blocks it, delivering an elbow to the temple. The crowd is shocked that Jude went down with one hit. He’s out cold. The crowd doesn’t know that Travis fights every weekend. They are demanding Travis finish the job, but he refuses.



Daemon Black from the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout  & Brennus from The premonition Series by Amy Bartol

(oh yeah!)

Evie and Katy stand side by side on a balcony overlooking the arena and a crowd of thousands cheering for Daemon and for Brennus.

Evie, who was subjected to more of Brennus’ bites and given a back-up control spell for good measure, loves Brennus and is terrified. She knows that the totally hot guy standing ten feet from her man is no mortal. Not because of his unbelievable abs and sexy hair — no! Daemon is an alien who’s strength and powers rival Reed, a power angel, who somehow made his way into this story due to his hotness and tile cracking skills.

Evie jumps as a gun is fired signaling the start of the fight to the death. Her crimson wings expand with a snap, and she growls at Daemon who has taken on his alien form of near blinding white light.

Brennus is as prepared as always with a small bag of Onyx dust he hid up his sleeve. He throws the bag at Daemon. A cheap shot. And dammit, will anyone ever kick this guy’s ass? He laughs as he does that evil villain slow walk thing, and stands over Daemon’s writhering  body.

Katy, who was infected with alien cooties and knows what Daemon looks like naked, lifts her hands holding blue fire balls. She whips them at Brennus– striking him on the side of his not so shimmering vampire face and knocking him to the ground.

Evie gets right up in Katy’s personal space. “Really, bitch? You wanna go there?”

Katy slaps Evie across the face. It would have hurt a human, but not an angel.

 *Click* Brennus’ fangs engage. “No one puts Evie in a corner! Or smacks her around, that’s my job. She’s moin!”

Evie, who wasn’t actually in a corner, instantly regrets the cat fight she started as Katy’s eyes start glowing and her feet rise off the floor.

“Ah, Brennus?” Evie says while backing up, and is now in a real corner. But this isn’t Dirty Dancing and Katy one pissed off infected girl.

Brennus leaps the three stories and takes Evie into his arms. He flips open the top to his knock-off Green Lantern ring and they are gone. Sucked into a portal.

Dozens of female fans of the Lux series are in the crowd and take action. Most are moms and well equipped to handle any kind of injury. They pour water over Daemon’s bare skin from bottles and back-up sippy cups found at the bottom of oversized mom purses.  A few have anti-bacterial wipes and take their time. One woman has a brilliant idea and suggests the Onyx might have gotten through his…. pants. They strip him down.

Katy jumps down to Daemon’s side.

“I’m sorry over what happened on the mountain Katy. I didn’t have a choice.”

“Blake!” Katy whisper-shouts.

A few of the ladies hear Katy and word spreads quicker than hot gossip that Blake is there. Katy turns away from Daemon and faces the man-boy responsible for the endless torture she endured. He smiles at Katy and runs a hand through his hair. A few women gasp and/or sigh.

Katy rolls her eyes. “I should have known you’d be here, stalker!” She looks over her shoulder, “Don’t let his surfer boy good looks and rock hard body fool you ladies!”

A small group of the women step forward, “Katy, my name is Kristin. These are my friends, Chrissy, Vilma, Simone, and Melanie. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’ve got your back, let’s do this!”

Katy nods and rises from the ground, electric energy running down her arms, eyes glowing. She is flanked on both sides by angry, glaring soccer moms, lonely housewives and twenty-somethings– all of whom want nothing more than to be infected by Daemon….. I mean see Blake dead.

Blake will be given no more chances.

Just then the metal gates to the arena bust open. Reed, Russel, and Zee storm into the arena. They stand, scanning the crowd for Evie, in all their shirtless, rippling muscle glory and twitching wings!

Three women faint.

Caitlin and Christina step away from Daemon– awestruck, yet smirking.

Brennus will live another day.


See how I didn’t take that seriously at all????

