Paranormal Week; A List of Paranormal Must Reads and a CONTEST

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This week was full of giveaways.

But your free ride has come to an end, my friends…

Are you a fan of Paranormal novels?





List your answers in the comments below. Listed by number.

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You don’t have to get them all right to enter. I will give you a hint: ALL quotes and scenes can be found in the books listed below. Not much of a hint, but it’s a start.


Winner will be picked at random.

Any ebook of your choice under $10.00

PLUS ebook copies of

Running Home by Julie Hutchings

Incendiary by Amy Bartol (or an IOU from me for Iniquity, your choice)

I’m super competitive. And I have to say… I’m not sure anyone will be able to get all 9 right. 😉

Let us begin…

1) I kept running my hands through her hair, hoping the motion could reach her in her sleep and would soothe some of her troubles. I knew she liked it when I played with her hair. It seemed like such an insignificant thing, but it was all I had at the moment.

2) What if something happens to him? Then it will happen to me, too. We are linked, ___________ and me. I feel like I need to protect him, if for no other reason than self-preservation.”

3) Our eyes met, and then he looked over my shoulder. “Get Down.” I didn’t need to be told twice. Like a pro, I hit the floor.

4) I looked down at my bracelet, the wide gold band that had adorned my arm practically since birth. It held a charm tight against the skin on the inside of my wrist, where it continually leached power straight into my bloodstream.

5)I glanced up at him, appreciative and amazed.  Those feelings were immediately subdued when I heard his English accent shout over the rumble.

“Maybe it was reacting to your attitude.”

Appalled at his nerve, I felt my jaw hit the inside of my helmet as it fell open. Before I could even draw a breath, he spoke again. “Looks like my work here is done. Good night and be safe.”

6) He crossed the room with another crack and flash until he was breathing the same air as Roman. Low and cruel, he said, “She’s mine.”

7) “This is hardly the time to worry about your international street creds.”

8) “Those little noises you make– I especially like that one,” he says. He kisses the round edge of my shoulder. His teeth graze my skin, and I inhale a small gasp. “I like that one, too,” he growls.

9) — “And now at last I am free, and I can finally tell you, without fear of danger to you, all that I feel in my heart. You are not the last dream of my soul. You are the first dream, the only dream I ever was unable to stop myself from dreaming.”

Good luck! You have 3 days!

Here is a list of Paranormal novels I’ve read and a few I’m looking forward to reading.

Let’s break it down a bit into categories.

Angels, Demons, Fallen, Gods

Mortal Instruments by Cassandra ClareMjAxMy02NDEzOTZmYzM3YWNjNzEz_514606bc2a6a1


 #1) City of Bones

#2) City of Ashes

#3) City of Glass (my favorite of the series)

#4) City of Fallen Angels

#5) City of Lost Souls

#6) City of Heavenly Fire is set to be released on May 27th, 2014

The Infernal Devices also by Cassandra Clare


#1) Clockwork Angel

#2) Clockwork Prince

#3) Clockwork Princess

Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 


#1) Half-Blood

#2) Pure

#3) Deity

#4) Apollyon

#5) Sentinel — Set to be released on Nov. 2nd 2014

The Hush, Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick

61RomZusXdL__SL1000_ That’s Patch on the cover and he’s not to be f’ed with.

#1) Hush, Hush

#2) Crescendo

#3) Silence

#4) Finale

Premonition Series by Amy Bartol


#1) Inescapable

#2) Intuition

#3) Indebted

#4) Incendiary

#5) Iniquity No cover or release date yet. This is a link to Goodreads, please show your love and mark it as “to read”.

Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter


#1) Fallen

#2) Eternity

#3) Reckoning

The Second Sign Series by Elizabeth Arroyo


#1) The second Sign

#2) The Second Shadow Release date Sept. 5th (I’ve read this already and LOVED it)

Providence Series by Jamie McGuire


#1) Providence

#2) Requiem

#3) Eden

Vampires & Werewolves

Caged Series by Amber Lynn Natusch


1) Caged 2) Haunted 3) Framed 4) Scarred 5) Fractured 5.5) Novella — Tarnished

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward


Running Home by Julie Hutchings

912O+ECMUaL__SL1500_ Running Home  There will be a book #2 !! I cannot put into words how much I loved this book. But I can put a name to it– NICHOLAS! ❤

Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson


1) Wicked as They Come 2) Wicked as She Wants 3) Wicked After Midnight –release date Jan 28th, 2014

Shiver Trilogy (Wolves of Mercy Falls) by Maggie Stiefvater

5171EVIlt0L 1) Shiver 2) Linger 3) Forever

Just in case you haven’t read it, Midnight Sun was Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight from Edward Cullen’s POV (yes, inside Edward’s head). She never finished it because someone she trusted leaked it on the internet. She was so upset she never finished it and posted it on her website FOR FREE. Find it here

Blood Like Poison Series by M. Leighton


1) Blood Like Poison: For Love of a Vampire 2) Destined For a Vampire 3) To Kill an Angel

Aliens !!!

Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout


imagesCAVTWBY5 1) Obsidian 2) Onyx 3) Opal 4) Origin 5) Opposition — Will be released summer of 2014. It will be the last book in the series. (NOOOOOOO!!!!!)

I Am Number Four Series Pittacus Lore


Sound familiar? It may have something to do with this hot dude. That’s John. This book was make into a movie. And let me assure you, the book was way better.


1) I Am Number Four 2) The Power Of Six 3) The Rise of Nine 4) The Fall of Five <– Just came out and haven’t read this one yet. In my opinion each book in the series is better than the last, Can’t wait!

The Host by Stephanie Meyers


Magic & Witchcraft!

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

6304335 This is a very popular series. I’ve only read the first book, Beautiful Creatures

Residue Series by Laury Falter


1) Residue 2) Birthright 3) Savior 4) Prophecy  I love this series!

All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness I haven’t read this series yet, but one of my blogging besties, Vilma at Vilma’s Book Blog loves this series. It’s at the top of my TBR !

timthumb 1) A Discovery of Witches 2) Shadow of Night There will be a book #3

Madly Series by M. Leighton


Oh Crap! Why is Jane eating John’s face??

It’s the apocalypse, folks!

Hollowland by Amanda Hocking!!



2) Hollowmen 

Haven (Apocalypse Chronicles part 1)  by Laury Falter MjAxMy0wNGJhOTZhZWY0YTE2OGVk 16621789

TBR list!!

Conversion by S.C. Stephens (author of Thoughtless ❤ )


Awakening by Jeanie Grey (friends have raved!)


Red Hill by Jamie McGuire OUT Oct. 1st 2013 — Two more weeks, two more weeks, two more weeks <– said like, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


Because The Night by Kristen Strassel To be released Nov. 2013!! I’m 25% into an ARC of this book and I am rushing through this blog post to get back to it!! GAH! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Please mark it on Goodreads as “to read” so you don’t forget!




Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifies) by Cassandra Clare — Mortal Instruments spin-off set in L.A.

City of Heavenly Fire Mortal Instruments book #6 !!! May 27th 2014 no cover yet


Paranormal Week; Villains We Love To Hate

Villains we love to hate?

No, I’m pretty sure I hate them. And the “L” word has no place in this post! I wish these villains a slow, painful death. But why? Damn good writing is your answer.

Villains make trouble for our main characters. They also kill or seriously wound side characters we almost loved, and some we didn’t give two shits about, but dammit… now we do. Because we needed another reason to hate on the villain and create pay-back and/or killing scenarios in our heads.

Getting back to my “it’s the writing” comment. There are a thousand and one different things that make up an excellent villain. For me, to make the villain believable, you need two things; unpredictability, and being able to (most of the time) out smart the main characters I love.

If those two things aren’t there, well, so you’re a dude with a grudge who is not nice. *yawn*

And therefore something else in the story is lost; Stakes. If I don’t believe that the villain is psycho and cunning enough to really, truly cause my peeps harm… then I’m bored. Worse! I nit-pick everything. Suddenly the protagonist is a total dumbass. And the hero is good for nothing more than the kissy-face scenes. And even those don’t do it for me now.

I love me a vicious, calculating, delusional villain. Here are a few of my favorites. And please, if you have a few that aren’t listed here… by all means give them a shout-out in the comments below.

Blake from the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

What a douche.

Blake is a new kid in town. California surfer, throw-back T-shirt wearing, I-don’t-care-about-my-hair-but-yeah-I-know-it’s-perfect hair, and he’s mysterious.

I liked Blake at first. I thought — Oh yeah! What is Daemon going to do with this guy who has the hots for Katy? Here we go, a delicious love triangle I get to fret over!

