Paranormal Week; Who Is Your Hero?


I have a few…

If you have a man that wasn’t in this post, tell us about him. I tapped into my inner teenager in this post and dedicated songs. If you’ve got a song you’d like to share, please do!

Please see this post from yesterday on Sean & Cooper from the Caged series. I gave them their own post because unlike the rest on this list here– I had never talked about them before.

Aiden St. Delphi

From the Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Aiden is a Pure– meaning Pure Blood descended from the Gods. He is also a lethally trained Sentinel and sworn to protect the Pures, Half-Bloods (half-Pure, half-human), and humans from our world’s secret problem; Daimons

Our Aiden lives and breaths Sentinel. He follows the laws of the Covenants. He will stop at nothing to ensure those laws are not broken… One of the laws is that under no circumstances is a Pure to be with a Half-Blood. The cost of breaking such a law is death.

So when Aiden and few other Sentinels are sent on a side mission to find Alex, a run-a-way Half-Blood, well, things start to get complicated. Said a different way… Aiden falls in love.

” In front of me, he walked right through the flames, looking every bit like a diamond hunter should. The fire did not singe his pants nor his dirty shirt. Not a single dark hair was touched by the blaze. Those cool, storm-cloud-colored eyes fixed on me…”

It was him– Aiden St. Delphi.”

Aiden’s presence could mean one thing only: the Sentinels had arrived.” “Our eyes met , and then he looked over my shoulder. ‘Get down.’ “

Gavin Blake

From Gail McHugh’s Collide and Pulse

*hold up Gabi! Those aren’t paranormal books!*

My love for Gavin is on a paranormal level and that’s good enough for me.

Gavin Blake has the perfect life. Comes from a wonderful family, uncle of the year, more money than he will ever spend, toys, and an endless stream of women who know the drill; It’s just sex.

Although that last part makes him sound like a pig, he’s not. Our Gavin had his heart broken years ago and swore off relationships. That is, until Emily walks into his life. Suddenly a wife, kids, and happily ever after is the way to go. Only there’s one problem– Emily has a boyfriend, and he’s one of Gavin’s friends.

Gavin tries to stick to guy code.

But luckily for us, he fails and starts his must-make-Emily-mine campaign.

As they get to know each other as “friends” Gavin starts to notice a pattern of Emily accepting, making excuses for, and blaming herself for her boyfriend’s abusive behavior. Instead of running for the hills OUR Gavin does his best to show Emily her worth.

He fails at this too. Emily grew up with an abused mother and doesn’t realize she’s repeating the pattern.

One night they play a game of bottle caps. Simply tossing bottle caps into a container. Just the two of them.

Every time after that when Gavin sees Emily, he slips her a bottle cap. The bottle caps represent the past, they let her know she is on his mind, they are something between them that is secret and a promise that even though she is not “with” Gavin… Emily is in his heart.

She keeps every one.

Then this happens:

“Gavin stared at Emily. She could feel his cold and pain-stricken gaze slide over her. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a bottle cap and fingered it in his hand before flicking it at her…” *Things happen* “Slowly lifting her head, Emily found Gavin staring at her. His beautiful face looked weary, broken, and defeated…”

My knee-jerk reaction, while reading this, was wanting to punch Emily in the face for breaking our Gavin. He gave so much of himself, loved so hard and so deeply. I wanted my happily ever after, for it all to work out– for HIS love to be enough.

What I realized was that Emily needed to love herself first. And no amount of patience on his part would help until she helped herself.

*sigh* The swooning in book two was taken to epic proportions. The every-other-guy-fictional-or-real-is-ruined kind of swooning. And guess what? Our girl, Emily deserved it!

Kristin did an awesome review of Pulse find it here.

Jace Wayland

From The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

Before we talk about our Jace. Let us take a moment and relive that kiss to end all kisses in book #2 City of Ash.

You know the scene! The Queen’s court, she makes Clary and Jace go to the no-no zone during the most twisted twists of all time!!

Yeah that one. Might as well get a visual on that. HMM?


GAH!! LOOK at the way he is staring her down. That’s SO Jace. Please also note his Runes. You do know what Runes are, don’t you?


*whispers* Hey Jace– I have a rune too. Just saying…


Shadow Hunter, wounded, saved, loved, sheltered, exposed, and walls broken down just enough to let Clary in.

Nicholas French

Running Home by Julie Hutchings

Who is that? Brace yourselves, folks, because I’m going to tell you exactly who he is. But first let’s get a visual on Nicholas, shall we?