Have fun with this! And to make it fair — Every person who enters this contest will have an equal chance. Meaning, if you enter, your name will go into a hat and I will pick from the hat.

Post your twosome in the comments OR link it back to your own blog OR Facebook page.

Contest starts NOW and will end on Thursday, March 21th at 11:59pm.

GOOD LUCK & much love!!!!

71 thoughts on “A Fight to the Death Fanfiction Contest

  1. Ha! There are so many things I love about this post. The why do you make it so hard to win things phrase hehehe. But I love it, it’s a fun way to connect too 🙂 And thanks for putting me in the story.

    It’s like Cristina and I KNEW that the angels would be there 🙂

  2. My fan fiction challenge story is based on characters from the Premonition Series created by Amy A. Bartol.

    It was an unusually warm day in Chicago, Illinois. I could feel the tension in the air at the United Center; it felt like a game seven in the Stanley Cup finals as the crowd anxiously awaited the epic battle that was minutes from starting. But there would be no hockey in this arena today. No, today there would be a different battle, a battle to the death between Reed and Zephyr. The crowd was growing restless as “Chelsea Dagger” played loudly in the background and “Welcome to the Madhouse” glowed in vivid red on the marquee. The minutes dragged on as I nervously waited for the event in which the outcome would change my life in a profound way to begin. A challenge had been issued; a challenge had been accepted. The two most beautifully sexy power angels were fighting to the death over yours truly, Kristin. And the winner would have my heart for eternity. The music stopped as the lights dimmed. The crowd fell silent. This was it. Go time.

    The challenger, Zephyr appears first. He’s dressed in low slung track pants. He runs a hand through his thick, brown hair; ice blue eyes burning with rage and pure hatred as he stares across the arena. His chiseled chest heaves as he raises his voice “I challenge you, Reed Wellington to a fight to the death for the heart of the goddess Kristin.”

    Reed appears from out of the shadows. He’s wearing faded jeans that hung dangerously low to show off the perfect deep v of his sculpted abs. His fists clench at his sides. He lifts his head, hands slowly raising outward, his green eyes lock on Zephyr’s. The corner of his mouth turns up in a cocky smirk and says “show me what you’ve got”. And, as if on cue, Powerman 5000’s “Show Me What You’ve Got” signals the start of the fight and ignites the arena in thunderous cheers.

    Wings snap open. Fists clench, arms raise in the battle stance as they circle each other. Then in a blur they both move at the same time. They’re moving so fast all I can see is charcoal and brown wings fluttering. Fists fly at lightning speed. The sound of flesh hitting flesh is barely heard over the thunderous crowd. Reed manages to throw Zephyr as he skitters across the floor. Enraged, Zephyr charged at Reed with malice in his eyes. He drives his shoulder into Reed’s chest and crushes him into the wall. The crowd pounds on the glass, encouraging the fight to continue. Zephyr draws his fist back but before he can make contact, Reed grabs his fist and twists his arm painfully behind him. He drives his foot into Zephyr’s back as he releases the death grip on his arm. The crowd roars with approval as Zephyr turns to charge at Reed again but Reed is already on him as they twist and turn in the air landing deadly punches and kicks. The echo of the crowd vibrates in the air.

    I take my eyes off the fight and scan the crowd slowly. A small smile forms on my face when I spot my target leaning casually on the railing in the shadows of the upper deck. His eyes locked on the battle in front of him he doesn’t see me rise from my seat and slowly make my way toward him. He takes a sip of his beer as he gleefully watches the carnage in front of him. Perfect.

    I finally reach my destination and smile warmly as he crushes the empty cup and drops it to the floor.


    He turns to me and an arrogant smile tugs at his lips. “Ah, lovely Kristin, have you finally come to your senses and decided angels don’t do it for you anymore?”

    “Hardly” I snicker. “But I am wondering what you’re doing here, has Evie come to her senses and realized what a deranged psychopath you are?”

