I Won’t Apologize For Being A Girl

I agree completely with Kristen, the author of this blog post.

Deadly Ever After

Today’s Brew: Julie’s on her way, and we better get some coffee, so help me God.

by Kristen

I consider myself a pretty strong woman. I run a business. I get things done. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself or loved ones when needed, and I’m also not afraid to ask for help. I take chances. I’ll admit when I’m wrong.

But I’m also extremely female. I love leopard print, pink, fishnets, fun boots, romance novels, cooking, and Zumba.

I’ve noticed that powerful women are expected to abandon their femininity. They wear suits, cut their hair or pull it back, don’t wear a lot of makeup, and have to forsake things that are associated with being girly.

When did being a female become equated with weakness?

This pisses me off.

There’s a huge trend towards “strong women” in literature, and I take offense with it. These are woman…

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