Gabi Gets Her Geek On

I went to see Thor: The Dark World

Best Marvel film made to date, in my opinion.

My girly and die-hard Marvel sides lost their shit over Loki. He’s so deeply vulnerable, and this film (unlike most of the Marvel films) had genuine relationship scenes between Thor, Loki, and Odin. I’m a HUGE Marvel fan, but aside from all the action I love and my favorite scenes from comics played out on the big screen– most interaction between characters is laughably corny.

There’s a scene on an Asgard ship where Loki and Thor have it out. Not like Gods, but like brothers; One chosen, one feels rejected. Thor was all– I wish I could trust you. And Loki was all– Trust in my rage. And I’m all- HELL YEAH!


SIDE NOTE: My geeky heart did flip-flops over the Asgard ships. They looked and ran like Viking ships.

Shit went down. I pretty much had the same face as Thor. The absolute denial of the turn of events.

thor s

Anyone see Thor: The Dark World? Thoughts?

15 thoughts on “Gabi Gets Her Geek On

  1. I think if I had a chance, I would take Thor home! It is always good to have a man with a hammer at home! What if I suddenly decide to put a picture on a wall, and there is no one who could hammer a nail ))

    • Your wife will like this one even more. Promise. 😉 IDK, I liked Hulk with Edward Norton. And I love all things Marvel, but this one was different, better. And the monsters reminded me of Lord of the Rings. And I watch those movies at least once a month. lol

  2. Made a post in my WP about Struggle as promised ) it’s not exactly the review, with the review, I think, I’ll come later. But I hope you’ll still like )

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