    Brennus laughs, “I just couldn’t resist watching two angels fight to the death.”

    I smirk at him confidently. “Yes, I counted on that” I reply as I reach into my coat pocket and pull out the dagger he gave Evie.

    Brennus narrows his eyes “Where did you get that?”

    “Oh don’t worry, I’m just borrowing it. Evie can have it back after I’ve gutted you with it. ”

    Brennus laughs. “A dagger cannot kill me, have you forgotten I’m immortal….impervious to a mere dagger?” he says with a dismissive wave of his hand.

    With a sly smile I reply “that’s where you’re wrong Brennus.” I drive the dagger into his heart and twist it ruthlessly like a woman scorned. “That beer you just drank was a special brew laced with a potion to make you mortal. Do you hear that thumping sound? It’s the sound of your heart beating.”

    “But how…..?”

    “What, how did a simple reader manage the impossible? You made a grave mistake, Brennus; you underestimated the devotion of a fan girl to her favorite character. I did have a little help from a Warlock maybe you’ve heard of him. Magnus Bane was very helpful.”

    Brennus, looking even paler than before at the mention of the High Warlock’s name, looked down at the blood seeping from the wound in his chest. The arrogant smile fading from his lips as the realization of his fate sets in.

    “I warned you Brennus, that touching Reed would have me rooting for your demise and torture counts as touching. But I decided to take a more active, hands-on approach to insure your demise and luckily enough, the beer vendor is a Premonition Series fan who also loathes you. He jumped at the chance to sell you the enchanted beer.”

    With a victorious sneer I pulled the dagger from his chest. My parting words as he bled out “TEAM REED”. I winked at him knowing those were the last words he’d hear and I pushed him over the railing. With a satisfied smile I made my way to the arena floor.

    Reed and Zephyr stilled mid-fight and the crowd fell silent as Brennus’ lifeless body hit the arena floor with a sickening thud. The crowd roared to life in celebration of Brennus’s death. Reed and Zephyr embraced with triumphant smiles on their faces.

    I made my way to my angels and smiled warmly at them. “I told you it would work; you don’t mess with Team Reed”. Reed smiled, his green eyes gleaming at me as I linked my right arm with his left.

    Zephyr laughed as I linked my left arm in his right and he leaned in and whispered “I think he got the message.”

    We all laughed. I tilted my head back towards Brennus, “what should we do with do with him? We can’t just leave him there, eventually he’ll start to rot and there’s a hockey game tomorrow.”

    Reed and Zephyr looked at each other, amusement flickering in their eyes as they said in unison “feed him to the werewolves.”

    Suddenly, hungry pack of werewolves made their way to the disjointed corpse on the floor and feasted on his remains.

    Arm in arm Reed, Zephyr and I walked out of the Madhouse to celebrate the success of our perfectly executed plan and bask in the glory of our victory as Queen’s “We Are The Champions” blasts throughout the arena.

    *Magnus Bane, from The Mortal Instruments Series was created by Cassandra Clare.

    • Oh. My. God!! KReed!! ( I mean Goddess Kristin) 😉 I love this! What a twist! Brennus turned by a potion created by Magnus Bane! Reed & Zee in on the plan from the beginning….
      Team REED!

      • OMG!!! I heart you so hard, if i didnt want to win so bad i’d be rooting for you. Brilliant and Magnus ❤ nice touch!!! YAY team Reed

      • Whoot! Whoot! I think someone needs to have Seth (Covenant) and Xavier (Premonition). Xavier dies in a bloody, humiliating way. And it’s totally out of character — but maybe he begs Seth for his life. Tau swoops in– and he dies too. Someone please make this happen.

    • While I am a *tinsy* bit upset you killed my beloved Brennus, this totally made my night!!! I loved it so much! Bravo Kristin Bravo!!

      “never underestimate the devotion of a fangirl” Truth.

    • Now that was refreshing and endearing. Brennus needs to be punished for all the hurt he inflicted into our Angel’s world.

