Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess is out tomorrow!!!


In Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series Tessa, Will and Jem’s story continues.

Here are a few things that have gone down so far…


Tessa loves Will.

Tessa is 1/2 warlock (downworlder). Will is a Shadow Hunter.

Shadow Hunters cannot ever marry a downworlder.

Do you all remember that awful day on the roof?

Turns out Tessa is part Shadow Hunter! Thank God!

Will is just using that as an excuse because he believes he is cursed. Anyone who loves him will die.





Hold up….



When Will walks through the doors of the library, looking happier than Tessa had ever seen him, we knew why!


Then Tessa drops the bomb. Jem asked her to marry him and she said yes.

I don’t know about any of you– but I cried for Will. Jem is his best friend, and may possibly die in the near future.

He won’t fight for his girl.


Tessa said yes to Jem because Will pushed her away!

I am one part scared Jem will die.

The other part of me is praying Jem steps aside, otherwise I might have to start wishing for his death.





Who has read Infernal Devices?

Is Tessa really a warlock? She doesn’t have a demon mark.

What will Tessa do now?


23 thoughts on “Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

  1. Win-win scenario: Tessa marries Jem, Jem bites the dust, Tessa cries for a few chapters, Will mourns with her, Will makes his move like the sly dog he is, they live happily ever after! Jem lovers get their wedding, Will lovers get their HEA.

  2. Team Will all the way baby!! I love Jem’s character and i feeeel for him, but when she was kissing him and all that in his room i was just screaming in my head this is so wrong!! You should be doing this with will!!!! BUT a small part of me is like, well at least Jem is happy before he dies :/
    On a side note i’m totally freaking, i have no idea what is going to go down. I ❤ Cassandra Claire books so much! aaaand only 3 books booo-friggen-hooo 😦

    • She was pity-kissing sickly Jem!! And if that powder hadn’t flipped on the floor?? It would have been a pity something–something–else.

      Magnus is there for a reason… and it better involve a cure. OR Will find one. If Jem lives, he needs to walk in on Tessa and Will (who are unable to control their intense feelings)

      • he cant walk in on them!!!! That would be to cruel and crush his gentle hard. I have it in my possesion and… i’m scared to read. I’ll reread the last few chapters… work my way into it. lol

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  4. I really have to check out these books. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them! I keep grabbing really long books to read and they take me a couple of weeks lol…thus pushing everything else to the back burner.

    • I have a soft spot for Gideon and maybe a bit for Gabriel too. And honestly, I just dont feel the love between Tessa and Jem I think it is awkward and forced

      (huh is this what you all feel about Brennus and Evie?!?!? NAH JK they are perfect 😉

      • LMAO! Maybe if JEM smacked her around and tried to kill her loved ones, then yeah– It would compare to Brennus.
        I like Gideon, but Gabriel is already going behind his brother’s back. AGAIN!

      • i agree!! She just think she is IN love with jem, its not the same and it frustrates me so mjuch 😦 all she can think about is will….sigh *runs back to book*

        Gabriel is just so… so… Freddy 😛 and I totally get the bugger everyone else off… i like how its dragging…. i dont want it to end… but i do wish tessa and will could hurry up and be together

    • I finished this morning! That is one of the best wrap ups for a series that I have read!! The first half dragged. Might have been my impatience though?

      That letter Will wrote Tessa in the copy of A Tale of Two Cities!! *tears*
      I wonder if a certain TWO people will be in the next Mortal Instruments book?? EEEEE!!!

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