Poetry? Yeah, Yeah Alright. Let’s Do This.

Are you into poetry?

I’ve been reading a lot of it lately and thought I’d share some with you.

This poem is by Joseph Pinto



This isn’t for you

This poem

This song

Everything and anything that’s ever come before.

Cause you haven’t been worth my breath

You haven’t been worth my time

You haven’t been worth the wait

For this pen’s ink to dry.

So to you

And to you alone

This isn’t for you

This beer

This shot

Everything and anything I’ve ever drank before.

Cause you haven’t been worth my buzz

You haven’t been worth the sickness

Or this need to die.

So to you

And to you alone

This is nothing.


Yeah… Wow. Also, I’d like to slap the bitch woman that inspired this poem. Or maybe it was a family member, or a friend that inspired such angst. I could ask Joe. But I’m not going to. I’d rather it mean to me what it does right now. Because I have felt these things, I have loved this deep. My heart has been this broken.

This poem is one of a collection posted on Pen of the Dammed. You can find Joe’s short stories there along with stories from many other talented writers.

Another poem of Joe’s I love


I‘ll take what’s left of you

And reassemble your pieces

No need for glue

No use for twine

For you’re perfect broken


Pieces long gone.

I’ll lay you across the table,

my jigsaw.

The sum of your parts

Telling a story

Filled with gaping holes

That make perfect sense

Only for me.


You can also find Joseph Pinto on




Amazon author page


Looking for something a little more sexy/less dark?

You can find this next poem and more like it at Desires in the Dark.

In Charge by Sheila Hall


Come over here.

Do you know why I have asked you to come?

I am tired of having to repeat myself to you. I am tired of your act.

All this time, I have watched you whittle away your time with frivolities.

You walk about dressed like sin incarnate, but act like a lily-white virgin when it comes time to deliver.

 Your words are dirty while your hands remain clean.

I think your motivations are as tarnished as your halo, angel.

I think the thoughts that run through your pretty little mind are filled with the darkest of fantasies.

Those shadowed corners have been lost in the darkness long enough and I am done with allowing such behavior go unaccounted for. You knew what I was, what I would do, if you pushed me too far.

Your days of roaming free and wild have come to an end. We are officially done playing by your rules.

I am in charge now, baby, and you are going to love every minute of it.


That’s just hot as hell.

She also has quite a few of these pictures with quotes


Sheila sent a poem to me a while back with a note– For your eyes only. Maybe someday she’ll let me share. 😉

Link to more amazing poetry

Rob Zimmermann: http://alifeamongthepages.wordpress.com/

11 thoughts on “Poetry? Yeah, Yeah Alright. Let’s Do This.

  1. Gabi, I am so honored that you’ve sampled some of my work on your blog! 🙂
    Poetry is something I like to do on the side; I find it frees up the creative juices when it comes time to crafting my horror fiction. I enjoy nothing more than grabbing pen, pad (some booze lol) & allowing my psyche to go off on its own.
    I’m thrilled you’ve taken a liking to my work & think enough of it to share with your own readers. It is so, so appreciated!! 🙂

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