Giveaway, Contest, and Some Fun with Brennus!

Ohhhh, 2014. Bring me Iniquity as fast as you can…

That last teaser Amy posted was AWESOME! Almost had me thinking about the dark side…


I’m a bacon fan too, Luke. But I’m talking about a different dark side…

Brennus ecard

What say you TEAM REED!?!?

“Dat is me aingeal dat ye’re breakin’, Valentine,” –Brennus  (Kristin: That was pretty bad-ass)

Leave to Kristin to research and come up with a totally hot Brennus quote!

I… I… I…

What do we make of all these teasers, ladies?

More importantly, Team Reed sistas, will Evie’s wings react to his? Does that battleaxe tattoo glow when she’s around? We already know the axe sings to Evie. And even hearing Brennus described from Russell’s POV, I’m all– he’s hot. Grrrr.

New mysterious characters

 “You must be Brennus,” Djet says behind him. Brennus’ eyes narrow as he straightens to face Djet. 
      “If I must,” Brennus says pleasantly enough, but his anger is recognizable to me. “And ye must be Emil.” Fallen angels move in closer, surroundin’ Djet protectively, while their eyes focus on the back of the room by the doors. Behind me I hear click, click, click, click, click, click…hundreds of Gancanagh fangs engagin’ at once.
     “How do you know that name?” he asks Brennus. 

(DOH! He’s Emil!)

Xavier and Evie

“Xavier’s soft tone does something to me. I want to hide beneath it, wrap myself in it like a blanket and rest.” –Evie

Reed and Evie

                   “My hand stills. I panic. Time could change us, like it had with Xavier and me. I feel like my heart unravels, but I don’t let him see it.” –Evie

Brennus and Evie

“His energy spreads through me, first from my heart, through the roadmap of my veins, to places I never wanted Brennus to go. I gasp as my body involuntarily curls toward him like a flower to the sun, for the pleasure of it.”  –Evie

Produces a lot of questions. And if I’m being honest, I’m half-crazed after these teasers. I. Cannot. Wait! Speaking of questions, check this out. This blog gets quite a few hits based on the craziest Google searches. Anything in (this) are my comments.

Here are few gems:

Are angels undead?

Fierce guardian angels (HELL YEAH!)

When do Evie and Reed have sex?

Why is Reed Wellington your book boyfriend?

An evil residue used by the foolish and the crazy

Shower scene in premonition book 4

Does Evie end up with Xavier? (that’s not even close to funny!)

Sic soul mate watching novel

Where did Zee’s southern charms go? (lol… what?)

Angel wings ripped off fantasy (too many of us wished Tau maimed???)

Book about half human half angel meets soul mate and falls in love

Zephyr angel character book Amazon

who is xavier in the premonition series (<– an angel I’m scared to death might steal Evie from my Reed and break his heart!)

Demon angels fighting GD angel tattoo

Will they make the Premonition Series into a movie? (WE WISH!)

Amy Bartol meet Reed

Gabi love death Brennus

Fantastic four fanfic Reed hurt dead

Hate Evie from premonition (Insert comment with profanity here)

gaping angellllll

Brennus viewing slave woman analyzation (seriously?)

I hate Brennus

Who did Gabi have a crush on? (Answer: Reed)

Kristin Reed Engaged (So jelly!)

Another machine like Evie

Why can’t Reed and Evie just be happy?

who should play brennus in premonition series

(good question. Let’s say Henry. And let’s say there was a scene where he finally accepts Evie will never be his. Whoa. )

henry pic close up

intuition by amy bartol reed’s phone call scene ( 😦 Reed….)

evie in private

I didn’t include the umpteen sex + Reed questions. lol

Anyway, I get a good laugh sometimes. It also makes me happy that so many people out there are researching my FAVORITE series. 🙂

For the best updates go to Amy A Bartol’s website.

I read an interview she did on Vilma’s Book Blog during Vilma’s paranormal week. Awesome interview! In it Amy said she wanted to wrap up the series with Iniquity, and if she decided to continue it she would do it in secret. Release it, then tell the world. Fingers crossed that Iniquity is not the last book.