And what’s this? He’s… not… normal?… oh God! Ha, ha, ha! Now we are on a new and yummy level! Blake has powers! So– Blake hotness taken up a few notches, Katy’s blind trust, and one pissed off Luxen who refused to make Katy his girl. Oops.

Aside from the love-triangle drama are the “real” problems. Keeping alien secrets, making sure the government agency that controls the Luxen don’t find out Katy was changed when Daemon healed her… and oh, yeah. The enemy alien race is after them all.

Well, crap. It all sucks. To make matters worse, Katy can’t control her new powers.

Powers… that seem… just like Blake’s. And guess who swoops in to save the day? Yep, Blake.

But hold up

Daemon doesn’t trust him. My douche radar is up too…

Then it happens, betrayal on a crushing level. Death, kidnapping, secrets exposed. But Blake has a reason. He too was healed by a Luxen. And once a Luxen heals a human they are tied together. If one dies, so does the other. Blake’s other half is held captive by the agency and tortured as a way to blackmail Blake into doing what they want.

And they want Katy.

Side note: I hate Blake on so many levels that Katy & Daemon’s rationale for NOT killing Blake (his other half will die) doesn’t even fly with me anymore. In my mind, I’ve made it ok, cause maybe, I don’t know, he’s on life support or whatever. It’s possible.

Valentine from The Mortal Instruments Series

This Shadow Hunter takes delusional to a whole new level of, GTFO!! He did what!!?? 

City of Bones 9

We meet Valentine in City of Bones. I love what Cassandra Clare did with Valentine… he had been talked about, fretted over, and finally, FINALLY we meet him. By this point I’m so jacked up over him, that when he drops the twist of all twists on Clary and Jace…

*can’t mention his name without a pic. *


I believed Valentine. He is so sick and evil, he would totally do what HE SAID HAPPENED after Jace was born.

Fast forward…

Many books later and my hatred is like nothing I’ve felt before while reading a book. What he did to Jace by the lake… the look on Jace’s face (VALENTINE RAISED HIM AS HIS OWN!)… Clary laying helplessly by (paralyzed)  & WATCHING! She couldn’t talk! Valentine took her voice too with his demonic spells and runes! SHE COULDN’T EVEN CALL OUT TO JACE!

Oh. My. God.

WORST FRICKIN’ 20 MINUTES SPENT READING… ever. The anticipation was maddening, I was hysterical, and literally made deals with God in my head for it all to work out.

Have any of you seen the movie?? Jace on the motorcycle in leather pants!!! That is all. 🙂

Abaddon from Fallen by Laury Falter

I talked about Maggie in the Badass Chicks post.

I mentioned the Fallen that were after her. Well, meet Abaddon, their leader. Straight -up psycho of the first order!!

Here’s one thing about the fallen in the Guardian Trilogy. The clock starts ticking the second the fallen die on Earth, because they will fall… again. And find you in minutes. *chills*

And his goal for hundreds of years? Maggie. The pleasure Abaddon  takes in torturing Maggie, Eran, and the rest of their angel friends is just, well, it leaves you with a feeling that you don’t know how far it will go. The creep-out factor is at a level that I am certain with every turn of the page Abaddon will show AGAIN and sever wings or string up my precious Eran and watch as demon creatures take bites.

I love Eran! I love his cabin in Heaven by the lake.

I love how nervous he was when “human Maggie” (his wife in former lives) came to the cabin for the first time.


Abaddon is a sociopath, one with powers. As I stated in the beginning of this post, we need stakes!! AND boy, do you get ’em with this trilogy!

Ryker from Shadow of Wrath (Sins of the 7) by L.W. Patricks

What a f#cking bastard!!

Shadow of Wrath is a dark dystopia, but there are some paranormal elements in it. So, I’m calling it a cross-over. 😉

In this book it is kill or be killed for the children in Ryker’s arena. Like Hunger Games meet the Gladiator.  The crowds bet, Ryker sets up boys for sure death to make sure the odds are in his favor.

In this world Ryker is in charge, and his delusional, psychotic ass actually thinks he’s doing it all for the greater good of every person who works for him, he enslaves, he kills. And let’s not forget the human trafficking.

Oh God, my hate for this guy… I would like to introduce him to my Louisville Slugger!

The one boy who he controls but can never fully get under his thumb, is Dog. Death Match survivor, friend to slave girl Allegra, and one way or another… Dog decides that Ryker will pay.