    • Kristen…THAT WAS AWESOME!! I love the twist…and killing Brennus was genius! I about lost it when it started off as Our Reed and Zee–but I figured you had something planned ’cause ya love them both too much! Brilliant!

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  5. Gabi…love this post! Fantastic! You have a deviously brilliant mind! I will post something soon—really have to think!! You’re awesome!

  6. Enjoy!!!

    I looked at the sky filled with clouds that had a swirled mosaic of varying shades of gray. The moon a backlit of light peaking through the dark clouds. The leaves behind me shuffled, causing me to turn. I knowing who was behind me and that from that point, nothing would be the same.
    My beautiful stoic Aiden St. Delphi stood there, basking in the moonlight with his immense good looks. I sighed with the knowledge that this man was mine, and mine alone. At least for now. Here I was about to send my love into an arena he might not come out of. But it had to be done. I was only doing what I could for my brave friend Evie, knowing that with eliminating one of the many men which were vying for her love, she could more easily find her true love. I had no problems with Brennus so I left him alone but it was Xavier I had no trust for. He might be gorgeous with his angel ways but I wasn’t buying it and who best to take out an angel than my own pure blood Aiden.
    Aiden walked over to after a split second of staring deep into the dark. I knew this wasn’t easy for him but I also knew that his heart ran so deep. With his sense of duty, he would come through not only for me, his beloved, but for my friend as well. He grabbed my arms and gazed deeply into my warm brown eyes. I felt like I could see into him, see into his kind soul that was full of hot passion. He kissed me on the forehead, knowing that it was a kiss of a reassurance and then kissed me fully on the lips, a kiss full of passion. I could sense his urgency in this kiss, the kiss of the unknown. He finally raised his head, leaving me breathless.
    Without a word he grabbed my hand as we walked down into the arena. It was an arena with the ceiling only being the chilled star-filled sky. The seats were made of stone from centuries before that held stories of the past, and the contenders, two powerful men with only one leaving. I was shaken to the core with what the outcome would be but as soon as Evie sat down next to me and grabbed my hand I knew it would be OK.
    I watched as the men circled around each other. Xavier oozed confidence, with his wings outstretched such as a predator about to pounce. Aiden was a bit more subdued but I knew the power behind him. He was carefully calculating the situation and taking in his years of training I knew he had the upper hand. Xavier pounced first but Aiden hit the floor and rolled to the right. Xavier growled with frustration and Aiden took the ample moment to jump up from the ground and swiftly attack Xavier. From there it was only a blur of wings and hard muscle as the two battled it out. My heart raced as I watched these two men battle to the death. It was only a few minutes later, though it seemed like years, that Aiden had Xavier pinned. I knew what would come next, the killing blow.
    But there was hesitation from Aiden and as I looked closer it seemed that Xavier was trying to tell Aiden something. Then, suddenly, Xaiver pushed Aiden off and Xaiver flew into the sky not looking back. I was stunned. My mouth hung open to the scene I had just witnessed. Aiden looked up to me with a sadden look. I was so confused. I rushed down the steps into the arena and grabbed Aiden as he sat on the ground.
    “What happened!” I almost screamed. Aiden just sighed and looked up to me but then adverted his eyes farther behind me to Evie. “I am sorry” was what he told her with heavy eyes. He looked down to me and explained, “Xavier said that this was not my fight to battle and I had two options. I could let him go, let him fight his battle for you Evie or I could kill him. But if I killed him he wouldn’t ever really die and he would make sure that I did.”
    At his words sunk in, I gazed down to the ground. He grabbed my chin and lifted my head to look straight into his eyes. “I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t leave you, my beloved. my life belongs to you and I would never want to hurt you.” Aiden explained.
    And at that moment I understood that Evie had to deal with this on her own, it wouldn’t be easy but I couldn’t risk losing Aiden. Evie understood and thanked us for trying. As she turned and walked away I launched myself into Aiden’s arms as we sat on the dirt-ridden floor. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was, trying to send him to the death to fight a battle for another woman. He held me in my arms and gave me sweet kisses on my neck, my cheeks and finally on my lips. Aiden was mine and he had already fought his battle for me. No need for him to fight others. I just only hoped that one day Evie could be as happy as I with my loving Aiden St. Delphi.