Here is the Premonition Series order:







 Amy wrote a dystopian novel, UNDER DIFFERENT STARS. Released Dec17th, 2013

Under Different Stars_book cover

I read it. Love it. At the top of my best of 2013 list!

Click here for my review

Let’s have a giveaway to celebrate being THIS CLOSE to getting our hands on book #5, Iniquity. Okay, maybe not this close, but we know it’ll be this year. In this giveaway are books by a few kick-ass authors. I’ve read them all and each one had a lasting effect on me.



Or this link: <a id=”rc-57739e8″ href=”” rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway</a>
<script src=”//”></script>


OPEN INTERNATIONALLY starts NOW! ends 1/26/14 at midnight EST


Winner will recieve an ebook copy of:

Under Different Stars by Amy A Bartol

Vain by Fisher Amelie

Beauty From Pain by Georgia Cates

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

Undertow by Amber Lynn Natusch

Trust in Me by J Lynn (Jennifer L Armentrout)

There will be MANY ways to enter this giveaway. BUT, in the spirit of “I’m about to lose my mind if I don’t get Iniquity in my hands Asap”…. let’s make this a little more interesting!

We’ll call it the What If Contest. A little side dish to the giveaway. One winner will receive any ebook of your choice up to $10.00.  Or a gift card. I will pick the winner randomly on 1/27/14. To enter this contest (separate from the giveaway & you can enter both), answer the following question in three sentences or less in the comments of this post:

What if Evie and Brennus ended up together? What would it take for that to happen? Some of you are reading this giving me the evil eye. That’s cool. If your answer is: I can’t even begin to imagine Evie & Reed not together. Okay.

I’ve asked a hardcore Team Brennus member:  “I think Reed had to die in battle.  It’s the only way for Evie to be at peace knowing she’ll finally be with Brennus, her true love.  She loved Reed but she couldn’t breathe without her dark king.” — Cristina from Cristina’s Book Reviews <– One of my favorite book blogs

I’ve asked a loyal Team Reed member: “Reed runs off with Kristin after realizing she, not Evie, is his soulmate.  Then and only then, will Brennus have my blessing to make Evie into whatever he wants.” — Kristin from Kristin’s Kindle Book Reviews <– My partner in crime & amazing reviewer who can’t see past her lust to take this question seriously 😉

 And she said, “Reed and I would make fabulous babies together.”

My Answer: Zee dies in a battle saving Reed’s life.

OMG. I just freaked myself out.

Explanation: I love Zee. Nearly as much as Reed. If Zee dies, I will blame Evie. I LOVE her, but no doubt it’ll be some battle trying to rescue her and dammit! She will no longer be good enough for Reed. *thinks of feather exchange & Zee’s never ending and absolute loyalty to Reed and Evie*


**I will purchase all ebooks through Amazon.

47 thoughts on “Giveaway, Contest, and Some Fun with Brennus!

  1. Oh my. Well if Reed would die it would be at the biggest most epic battle I think there could be! It’s going to be over Evie and it will involve very male that wants her to himself. Brennus has proven himself in battle with his tactics and will survive if Reed dies and he will take Evie in her weakest moment morning her loss of Reed!

    • That better not happen! Reed dies and Brennus lives, he is not even a close second to Reed. THis series would go from being in my top ten to the worst series I ever read. Four amazing books of Evie and Reed, I just won’t ecept anything but their HEA>

  2. welcome to the dark side Gabi…Yes, Breenus is King.

    For Breenus to be with Evie, it would take for Reed to betray Evie, which is not a stretch based on his past behavior which always is doing stuff behind her back or not being honest with her “to keep her safe”. Blah. Evie realizes Breenus has been the only one this entire time that has been truly honest and open with her, and he turns good with his new wings and hot tattoo and…*spaces out*. What was the question? Well hopefully I answered it. Anywho, you can read my snippets of fanfic in Amy’s page where Breenus makes Evie Waffles and they both watch Vampire Dairies and live happily ever after… PS: Henry as Breenus = perfection.