We come to the villain I couldn’t wait to tear apart before I got the interview questions back. So Kristin, who does reviews for this blog, was more than happy to do Brennus for this post. Then she sent it. It’s long. She cut the word count and it’s still long. 🙂 We cut a deal, she could keep THE WHOLE Brennus-hate session in here if she finally reads Divergent.

Here it is. THANK YOU SO MUCH Kristin!

We are first introduced to Brennus in book two of the Premonition Series, ‘Intuition’.  Evie feels his presence before she even sees him and not in that heart fluttering butterflies in the tummy good way.  No, what she feels is a bone chilling sensation that tells her something isn’t right. When she looks around for the source of this threatening (evil) presence she spots a tall “man” with short, black hair, pale skin and green eyes who is almost angelic looking.  Heart pounding, wings twitching in her back, instincts telling her he’s not human.  Armed with only a letter opener and the knowledge that she’s most likely f#cked, she makes a last ditch effort to escape.  But like all obsessive stalkers, Brennus has other plans; he has her harpooned in a net, slices her Achilles tendon so she can’t run off and punches her into unconsciousness so he can drag her to his underground lair.

And this, my friends, is where s#it gets real.  You’re either swooning or burning with rage over what Brennus does to Evie in the name of love (obsession).

The swooners' Brennus

The swooners’ Brennus

Kristin's Brennus

Kristin’s Brennus

Brennus makes it clear to Evie she will never be leaving and his undead people eating minions are instructed to stop her if she tries to leave.  And the added bonus, she will be by his side, as his queen, for all eternity.  (How nice of him to not give her a choice.) But first she must be turned into a Gancanagh.  If she doesn’t give up her soul willingly, he’ll force it out of her by any means necessary.  Evie, being the badass she is, flat out refuses.  This act of defiance earns her another punch in the face and a nice set of shackles and chains.  (Seriously, THIS is an act of LOVE?)   

Now it’s time for Evie to be shown to her cell with no windows and a dirt floor where she will rest uncomfortably, without food and water, for days.  When water is finally offered to her, Evie refuses to drink it; she’s wise to what Brennus is doing. (Fist pump).  Once Brennus realizes Evie would rather die than spend an eternity with him, as an immortal monster, he replenishes her fluids via an IV and lets her out of her cell.  She’s allowed to bathe, which of course, Brennus must supervise. (like a creeper).  Once she’s clean, she’s relocated to Brennus’ bedroom where he so graciously rips off her underwear and dresses her in skimpy lingerie.

With nothing left of her dignity, Evie is now forced to “show her skills” by fighting one of Brennus’ minions.  However, she is allowed to wear a pair of boxer briefs for this.  Evie begs Brennus not to make her do this.  Brennus chooses Keegan to fight for team Gancanagh.  They are given knives and told to square off.  Keegan slices her up good and vows to cut off her wings.  Brennus watches.  Evie, fearing for her life, slits his throat.  While everyone is distracted by Keegan bleeding out on the floor, Evie makes a run for it but she’s caught before she can get away.

Evie, shaken by the fact that she killed someone, begs Brennus to help her.  Does he offer her comfort?  No.  He bites her and drains her until she’s unconscious.  When she wakes up she learns she will lust for the blood of the Gancanagh who bit her.  This hunger?  Yeah, it’s really, really painful.  Evie, not wanting to be turned, refuses to knock back Brennus’ blood offering, thus choosing death.  Brennus, the humanitarian he is, bites her again.  Although this time, he’s generous enough to leave her conscious so she really feels the pain.  It’s the final push over the edge.  He finally broke her.

“When I bit her, it caused her extreme pain.”

  “Yeah, ya love her—ya sick freak.”

Thank you, Russell.  You took the words right out of my mouth. (exploding fist bump)

And this is just the beginning of Brennus’ efforts to claim Evie.  As his obsession grows, his actions intensify and he will not rest until he has made Evie is his queen.

Dear Brennus…..




As a proud member of TEAM REED, I must end a Brennus post with something REEDcentric.

What's this?  Could it be a Reed and Evie angel baby.....I'm down with that.

What’s this?
Could it be a Reed and Evie angel baby…..

I’m down with that.

Can’t get enough of the Premonition Series?  Share your thoughts with the phenomenal  Amy Bartol.

Paranormal Week; Who Is Your Hero?


