Paranormal Week; CAGED Can You Run With Wolves? And GIVEAWAY!

CAGED Series by Amber Lynn Natusch!!


Have you run with these wolves? I have….

From book #2, Haunted set-up: Ruby has a friend’s 18 yr old daughter, Peyta staying with her and roomie Cooper (oh, God… I ❤ Cooper!!), and they decide to turn on some music…

When Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” came on, it was game over. Moves as old as Peyta were busted out across the room as I went into a 1990’s hip-hop flashback. Cooper joined me in doing the running man around the coffee table…”

This so Ruby! I added this excerpt to show you that this series is so damn laugh out loud funny at times. Just after they start dancing her man, Sean walks in unannounced… all straight-faced and serious and as always… hot as hell! I can picture the whole scene and just love all these characters!

Also, I can’t help myself… Ruby, this one’s for you!!!

Turn it up!!!


Who is Ruby? And what’s this inner wolf Scarlet all about?

Is this like 50 shades and the inner goddess?

If so, I’m popping some popcorn!

Nope. Scarlet is Ruby’s wolf, and blows away any inner goddess. I think I love Scarlet just as much as Ruby. Unlike all the other wolves in Caged, Scarlet can plow through a wolf pack of 500 like a boss. This also means that she (Ruby) is a target. Unfortunately the person whose job it is to rid the world of these rare, RB wolves is Sean.

Please see Badass Chicks post here for more on Ruby.

If Sean is her man, then… oh. Oh no.

Yeah. Not good.

Sean is thousands of years old and the son of the god of war and an angel. This equals super powers! Like speed and strength and God-like hotness and! When he growls… the walls shakes.

He’s cool, collected, and rarely breaks from his all-business stance. Well, unless Ruby is involved. Although his job is to take Ruby out, he makes it his mission to save her life.

I an here with you now, and I will be with you until the end of time. You may fall apart, but I will always pick up the pieces… You and I are beyond this world, Ruby. Beyond love.” –Sean

I know! I know… <– second I know said with empathy. I want my own Sean too.

Here’s a link to Amazon in case you need more of Sean right this second– Fractured.

Also, he doesn’t get along with Ruby’s wolf Scarlet. It’s a juicy twist, really. To be so deeply in love with Ruby, and want to kill her inner wolf.

What of this Cooper you’re all hearts and !!!! over?

Cooper? I wish he was my Alpha!!

You look pretty hot driving around in that gargantuan vehicle, Coop,” I told him, grinning ear to ear.

“I look hot in everything, Ruby. You should know that by now.”

“What about us?” Ali asked stepping out of the SUV. “We don’t look hot?”

“You look twelve…” Cooper spat over his shoulder. “Ruby isn’t a pedophile.”


One thing about paranormal books is not just the immediate threat (Oh Crap! I’ve got a knife at my throat!)… or the pending threat (We’ve discovered what the evil villain’s plan is… but can we stop it?)… it’s also the underlined Oh f#ck of it all– beyond all this crazy sh#t, we’ve got BIGGER problems!! Like, The organization that’s been around for thousands of years to keep the balance between the human world and the supernatural world — Yeah, they’re here. Watching, waiting for one wrong move.

And DAMMIT! Ruby just accidentally let Scarlet out!

No worries, Cooper is here. As always.

Cooper is my hero, and Ruby’s. He struggles in book #2, but comes back to us even more wonderful than he was in Caged. As I said earlier, Cooper lives with Ruby. They share an unbreakable bond and this, at times, infuriates Sean. Both are ultra protective of Ruby (YUM) and both feel very possessive of her (YUMMIER).

And it’s not that I am rooting for the underdog, no, no, no. Because their bond and friendship is like no other. I don’t need to wish she would pick Cooper, he’s got her! Just in a different way than Sean.

 I do, however, love me some pissed off, growling, yellow eyed, about-to-go-wolf-on-your-ass Cooper. Sean elicited these delicious, Alpha tendencies and I swear it’s like having two leading men battling it out for dominance!  And I don’t care who wins, I just want a front row seat!!

There are 6 books in this series all of which you can find here.



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