Paranormal Week; Interview With A Vampire


His name is Nicholas French

and I want him to suck my blood you are about to add him to

your all-time favorite book boyfriends list!

He’s at the TOP OF MINE!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   His eyes were the warmest shade of brown, like melted dark chocolate, swirls of caramel throughout… They looked so intently into my own, I felt bare. Until I heard that voice, that rich, husky, velvet voice speaking to me, thank God to me. Wait, to me?” — Ellie

Running Home by Julie Hutchings

I am so excited to sit down with Nicholas French, Shinigami ( badass vampire) for an interview.

Nicholas French  opens the front door of his cabin and before I can swoon, the scent of baking brownies hits me. I close my eyes and take it in, repeatedly sniffing the air, wondering how it is possible that I am able to smell all his delicious… am I destined to be a Shinigami? Oh my God! Am I his next Unmei Fumestu?!?


I open my eyes and Nicholas smiles. “I’m actually baking brownies.”

“Oh, right. Of course.”


GD—Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me, Nicholas. Is Ellie here?

Nicholas — *looks around* *leans in* She’s not, but she can still hear us, if you know what I mean.

GD— You have a wonderful home here, secluded in the woods. Do you own any other homes?


Nicholas — I’m sure I’ve got something out there I’ve forgotten. I’m a better visitor. I’m in Japan a lot, but I don’t own the temple. Not in the traditional sense, only in the sense that I OWN it. *throws arm over back of chair*

Don’t check out his pecs, don’t do it! *checks out pecs*

GD—For those who don’t know what a Shinigami is, will you tell us about them?

Nicholas — What the hell, I’ve done it once. We’re the vampires you’ve never heard of, the ones who save you from yourselves. We feed on chosen humans, the unmei nashi, the ones with “no fate.” Because if we didn’t, their ends would be catastrophic, and our own wouldn’t be much better. They’re chosen for us. We do fate’s dirty work. Like a bunch of regular heroes, we are.

GD— From what I hear, you are a rare vampire with special gifts. *looks out kitchen window at the falling snow,  wishing Nicholas would take me for a walk and shield me from the weather with his bubble orb*

Did your master in Japan shared any stories with you of other powerful Shinigami? And Ellie already seems to have gifts, what do you think this might mean for her?

Nicholas — If there’s a vampire to know, I know them, or more accurately, they know me. None are as powerful as the Master himself, of course, and he’s told me all the stories he thinks I need to know. But no one’s story gets me like Roman’s. And he may not have the power I do, but his powers are more important. *Bites lip* You want to hear about Eliza, do you? She’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Anything I’ve ever seen. She’s going to change our world, but even I don’t know how. The things she can see…. I can’t begin to think what it means. I don’t think the Master knows any more than we do.

GD—I’m nervous about Lynch. All this time I thought he was a total psycho, incapable of real emotions, then… well, you know. *sigh* With the unfortunate turn of events do you think he will target Ellie?

Nicholas — *frost spreads from his fingertips down the arms of the chair* He wouldn’t dream of it.

Oh dear God… *closes eyes* He just did his frost thing in front of me! COMPOSE YOURSELF, GABI!

GD—Are you still planning a trip to Japan? If so, will you be staying with Ellie?

Nicholas — *Looks down, face darkening* Eliza has her plans to go, and nobody will stop her. And she’ll never be out of my sight, never again.

GD—Can Shinigami have children?

*Nicholas stretches his arms over his head and his tight, long sleeved shirt rides up, revealing a sliver of skin just above his jeans. Holy hell, can he read minds? No, I’m confusing him with a different vampire. He can sense emotions? Oh my God, I can’t think straight! La, la la. Do, do, do. I’m not envisioning anything inappropriate having to do with this table*

Nicholas — They’d be great looking if we did. *smirks*

GD— God, yes!! *shakes head* Wait, I mean, yes. Yes they would be… great looking. Our children. THE CHILDREN!! Ha, ha. It’s not like I want Shinigami babies. Um…

I gotta get out of here before I make any more of an ass out of myself!

Thank you for the tea and brownies, Nicholas. And for doing this interview.

Nicholas — *leans forward, elbows on knees* Like you could have kept me away.


I read Running Home and let me assure you, this book does not disappoint. It’s unlike any other vampire book I’ve read and seriously… you throw ancient Japan in the mix and I’m done for.

Below is a scene from Running Home. Ellie, who is human, was attacked and her bottom lip is bleeding. There’s all kinds of delicious sexual tension between them, but up until this scene, they hadn’t kissed.

RH new

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“Death hovers around Ellie Morgan like the friend nobody wants.  She doesn’t belong in snowswept Ossipee, New Hampshire; she doesn’t belong in the frigging gift shop she works at, she doesn’t belong with people that death will always take from her, and she definitely does not belong at this black tie party with Kat. But that is where she is, and where he is. Nicholas French, the man who mystifies her with a feeling of home she’s been missing, and impossible knowledge of her troubled soul.

Nicholas followed an abomination that is one of his own, but soon finds fate has driven him to New Hampshire as more than a bystander. He reveals himself to Ellie as being of the Shinigami, a heroic vampire order that “save” their victims from more tragic ends. He knows why Ellie is human repellent, and why physical agony grips them when apart. The Shinigami are cornered into isolated human lives, plucked out when they have no one left to be created for their higher purpose.  Ellie is destined to be a legendary Shinigami, and Nicholas her creator.

Nicholas and Ellie’s fates intertwine closer when his latest victim in waiting turns out to be the only person who tethers her to this world, Kat. Fate will not be ignored, and in the only real choice Ellie has made in her life, she must determine a horrifying path; let the vampire who would make her a hero wither to shreds or sacrifice the life of her closest companion.”

Only $3.99 on Kindle!! (if you can’t wait for the giveaways to end 😉  )


17 thoughts on “Paranormal Week; Interview With A Vampire

    • Ha, ha. I owe you a HUGE thank you for doing the interview and giving SO MANY copies of Running Home to the giveaways!

      Also, that was so fun!! And congrats on Running Home!! *throws confetti*

      P.S. Nicholas is the hottest vampire that ever fictionally lived!!!

    • I’m glad you loved it!! The author, Julie, treated this as if Nicholas and I were REALLY sitting together. And it snowballed from there. lol

      I hope you pick up a copy, by chapter #8 I knew this would be my favorite vampire novel.

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