And a teaser too!

RH new

Whaaaaat… !!!!!!

Holy Licky- face Batman 

*wipes drool, wishing Nicholas were licking me*

Nicholas French is a vampire. He has secrets. He has demons. He wants to shelter Ellie from a world that is destined for her. A world that he has no choice but to bring her into. Or does he? 

Nicholas and Ellie have a supernatural bond. She can see visions of him, and he can speak to her in her mind. Nicholas fears their bond will change when and IF she does… and all he wants is hold tight to what they have now. I sat down for an interview with Nicholas, find it here.

Reed Wellington

From Amy Bartol’s Premonition series.

I have never swooned so hard over a character in a paranormal book. Reed is a Power Angel on Earth– His mission? The Fallen. His love? Evie. His abs? Out of control. His skills? Lethal. His patience level with Evie? Never ending while she constantly finds herself in compromising situations with other (OLD FLAME) angels.

What it all comes down to is this: Right or wrong, fate or not — Reed Wellington’s love for Evie is eternal and pure.

Here’s a link to a profile I did on Reed


Let’s spend some time discussing book #5, Iniquity

FIRST: This guy new gu Amy talked about! So, we know he isn’t a love interest for Evie. *wipes brow*

The anticipation is KILLING ME!

After the teaser Amy posted, I may end up on a side team. Better said, a back-up team, a just-in-case team, a please-forgive-me-Reed team.


Whoa… *slaps one side of my face and then the other*

It’s no good, I still think Xavier may make my list. Damn you Evie and your memories!

 Reed is not going to be down with this new development ( and we’ll be blessed with snapping wings, possessive growls, and oh god! Reed is going to tear this place up!)

*vividly recalls the shower scene* Shut up, you did too.


Zee is going to loss his shit (in his calm, collected manner that is both scary and sexy as HELL!)

Russell will go off half-cocked and make things worse (It’s all good. We still love Russell)

And you just know that BRENNUS will be in the mix with his spells and clickity clicking and.. I really hope Brennus gets cured somehow and gets his soul back.

 *please note that Brennus is not highlighted– I’m petty like that.

Daemon Black!

“Did you hear?”

“No. what?”

“There’s aliens on Earth!!!”

“shut it…”

“No, I’m serious! Look at this picture!”



“Good God! Beam me up!”

From the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Arnmentrout

DAEMON BLACK Supply list:

pens, shirt, milk, popcorn, mirror (optional, since he knows how hot he is)  

We have come to the end of a long list of favorites. And who better to end it with then the world’s sexiest alien?

Jennifer L. Armentrout is all over my blog this week for a reason– her characters are so damn well-rounded they seem real. And Daemon Black is my favorite of them all. Here’s the things about Jennifer’s paranormal books. One paragraph. That’s all it takes and you want to make Luxen and/or Pure (AIDEN!) babies. Okay, maybe not to that extent but you’re hooked.

What happens when you knock on a door and the god-like creature that answers it is cocky, a total ass, and shirtless? If you’re Katy, and have the best pokerface, you throw attitude right back and walk away.

Daemon Black is a Luxen, an alien race that blends in with humans. He pushes people away to keep this secret, and spends months pretending not to be interested in Katy.

But we know the truth about his love for his Kitten, don’t we?


For the love of Daemon babies (in sets of three 😉  ) everywhere– if you have not started this series, please do so. The last book in the series, Origin blew my mind. EVERYONE agrees it was the best of the series.

Click on the link for a review by Vilma’s Book Blog


24 thoughts on “Paranormal Week; Who Is Your Hero?

  1. OMG, there are no words for how much I love this post (and all the heroes you mentioned). As always, you are spot on with your character profiles. Brennus with a soul? Like Angel with a soul? I may have to dig out my Buffy DVD’s and do some old-school swooning over the first vampire I loved.

  2. Gabi, I can’t tell you how I love this post and the song that I never would have seen for them, but now I do. That means a lot to me, it’s hard to explain. But I love you for it.

    Also, Sam from the SHIVER trilogy. Sure, he’s a little young for me, but hey, FAKE.


  3. dank walker from Abbi Glines- Predestined.
    And William Hayward from Nicole Williams Eternal Eden. Those two make me swoon whenever I read and re-read those books.

    • Nicole Williams? Jude Ryder, Nicole? *fires up Kindle* OMG, I will devour this book.
      I read Predestined too. I liked it… but I had trouble getting passed his name. I know that sounds silly.

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