Introducing Kristin’s Kindle Book Reviews

If you have followed this blog for a while you know that I don’t do reviews. I talk about books I’ve read, ones that are coming out or an occasional interview and contest.

We are SO excited to introduce Kristin’s Kindle to you all! Kristin will be doing reviews on this blog!

Here’s a fancy logo 😉  


And this is Kristin

2013-01-09 15.44.48

She’s well read

She’s honest

She’s hilarious

We don’t always agree on what we like or don’t like, but I have taken books off my TBR if Kristin tells me she didn’t care for it.

A few things we have in common:

We share a love for books (dah) & mojitos.

Mr. Fix-it husbands who don’t actual fix anything

Daughters in 3rd grade (bitch sessions over attitudes)

Our bikini days are over

We are both from Chicago!

Kristin is FINALLY on Team Jace


A few things we don’t have in common:

Kristin is a HUGE Blackhawks fan (hockey) — I wear the jersey so I can represent, but pray no one asks me who my favorite player is.

Kristin can eat beef sandwiches and Chicago pizza whenever she wants — I cannot.

Kristin doesn’t share my love for exclamation points, dashes and shouty caps– NOT COOL!!!!

Most important– her reviews are spot on!

Oh, and in a fictional world she’s the future wife of Reed Wellington from the Premonition Series by Amy Bartol. (Evie who?)


Kristin is going to mix things up a bit. Like us, most of you have missed a release here and there. That can sometimes be a very good thing… like discovering an awesome series after the last book was released — NO WAITING! Every now and then Kristin will be doing reviews for books that have been out for a while.

Kristin is going live tonight with her first review!

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