    • Brennus is so selfish! Reed has been nothing short of perfect. He would never betray Evie. How many times has Brennus threatened to kill Evie. He is EVIL and undeserving of love. Yeah, he is king; king of the undead fearies. Let’s see um……..warrior angel who works for God or evil dictator who works for Sheol. There is to contest. Reed ❤

  3. This is my mantra regarding Brennus and his obsession with Evie, click, click boom, severed ankle, food, water deprivation, mind control, fear……..that is what she has to look forward to, captivity.

  4. I guess I’ll take one for the team 😉 If it had to happen it would be because Reed finally realizes I am his one true love/sole mate and leaves Evie for me. Heart broke Evie then realizes she was never good enough for my man and runs to the dark side…

  5. I’m not even touching the possibility of Evie ending up with Bren. Of all the men she has chasing her, I’m least threatened by him. But that last teaser, “hallo pretty angiel”? that threw me. Really that whole damn conversation threw me. I think Xavier dies in battle, saving Reed, because while he loves Evie- her heart belongs to Reed and Xavier saves him for her, because he loves Evie enough to let her be happy. I swear if Finn dies I will throw shit.

  6. Here’s my serious, non-lust fueled answer:

    Evie would have to choose Brennus because she truly wants to be with him. It can’t be because she’s manipulate, blackmailed with the safety of her friends, locked in a dungeon, starved of food & water, bitten, bound to Brennus with an “if I die, you die blood tie spell” or for any other reason than her own free will. Anything less than that won’t work for me.

  7. OK we need Iniquity ASAP. NOTHING can happen to both Reed or Zee. I would freak out if something happens to either of them. Evie needs to get her crap together and stop falling for Brennus or Xavier ‘s mind games.

  8. I get serious stress about the whole Reed/Brennus issue! I can’t even think about it for too long! Reed can’t die, Brennus can’t win! But I don’t want Brennus’ heart broken either. Gah!!!!! I don’t wanna think about it anymore!

  9. I’m totally Team Reed. But if Evie were to turn to Brennus, she might turn to him because Reed shut her out again. Remember everyone is included after the whole debacle in China and Ireland. She feels for Brennus whenever he treats her like an equal. Why I don’t know. He’s smelly and bites her. She has REED. But Evie still loves him in some way. Red need to leave her and come to me. He can smash me against a shower wall any day.

  10. I am Team Reed! Evie could lose her mind and turn to Brennus if Reed shuts her out of the plan. Remember the debacle in China after he shut her out. Evie feels for Brennus because he treats her as a equal. Why I don’t know. He’s smelly and bites her. But Reed should just realize he is meant for me. He can shove me against the shower anytime!

  11. AAAHHHHHH I love this series so much Iv met Amy and she is an inspiration 🙂 thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway 🙂 I love Reed soooo much xx

    • I’ve never met Amy. 😦 I hope to some day soon at a signing. I think she’s going to Atlanta this year (not positive). That’s only 3 hours away from me. Good luck, Sianee!!

  12. I can tell im going to have to book time off work the the next book!! im already having anxiety attacks at the thought of Evie not ending up with Reed. I want them all to find love but Reed belongs with Evie…. they have to be together…. Im going to cry so hard reading this book.. BIG FAT UGLY TEARS!!!!! the only way I will be happy if Evie chooses anyone else is If Amy writes ME into the book to end up with Reed and Bren gets Evie!!!!!

  13. You guys might be surprised, but I’m not Team Reed. I mean I love Reed he is amazing like the rest of the characters, but for me he is just too perfect. He always try’s to be noble and is trying to the right thing all the time, it seems that he never makes one mistake and exactly this makes his character kind of “boring”. I kind of hope that Evie will end up Xavier… I mean common I love the passion that Xavier shows of him wanting for Evie to remember him, its just freaking hot, and you can not deny it. As Brenues who doesn’t love the bad guy… 😉

  14. evie realizes that she loves brennus more then reed, then when reed is all sad and mopey about loosing evie i will swoop in and pick up the pieces and he will fall in love with me and we would live happily ever after (and make better babies then him and kristina (just saying))

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