A Little Inspiration

It’s crazy that sometimes things can be going so right in your life, and out of nowhere something happens that threatens to derail all the good. I had a minor pity party. Wrote a poem.


I can’t be the only person who, in the thralls of “this sucks”, starts thinking about other things that have equally sucked. My pity party lasted for the amount of time it took me to write this– about 25 minutes. Then I took a long, hot shower, and made a decision:

 I am this close to being this close to making my dreams come true. I refuse to let anything get in my way.

I got this.

11 thoughts on “A Little Inspiration

  1. Did you know there was a time that someone said I’d never aspire to much–that my music sucked and that my writing was terrible? He was a jealous little bastard…moral of the story, you only get better at what you do. Believe me, when you put your dreams–and heart on the line–it’s damn scary at first and every piece of criticism feels like daggers to your heart…but you only get better and better. You have a wonderful voice, and it’d be a shame to not have it heard. I’m there for ya to cheer you on, always!

    • Well, now I’m crying. Good tears. Thank you.

      During my minor pity party I considered putting it all on hold and dealing with these other pressing issues. Which I’ve done on and off for the past year. And really, why? Did I really NEED to put my dreams on hold? If I’m being truthful with myself, there is fear of going for it.
      That’s bullshit.

      • I’m going to go “Chicago bitch” here, these other pressing issues are not issues of your making or your responsibility to carry. You have done more than enough and gone over and above over the last year and it’s time for someone else to step up. You have the kindest, most giving heart of anyone I know and you deserve to fulfill your own dreams. It’s your time to shine like the rock star you are. ❤

  2. Love it Gabi. Always remember, your deserve to make your dreams come true. You don’t have to justify reaching for the stars and making it happen. The people that truly matter will be standing beside you with words of love and encouragement as you reach for your dreams. The others? F*ck ’em.

  3. I read your pity part poem and while I don’t knows your personal situation, I think a lot of us ‘indulge’ ourselves in pity parties that last a lot longer than 25 minutes and in fact, those pity parties can camp out and take over your character and personality and change who we are and squelch the ‘dreamer’ in us. ( or well, me…not sure about everyone else). So, this being said, put this mantra on a Tshirt and I will buy it! Your poem is inspiring – love your blog and I wish you to keep dreaming and keep pushing because you “got this”! Thank you for sharing.

    • So well said, Theresa! Thank you so much for commenting and for your encouraging words! Believe me, there’s been plenty of camping here too.
      I hate it when I do that to myself. It’s like kicking my own ass over and over… just to do it. Ugh!

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