I have a few…

If you have a man that wasn’t in this post, tell us about him. I tapped into my inner teenager in this post and dedicated songs. If you’ve got a song you’d like to share, please do!

Please see this post from yesterday on Sean & Cooper from the Caged series. I gave them their own post because unlike the rest on this list here– I had never talked about them before.

Aiden St. Delphi

From the Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Aiden is a Pure– meaning Pure Blood descended from the Gods. He is also a lethally trained Sentinel and sworn to protect the Pures, Half-Bloods (half-Pure, half-human), and humans from our world’s secret problem; Daimons

Our Aiden lives and breaths Sentinel. He follows the laws of the Covenants. He will stop at nothing to ensure those laws are not broken… One of the laws is that under no circumstances is a Pure to be with a Half-Blood. The cost of breaking such a law is death.

So when Aiden and few other Sentinels are sent on a side mission to find Alex, a run-a-way Half-Blood, well, things start to get complicated. Said a different way… Aiden falls in love.

” In front of me, he walked right through the flames, looking every bit like a diamond hunter should. The fire did not singe his pants nor his dirty shirt. Not a single dark hair was touched by the blaze. Those cool, storm-cloud-colored eyes fixed on me…”

It was him– Aiden St. Delphi.”

Aiden’s presence could mean one thing only: the Sentinels had arrived.” “Our eyes met , and then he looked over my shoulder. ‘Get down.’ “

Gavin Blake

From Gail McHugh’s Collide and Pulse

*hold up Gabi! Those aren’t paranormal books!*

My love for Gavin is on a paranormal level and that’s good enough for me.

Gavin Blake has the perfect life. Comes from a wonderful family, uncle of the year, more money than he will ever spend, toys, and an endless stream of women who know the drill; It’s just sex.

Although that last part makes him sound like a pig, he’s not. Our Gavin had his heart broken years ago and swore off relationships. That is, until Emily walks into his life. Suddenly a wife, kids, and happily ever after is the way to go. Only there’s one problem– Emily has a boyfriend, and he’s one of Gavin’s friends.

Gavin tries to stick to guy code.

But luckily for us, he fails and starts his must-make-Emily-mine campaign.

As they get to know each other as “friends” Gavin starts to notice a pattern of Emily accepting, making excuses for, and blaming herself for her boyfriend’s abusive behavior. Instead of running for the hills OUR Gavin does his best to show Emily her worth.

He fails at this too. Emily grew up with an abused mother and doesn’t realize she’s repeating the pattern.

One night they play a game of bottle caps. Simply tossing bottle caps into a container. Just the two of them.

Every time after that when Gavin sees Emily, he slips her a bottle cap. The bottle caps represent the past, they let her know she is on his mind, they are something between them that is secret and a promise that even though she is not “with” Gavin… Emily is in his heart.

She keeps every one.

Then this happens:

“Gavin stared at Emily. She could feel his cold and pain-stricken gaze slide over her. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a bottle cap and fingered it in his hand before flicking it at her…” *Things happen* “Slowly lifting her head, Emily found Gavin staring at her. His beautiful face looked weary, broken, and defeated…”

My knee-jerk reaction, while reading this, was wanting to punch Emily in the face for breaking our Gavin. He gave so much of himself, loved so hard and so deeply. I wanted my happily ever after, for it all to work out– for HIS love to be enough.

What I realized was that Emily needed to love herself first. And no amount of patience on his part would help until she helped herself.

*sigh* The swooning in book two was taken to epic proportions. The every-other-guy-fictional-or-real-is-ruined kind of swooning. And guess what? Our girl, Emily deserved it!

Kristin did an awesome review of Pulse find it here.

Jace Wayland

From The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

Before we talk about our Jace. Let us take a moment and relive that kiss to end all kisses in book #2 City of Ash.

You know the scene! The Queen’s court, she makes Clary and Jace go to the no-no zone during the most twisted twists of all time!!

Yeah that one. Might as well get a visual on that. HMM?


GAH!! LOOK at the way he is staring her down. That’s SO Jace. Please also note his Runes. You do know what Runes are, don’t you?


*whispers* Hey Jace– I have a rune too. Just saying…


Shadow Hunter, wounded, saved, loved, sheltered, exposed, and walls broken down just enough to let Clary in.

Nicholas French

Running Home by Julie Hutchings

Who is that? Brace yourselves, folks, because I’m going to tell you exactly who he is. But first let’s get a visual on Nicholas, shall we?

