Here are a few confessions

I’ve never read Harry Potter.

After reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy a second time I put some serious research into finding a preppers club. Did you know you can coat eggs with oil and make them last a long time? I didn’t join a group. But I did end up keeping a survival book I bought for someone else.

Swimming in a lake is my no-no. I’m certain there is a prehistoric and deadly creature lurking at the bottom. I have no problem swimming in the ocean. Make sense of that! I can’t.

I love thunderstorms in a looking forward to and hope it’s bad sort of way.

I have a pair of my grandmother’s gloves. When I miss her I smell them. It helps.

It was the end of November 2011 when I got my first smart phone. Before that I had never sent a text.

I binge watched Game of Thrones and had trouble moving forward with my life. I may wait out the next season. I seriously don’t think I can handle waiting between episodes like I do The Walking Dead. ( DARYL!!!!)

I have the fattest, most adorable, asshole cat. His name is Rick James and I baby the hell out of him.

If you ask me if I like to drink, my answer is I know how.

I met my man when I was ten. He was my best friend back then and still is now. He’s good, honest, foul-mouthed, has a killer smile, and that man rocks my world. Our kids think we’re dorks. But we know how cool we are.

more to come….

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