Crush by Nicole Williams Released Today!




CRUSH by Nicole Williams is out TODAY, April 23rd!!  Last book in the Crash trilogy.

*bittersweet sigh*

I can’t stand the idea that their story will end with this book, but also can’t wait to read Crush.

Folks, if you have not read this series… do yourself a favor and pick up Crash (book #1 only $3.79 Kindle on Amazon!)

Things I shouted, thought or text to friends while reading this series

Holy shit, that’s hot.

Really? Really? You’re just going to walk away?

Oh my god! Lucy… you fool.

Take a hike Sawyer.

Great, now I’m crying.

If you take him back after that, I’m boycotting book #2!

I can’t believe you aren’t taking him back!



What time is it? 3am? Screw it, I have to finish.

That baby better not be Jude’s! Who is the chick?

I’d like to bitch slap Lucy’s mom.

NOOOOOO way! They’ll get passed this. They HAVE TO.

Jude, if you do that shot between the bimbo’s boobs, I’m out.

Just have sex already!

Now you’ve done it Lucy! Are you done playing games? Damnit!


6 thoughts on “Crush by Nicole Williams Released Today!

  1. I JUST finished it. OMG. I actually kind of expected the ending… I mean it’s Jude, right? Alpha of all alpha males. I’m sad it’s done, but it was an experience!!!

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