And a teaser too!

RH new

Whaaaaat… !!!!!!

Holy Licky- face Batman 

*wipes drool, wishing Nicholas were licking me*

Nicholas French is a vampire. He has secrets. He has demons. He wants to shelter Ellie from a world that is destined for her. A world that he has no choice but to bring her into. Or does he? 

Nicholas and Ellie have a supernatural bond. She can see visions of him, and he can speak to her in her mind. Nicholas fears their bond will change when and IF she does… and all he wants is hold tight to what they have now. I sat down for an interview with Nicholas, find it here.

Reed Wellington

From Amy Bartol’s Premonition series.

I have never swooned so hard over a character in a paranormal book. Reed is a Power Angel on Earth– His mission? The Fallen. His love? Evie. His abs? Out of control. His skills? Lethal. His patience level with Evie? Never ending while she constantly finds herself in compromising situations with other (OLD FLAME) angels.

What it all comes down to is this: Right or wrong, fate or not — Reed Wellington’s love for Evie is eternal and pure.

Here’s a link to a profile I did on Reed


Let’s spend some time discussing book #5, Iniquity

FIRST: This guy new gu Amy talked about! So, we know he isn’t a love interest for Evie. *wipes brow*

The anticipation is KILLING ME!

After the teaser Amy posted, I may end up on a side team. Better said, a back-up team, a just-in-case team, a please-forgive-me-Reed team.


Whoa… *slaps one side of my face and then the other*

It’s no good, I still think Xavier may make my list. Damn you Evie and your memories!

 Reed is not going to be down with this new development ( and we’ll be blessed with snapping wings, possessive growls, and oh god! Reed is going to tear this place up!)

*vividly recalls the shower scene* Shut up, you did too.


Zee is going to loss his shit (in his calm, collected manner that is both scary and sexy as HELL!)

Russell will go off half-cocked and make things worse (It’s all good. We still love Russell)

And you just know that BRENNUS will be in the mix with his spells and clickity clicking and.. I really hope Brennus gets cured somehow and gets his soul back.

 *please note that Brennus is not highlighted– I’m petty like that.

Daemon Black!

“Did you hear?”

“No. what?”

“There’s aliens on Earth!!!”

“shut it…”

“No, I’m serious! Look at this picture!”



“Good God! Beam me up!”

From the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Arnmentrout

DAEMON BLACK Supply list:

pens, shirt, milk, popcorn, mirror (optional, since he knows how hot he is)  

We have come to the end of a long list of favorites. And who better to end it with then the world’s sexiest alien?

Jennifer L. Armentrout is all over my blog this week for a reason– her characters are so damn well-rounded they seem real. And Daemon Black is my favorite of them all. Here’s the things about Jennifer’s paranormal books. One paragraph. That’s all it takes and you want to make Luxen and/or Pure (AIDEN!) babies. Okay, maybe not to that extent but you’re hooked.

What happens when you knock on a door and the god-like creature that answers it is cocky, a total ass, and shirtless? If you’re Katy, and have the best pokerface, you throw attitude right back and walk away.

Daemon Black is a Luxen, an alien race that blends in with humans. He pushes people away to keep this secret, and spends months pretending not to be interested in Katy.

But we know the truth about his love for his Kitten, don’t we?


For the love of Daemon babies (in sets of three 😉  ) everywhere– if you have not started this series, please do so. The last book in the series, Origin blew my mind. EVERYONE agrees it was the best of the series.

Click on the link for a review by Vilma’s Book Blog


Paranormal Week; Brennus Interview and Giveaway

If you follow this blog, then you know we are huge Premonition series fans.

And one of our favorite villains EVER is Brennus. We are very lucky to have sat down with Brennus (and survived) for an interview.

A MILLION thank you’s to Amy Bartol!!

To celebrate we are having a giveaway!


*** U.S. residents only ***

One for Team Brennus and one for Team Reed

(yes, you can enter both)

Also, please declare your team status in the comments below. And vote in the poll. We need a winner once and for all!

And I’m counting our votes… TEAM REED + 2

Make that 3, I just described Reed to my daughter. She’s in!

My dog barked his approval, that’s 4!!

So here it is:

Whoever gets the most votes (Brennus or Reed) I will add in a $10.00 Amazon gift card to the winner of that giveaway!