  7. Ok…so I completely hope Amy Bartol doesn’t hate me for totally messing with her characters from TPS! I initially wanted to incorporate both TPS and Covenant characters in huge battle royale…but chose to stick with just TPS…so here goes nothing….

    What a world of chaos that has been laid out for all. The destruction that one individual has created is almost too much for words. This place he has built in order to show his love for Evie just shows what a sick SOB Brennus really is. After leveling his castle in Ireland, he made it into a pit of doom for his enjoyment…as well as for the rest of his Gancangh army as a celebration. Brennus and his army had captured many of Evie’s army as well as Tau’s. So, as a celebration for the return of his love, Evie, he declared that Reed would have to fight Tau to the death. He did not want to prolong this match so that his beloved could start her life with him without reservations.
    He had all but ensured Tau’s victory by again touching Reed’s arm earlier that day to put him under his influence. He had ordered Reed to not fight Tau. He knew that Evie would be upset with losing her Angel, but he would make sure she forgot about him soon enough.
    In the match that preceded this one, Evie was forced to watch Zephyr and Xavier. She felt like she would be physically ill thinking that she would lose Zee to a traitorous bastard like Xavier. Both had snapped their wings as the fight started. She had a hard time watching, not just because she feared for Zee, but because they began to move so fast. The whirlwind had slowed as she saw Zee tear the wings off of Xavier. Zee then reached down to tear his head off ensuring he would not make it back to Heaven…especially for what he did to Buns and Evie on that castle. Zee looked up to the sky and said, “Justice has been served.”
    Evie was shocked to see Reed walk into the pit followed by Tau. She could see that there was something wrong with Reed and tried to hold back her tears. She wished she could go down and touch his face to figure out what was wrong. Evie looked to her right give a pleading look to Molly and Finn, but found them deep in a whispered conversation. When she looked back at the horror below, Brennus signals for the start of the fight. She could do nothing but watch as Tau circled Reed whole stayed still. With a snap of his wings, Tau attacks.
    Then what played out seemed to happen in slow motion. Evie saw Finn come behind her to say something to Brennus just as a group of six Prostat Power Angels lead by Preben attack Tau. They made quick work of him by violently severing his wings and then killing him. To her left she heard Brennus say, “Why?” to his brother. In greater inspection, Evie that Finn had violently ripped Brennus’ wings and stabbed him in the heart. Brennus falls to the ground with fear in his
    eyes and dies. Finn turns to Evie and says, “Go get Reed. This is finished. I promise you that the Gancangh will no longer be your enemy. Things are about to change.” At those words, Evie flys down and touched Reed’s face and whispers, “Doubt that the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth be a liar;” Reed blinks his eyes and looks at her finishing the quote, “But never fount that I love;

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  9. With the release of A clockwork princess by Cassandra Claire, it made the ever hard decision much easier. As tempting as Gabi made Seth and Xavier to cause bodily harm too (and oh how I’d love to cause some permanent damage to Seth grrrr) I thought something different would be nice  but I might write that one too.

