Happy Anniversary TO ME!! + GIVEAWAY

Hey everyone!

I have a giveaway going on my Let’s Talk Books FB page here. You have until midnight EST to enter!

It was a year ago today that I made my first blog post. Not knowing if anyone would read it. 😉 I wanted to start a blog to discuss books I’ve loved and hopefully connect with like-minded people.

Here is my first blog post:

It’s My Birthday So Let’s Swoon

I made a list of my favorite male characters, while also staying true to who I am. Which is far from professional at times and closer to “how old are you?”

As a result of that first post on this blog, I met the most wonderful, giving, thoughtful, and book-slutty friends EVER! Love you girls!

I’ve learned a lot in the past year about blogging, social media, and writing. I’m actually a very shy person. So connecting with other authors and bloggers has been a slow process for me. But the ones I have connected with– I consider friends. Great friends.

Now let’s get some more swoon on!!

First up — Jerricho Barrons from The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning


And there never were truer words!!

Folks, I can’t even PUT Jericho in a category with other fictional characters. He is seriously in a league of his own and guess what?? I’d be in fictional world heaven if I had one night with him. Yeah, I said it.

Jericho Barrons is unforgiving, crude, ruthless, and lethal. He has his goals and there are no apologies made. He is also fiercely protective of Mac, who he calls Ms. Lane. He believes she is the key to accomplishing his goals… yet there a few parts in the first 4 books that we see a different side of Barrons; he loves her. He, in fact, cherishes Mac.

The love that developes between these two is like nothing you’ve read, or will ever read.


fever whore pict

“I watched you die. I need to fuck you, Mac.”

His words slam into me like bullets… It is not a request. It is an acknowledgement of a requirement to make it from one moment to the next.

When I read those lines in book #5, I stopped reading, made a glass of wine and settled in for Barrons the half man/half ____. <– It’s a secret. 😉 A delicious one.

The Fever Series came out in 2006. I have no clue how I missed it all this time. And right now– who cares? I was able to read 5 books back to back. Thank God.

Next– Wilson from A DIFFERENT BLUE by Amy Harmon.


Okay, I love Wilson. I love his accent, patience, brain, chest, and sense of humor. But overall– I loved this book. So hard I think about all these characters everyday.

Sound over-the-top? Yeah well, go watch the first 10 minutes of the movie UP… get through that and come back and tell me you will ever forget Mr. Fredricksen.

There were moments in this book I am certain I will never forget (oh lord, I’m tearing up as I type this…), I’ve analyzed my life, past, future, and goals. Blue Echohawk feels like a long lost friend, and dammit! I want to hug her. This author floored me with just a few words. For Blue– they held so much meaning… “more labels”. I want to kick anyone’s ass who has ever wronged this girl. I want to bring her daddy back for just a day so she can say goodbye. I want EVERYONE WHO READS THIS TO CLICK ON THE COVER PIC AND BUY A COPY FROM AMAZON.

Give yourself this gift. You will not regret it.

And finally… my love… my angel… my book boyfriend. Reed Wellington from The Premonition Series by Amy A Bartol.

oh Reed…


I’ve already done a character profile on him. So I’ll be lazy and repost!! ❤

Reed—Power Angel.

–Charcoal gray wings that SNAP open in response to Evie’s wings. IT’S SO HOT! The way all these angel’s wings involuntarily communicate with one another, I swear it’s better than any sex scene you could read.  Wait! I’m forgetting about the shower in book #4. More on that later.

–Primal growls that are so animalistic in nature, a contrast to this divine & fine (Oh, I rhyme!) angel.

– Speaks Angel and it’s beautiful, musical. No Earthly language has the proper words to describe Reed’s love for his girl!! Hell yea!

– Lightning fast, can crush stone in his hand, wings,  rippling perfect muscles, wings, bares the symbol of Evie on his chest!, wings, he is so cocky that I cannot help but believe that he is indeed the best at everything.

When my crush turned into stalker mode and Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments) no longer existed:

Reed and Evie are driving in the car. He is overwhelmed with the need for Evie to know the real him. He carries Evie (lightning fast speed) to his bedroom and shows her his wings. She touches them and they twitch in response to her fingers. SO HOT!

***She also finds a sculpture that he made OF HER on his bedside table. (Does he sit and stare at it when he is in bed? How long does he stare at it? What goes through his mind?)***

Team Reed!!



Ah, that’s better. Moving on…

When I completely lost my sh*t:

Training with Zee, Russell, Reed, and Evie.

Normally Reed is kept out of the training room. He can’t handle watching Evie sparing with Zee, the other Power angel. Reed decides to see “what Evie can do” ( Evie is half angel, fast, and can hold her own). They are sparing. Evie is running on the walls and jumping off things coming within inches of Reed with knives. He is so impressed – BEYOND THAT—this Power angel is so crazed turned on that he throws his weapons to the floor and catches Evie midair.


When fiction and reality blurred and I hated my hottie husband for not being Reed:

Book #4 INCENDIARY — REED’S POINT OF VIEW, first person ( meaning that the voice you are reading is Reed’s. Inside his head, his thoughts.) HUGE battle is over for now. Evie almost died. Evil Brennus almost took Evie again. Well folks, it makes for one hot, I almost lost you, let’s have sex moment. But, that’s not what did it for me. In the shower, Reed speaks to Evie’s soul in angel. Telling her soul that he knows it belongs to Russell… but he’ll wait an eternity and some day all of Evie will be his.

(I might have put my own spin on that!? Basically, that is what happened)

*deep breath* & *wipes tears* & *God, please make Reed real*

 His wings were also spread during this – ruffling and twitching and so were hers. Then he tells her, “I can’t be gentle”… she’s all, “just touch me”… and the tile is cracking.


12 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary TO ME!! + GIVEAWAY

  1. Happy Anniversary…and Happy Birthday! I remember reading your blog about all your book boyfriends and told you of my love for Reed. *sigh* So happy that you included Our Angel in your list today! Love your blog and so happy for your success over the past year!!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how fast a year went by. I’ve had so much fun with you this past year swooning over our mutual love of fictional characters. Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face. Your enthusiasm for reading and your excitement about the books you love has broadened my reading. You have never steered me wrong on a book and I’ve loved everything you’ve told me is a “must read”. You have also encouraged me to post my own reviews, without your support, I never would have let anyone see anything I’ve written (including your fiction challenge last year). You make me believe in myself and I’m so blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you for being you. ❤

  3. Happy Anniversary 1 day late, thank you for sharing your thoughts/ideas/ swoons with us all! Many wishes for continued success, PS. Loved your interview with the guys from the Premonition series you did…and these pics you get up for Reed…girl…keep on!!!

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