SO, if Brennus gets more votes in the poll below, then the winner of the Brennus giveaway will get a $10.00 Amazon card on top of the Premonition goodies! Same goes if Reed gets more votes!

Just as I typed Reed’s name… my cat, Logan meowed and rubbed my hand. If that’s not a Reed vote, I don’t know what is!

At the mention of Reed, my bird Murphy just spread his wings.  Angel wings anyone? ….1 more vote for Reed.

Yes I live in a zoo (not with Matt Damon 😦 )

Too bad Team Brennus started off down 6-zip

*mocking sad face*

AMY is hooking us up, ladies!! And a few other (AWESOME) authors want to sweeten the pot!

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One Brennus T-shirt (Brennus giveaway)

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One signed audio book copy

ebook of Running Home by Julie Hutchings (NICHOLAS!!)

ebook of Fallen by bestselling author Laury Falter (ANGELS!!)

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And what’s this????


Turns out Henry Cavill is on Team Reed

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*Blows a kiss to Cristina from Cristina’s Book Reviews & Caitlin from The Road Is You*


**Random and unrelated**

Found this today on Amy Bartol’s PINTEREST

Let us take a moment of silence and be at one with the wonders of a heavenly creation




Brennus walks into the room and takes a seat across from us, casually leaning back in the chair. He gives both Kristin and I a crooked smile, while looking at our Team Reed T-shirts. I grab her hand under the table and squeeze to calm myself (despite my hatred, he’s hot as hell!) and also to stop Kristin from lunging at him. She lets go of my hand and sticks another pin in her Brennus voodoo doll. He is dressed in a dark gray suit, his hands manicured, and his black hair slicked back, yet not.
GD—Thank you for joining us today, Brennus. I trust you’ve fed on a few of your harem this morning?
*Kristin snorts*
*Brennus gives them both a wry smile* I am na hungry at da moment, if dat is whah ye mean.
GD—I have a song for you. Do you like it? Fitting, seeing as you can’t stay away from our good girl, Evie.
Kristin—Yeah, you delusional piece of…
* I start the song, cutting Kristin off. We jump up and dance like no one is watching– hands in the air & hip bumping & mumbling our way through the rap part like we know the words*
Brennus—*gives Kristin a bored look* I’ve watched dis Ye Tube video. In fact, Finn and I saw da explicit one wi’ da musicians in it. *laughs nefariously* Dey were singing of deir prowess wi’ da wans. ’Twas amusing. Normally, humans do na interest me atall because if I were ta expose dem ta me world, dey would cry and wet demselves. Finn suggested we blur deir lines even more and send Molly ta see dem. ’Twould be diverting ta discover whah parts of dem she could tear in two as she domesticates dem. She’s known ta get nasty even though she’s a good girl.
GD—My first question is something I’ve wanted to ask you for a long time. If you truly love Evie, then why is what she wants, I mean the fabulous Reed of course, not a factor? And please, don’t give us some bull about Evie not knowing what she wants. Part of loving someone is respecting their wishes.
Brennus—Whah lengths would ye go ta for love, Gabi, ta save yer love? ’Tis na an easy question. In yer world ye value choice—maybe ye’d respect someone’s decision ta do someting ridiculously foolish, even when ye believe ’twill result in her death. I pity ye. Ye see Reed as a viable option for Evie because, like her, ye’re blind ta his weaknesses. Ye see him as a champion—an aingeal. I see him quite differently. I see him as her Achille’s heel—da one who can na possibly protect her. He’s a Power wi’ no true power save whah he can do wi’ his fists or a sword. He’s da one who will destroy her, which is fine wi’ ye. Ye would have me respect her choice even at da cost o’ her life.
In me world, I had ta decide two tings: Do I love her? And am I in or am I out? Once I realized dat I do love her, well, it became extremely simple for me. She belongs wi’ me. She was made for me. She’s da first being in me undead existence who I can touch wi’out enthralling her. I’ll go ta every extreme ta protect her because I can na live if she’s destroyed…*he shakes his head with a grim expression*…and dere are many, many tings waiting ta banjax her.
Kristin—Is torture, abuse, and kidnapping part of love? And torturing those she cherishes a way to show that love?