    “Is everything ready?”
    “Yes, all is set and no one will be any the wiser.”
    “You’re truly fabulous and I own you greatly.”
    “Yes, yes you do. I will collect at a later date, be sure of that.”
    With those ominous words he vanished, leaving me just a little rattled. A quick glance at the time tells me I have 15 minutes, no time to dwell. I race of to the arena where the crowd awaits, anticipation running through my veins already as i walk through the heavy wooden doors into the pit. Walking past the extensive weaponry on the way to the centre, my fingers reaching out of their own accord to trail over the seraph blades, the power radiating into my fingertips making them tingle. I take a deep breath and silently pray I don’t mumble my words as i address the crowd.
    “Welcome one and all to The Arena,” I pause while all heads turn and look down in my direction. “I have gathered you all here tonight to see the final battle, not of words as Cassandra would have it but of blades, if they so choose.” The crowd mumbles in confusion. I point to a very anxious Tessa waiting by a grinning Gabi in the royal box. “My dear Tessa here has a predicament, we fellow fangirls would die to be in, the love of two dreamy boys. We shan’t be doing the dying but alas one of our boys will be.” The crowd gasps and Tessa visibly shudders as Will and Jem walk into the pit to stand on either side of me. Both dressed in their black hunting gear. I couldn’t help but wish they were shirtless, Will seeming to notice my disappointment, shoots me his infamous Lucifer grin and leans forward to whisper in my ear,
    “I can’t have all my fans fainting before the real fun begins, now can I.” As my cheeks began to warm ever so slightly from he’s nearness I turned back to finish addressing the now bewildered crowd. “Both of these beautiful boys, ouch, Will? Oh right, I mean men, are madly, desperately and passionately in love with Tessa. Tessa refuses to make a REAL choice, yes, yes I know because you care for them both deeply, leaving me no other choice but to help. The pit requires its blood and the two of you need an outcome better than the current. The challenge has been set, to the death you both shall fight, winner taking Tessa’s undying love. If you both accept the challenge you may each pick a weapon of your choosing and fight for the women you love. Parabatai means nothing in here, forget everything else, for once you pick up your weapon, its game on.”
    “And what if our choice is not to fight?” Jem, always the peace maker.
    “Then you both walk away, intact but without Tessa. Those were the rules I stipulated before you both walked into the pit, if you chose to let her go and not fight then I’m afraid neither of you deserve her, whether she deserves either of you is not for me to say. Enough now, you have 5 minutes till the count of midnight, when the clock strikes, pick up your weapon and fight or you will die. Good luck both of you and shall the odds be ever in your favour.” I walk off giggling at my hunger games quote, oh I really am a sad woman. I reach the wall to the crowd where two of my favourite angels happen to be seated, awaiting the battle to see what all the fuss is about shadowhunters.
    “Would you boys mind giving me a helping hand up?”
    Reed and Zee both smiled warmly at me as they reached down to grab one of my out stretched hands, pulling me up and out of the pit into the stands effortlessly. Swaying on my feet as I land awestruck, I stumble into Reed, hands landing on his ridiculously hard pecks, my mouth falling agape at the feel. It’s not till I hear a growl from a not too pleased Evie, that I realise my hands are still feeling up Reed, once again of their own accord. I blush profusely as Reeds laughs, apologising I make my way elegantly (I wish) over the seats to my seat behind next to a rather green and giggling Gabi, whispers in my ear as I struggle to regain my equilibrium.
    “Do you think he’d mind terribly if I happened to get too excited and fell on top of him? It could happen… on purpose.”
    We get some very evil glares coming our way from Tessa who would like to point out, “This is no laughing matter, one or both of them are going to get hurt. Couldn’t you wait to read the book to find the outcome?”
    “No!” We both said.
    “Shhh! It’s about to strike midnight.” I notice looking at the timer in the pit.
    Jem has his eyes trained on the timer, while Will is perusing the weapons table, running his hands back and forth over them. Picking up the fencing sabre, he runs his hand up and down the blade, turning to Jem.
    “What do you think, a duel sounds rather fitting to me.” He says, tossing a sabre to Jem, catching it in his right hand, swinging the blade back and forth.
    “How very european of you, William, “ The sound of the clock striking midnight starting Jem.
