Paranormal Week; Angels of the Premonition Series Group Therapy Session


You got ’em!

In the comments and on Twitter several of you have expressed your love for Russell, Xavier, and Reed. We are not forgetting about our angels. There is a post coming up about Reed, along with other book boyfriends from paranormal novels.

Until then, my friends, check out these character profiles from previous posts. Read the comments and know you are not alone with your obsession.

Feel free to unload all your angst and/or love in the comments below.


Wish lists?

A part in one of the books that either made you scream or you swooned so hard that you measure all other book boyfriends against Reed/Brennus/Russell/Xavier/Zee?

Or let’s just talk about our biggest issue– We need Iniquity in our hands!!

Also check out the Premonition Series Facebook page and Amy Bartol’s Pinterest pins

Vilma’s Book Blog also has some Premonition info! She is also a hard core Team Reed member and a very close friend of mine — and guess what?? WE MET BECAUSE OF THIS SERIES!

See you in the comments

Also, how is this picture for our group therapy logo??


13 thoughts on “Paranormal Week; Angels of the Premonition Series Group Therapy Session

  1. You forgot Daddy angel in your list.

    I’m sort of a closet Xavier fan. I am Team Reed…. But…. She has such a past with Xavier, how does she deny that? I am going with the theory that Russell is a non option due to Anya. I like Russell better this way. Brennus is an evil undead freak and I know he doesn’t have a shot in hell with Evie. Xavier is Reed’s only real threat. And while I’m sure Reed would dominate Xavier in a fight, I’m honest to god worried that Evie will remember and Daddy’s prediction will come true and what if she picks Xavier? WHAT IF SHE FRICKIN PICKS HIM? Could we blame her? A little. But not really. WHY does REED give her butterflies? Why does Anya give them to Russell? Is it a sign? From heaven? From Sheol? From the flying effing spaghetti monster? What if Xavier is really who she is meant for? What if loving Reed is a punishment for breaking her bond with Russell? Xavier told Evie that she volunteered for this mission so they could be together that she asked for a love of her own making. I don’t recall her specifying that it was supposed to be Xavier!

    *Deep breathe*

    I am way to emotional and pregnant to be doing this at work.

    • HOLY SHIT! Punishment for breaking her bond with Russell???? Dear GOD! I hadn’t even considered this! BUT that is a very real possibility. DAMMIT!

      *downs half a can of whipped cream* I can’t deal… I can’t.

      Evie’s choice will be Reed, it has to. The only thing I SEE happening here (as far as Evie + Reed is no more) is that Xavier & Tau (BASTARD!) threaten Reed, or make Evie all kinds of promised that her angels will be safe. From what?? I DON’T KNOW! If and ONLY if she gives up Reed.

      And why the hell is Tau pushing so hard for Evie to be with Xavier?? HUH? There must be something behind that, something that will in some way benefit Tau and his f’ed up mission.

  2. I will be reading the next book with shaking hands…. Locked in a room where no one will find me. I might tell you though gabi then you can notify anyone if I self combust or die of a broken heart 😛

    • I may need to fly across the world and we sit together reading aloud like 5 yr olds! It’ll take us days to read it… b/c we’ll have to stop. Discuss. Stop, Swoon. Stop. Scream & throw stuff.

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