    “En garde?”
    “En garde!” Jem slowly walking backwards into the centre of the pit.
    They take the correct stance, one foot behind the other and Jem signals Will to attack. Will lunges forward and swipes low towards Jem’s calf. Jem twists to his left missing the blades full impact as it tears the fabric, continuing another 180 spin, he swipes to Wills shoulder but Will anticipated the move and had his sword coming up to block the blade. The loud clash of metal ringing through the pin droppingly silent audience starts as the back and forth parry truly begins. Showing of their years of training, jumping low swings, twisting and turning to miss the blades they are both evenly matched, no one really having the upper hand. I did worry, only slightly that Jem will tire and Will, will have the unfair advantage but that doesn’t seem to be the case but as Will looks to be showing off with his acrobatic moves, jem seems to be gaining foot. Jem leading Will back into the wall, he turns, runs up the stone wall, blowing a kiss and winking at Tessa (clearly it wasn’t meant for me), gaining momentum he flips around to come crash back down with blade pointing directly above Jem. But Jem was all too ready for the theatrics of Will, having fought side by side for years, he twists off to the left as Wills momentum brings him down hard and fast. Having to recover quickly he tries to swing the blade to the left to follow Jem but Jem has come full circle around Will to swing his blade, slicing right across his back. An Audible gasp sounds through the crowd as Will ducks and rolls out of Jems reach to stand in front of him. Breathing hard, he looks even more serious and deadly. He slides to his right, kicking up the sandy floor making dust clouds with his feet he vanishes from view. Threres a sickening tearing of flesh sound as both boys reappear, Jem clutching his torn thigh and Will holding a bloody sabre.
    “Dirty trick my friend, were you that fluster I got first blood?”
    “Not at all, the dust clouds were merely product of movement and I took advantage like any other hunter would.” Will retorted
    Play time over, they both lung at each other, blades crashing at a fevering pitch. Jem ducks what looked like it could have been a fatal to his voice box, rolling off to the left, he regains his full height only to fall down to his knees clutching at his chest. Both Tessa and I jump to our feet gasping. Will looks up at Tessa, face stricken, dropping his sabre running to Jem as he falls backwards.
    “Jem, Jem!!!!” Will shouts as jem lays gasping for breath.
    I enlist the help of my angel boys to drop tess, and I down into the pit, running towards the boys I see there is no blood seeping out of Jems hands.
    “I don’t understand, I didn’t do this.”
    “Oh god, he’s having a heart attack! Magnus!” I scream looking into the crowd to find the familiar face I knew would be there but before I can find it he appears right infront of me.
    “I cannot help with this, it was not covered by the spells I put on the arena.” He states matter of factly.
    “What do you mean? They were supposed to feel no pain, you spelled the weapons and all damage was to repair itself once they left the arena, as if this never happened?”
    “Yes, that is the case but this is not damage of Will’s doing. No weapon caused this illness, James had this before he entered the arena.”
    “Oh jem…” Tessa sobs over his chests
    “Jem, you cannot leave me, I will have no…”
    “You… *gasp* have… *gasp* Tessa, as it should be.” Jem manages between shorten breaths.
    I stand back, as tears silently roll down my cheeks and Tessa and Will on either side hold Jems hands.
    “I have *gasps* loved you *gasps* both and wish *gasps* you only happiness *gasps* together…” as he takes his final breath.
    “Nooooo….” Tessa screams out and collapses onto Jems chest as Will says the final goodbye of the shadow hunters
    “The show is over my friend, lets leave these two to their pain and clear the crowds.” As magnus ushers me over to the doors. “Now about that debt….”

    Will, Jem, Magnus, Tessa all credited to Cassandra Clare from The infernal devices
    Reed and Zee credited to Amy a bartol from the Premonition series

    Gabi and myself credited to ourselves from the interwebs 😛

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  12. OMG!!!! Thanks for the link Gabi, YOU MADE MY MORNING!!! I haven’t laughed so hard reading about Breenus! Ahhhh. Brilliant. I can’t believe I missed this contest, I would have loved to get a crack at it! (I would have Breenus kick Edward’s skeletal shinny ass just for S and Gs.) Lol.
    Ps: I got to read about this other dude that has women sharing their antibacterial stash!

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