GD—*nods in a knowing way* Yes, Brennus. Would you torture Finn’s love? Or anyone that meant something to any of the Fellas? And I’m not talking about the Harem you Undead feed off of and have your way with, and then burn their bodies like garbage.
*I throw my hand up, Kristin slaps me a high five*
Brennus—*sighs heavily* Yer version of love bores me. Ye see love in such a human way—in human terms. When ye say ye’ll love someone forever, ye do na mean it. Ye mean for a few decades—maybe a lifetime at da most, which is often less dan a century. And frequently, ye mean ye’ll love someone until it gets too difficult or until dey lose deir beauty or deir newness. Ye do na know how extremely rare ’tis ta find someone dat ye love deep in yer bones—in da marrow—a love dat ye crave more dan ye’ve craved anyting in yer life or yer death. Ye have no experience wi’ it. Ye have no sense of da love for which I speak.
Genevieve has taught me many tings about love. I admit dat I have na made all da right choices where she’s concerned. I’ve done tings wrong. But, ultimately, she has survived dem. Genevieve will forgive me for dese mistakes because she loves me. And I’ll protect her and dat love for da rest of me existence.
As for whah I will or will na do ta Finn’s love or ta da fellas, ’tis very simple, Kristin, and it goes back ta whah I was tellin’ ye earlier: am I in or am I out? *his eyebrows lower dangerously over his eyes* I am in. I’ll do whahever I have ta do ta protect Genevieve and make certain we’re together. Forever—and, unlike ye, I am aware of how long dat is.  
GD—There were a few moments after the battle that you were changed back to just a Faerie. You seemed… freed. Can you describe those few moments for us?
Kristin—*leans in and whispers in my ear* Who cares?
GD—We have friends that love him, Kristin. He probably touched them.
Kristin—*rolls her eyes* They wish.
Brennus—*he looks away from Gabi and Kristin* I tink for a few moments when Genevieve first touched me with her fire dat I glimpsed me soul once again. Da conquered part of me was freed of Sheol, ripped from it for jus a moment. Me soul saw how everyting in me death has been torn so deep…*his jaw tightens and he looks back at them*…but da fire took me soul over—he could na stay. I try na ta tink too much about it. Da dark can leap and fall upon ye if ye do. ’Twill tear ye apart at da seams if ye let it…but I’ll na let it.
GD– *wipes a tear and looks away from Brennus*
GD—You’ve been around for thousands of years. So have all the angels. I’m curious, how well you really know Tau, Evie’s father? Be honest. And what will you do if he succeeds with plans to use Evie against the Fallen?
Brennus—*watches Gabi as if she’s a toy* I’ve been entirely honest wi’ everyting I’ve told ye, ye jus do na like whah I have ta say. And jus because I’ve been around for forever and a day, does na mean dat I’ve cast me shadow upon Tau, or he upon me. ’Tis likely why we both still exist: we’ve never been formally introduced.
Whah I know of Tau are rumors and legends—nuting more. He’s a Divine aingeal. He wants ta do whah’s right. But, whah if right and wrong are one and da same? Eh?
*Brennus shrugs* If Tau plans ta use Genevieve against da Fallen, den he’s feeble-minded. Genevieve is a powerful craitur. She’ll na be easily manipulated or controlled. ’Tis Seraphim conceit dat will be his undoing. Genevieve once asked if dere was a cure for arrogance. Dere is; it’s called defeat.
GD—Russell is a nonissue, now that he has his own aspire. Who are you more threatened by, Reed or Xavier? Or better said, because you will dismiss that question entirely, which angel is more of a challenge for you?
Brennus—*lifts his eyebrow, arching it while he thinks* I make it a point na ta underestimate me opponents. I treat dem all as a threat, but ’tis very difficult when me opponents keep evolving new traits and powers. *smiles warily*
Truth ta tell, Da Other should logically be me only obstacle ta Genevieve’s heart, but he’s na. I don’t know why he has chosen ta bind himself ta da Throne, Anya, over his soul mate. I suspect ’twas na he who made da choice. Dis smacks of Genevieve—her self-sacrificing soul. I keep asking meself, ‘Who was Genevieve rescuing dis time? Was it da Power, Reed, or da Seraph, Xavier?’ Me money is on Reed who needed saving. Xavier is fairly bursting ta throttle her for it. ’Tis an enigma I intend ta solve…and when I do, I’ll make certain dat she’s da one who’s saved.
GD—We’ll admit—the fact that your knife from your Faerie home (that speaks to Evie), scares us a little. To us, this lends some validity to your claim that Evie is meant to be your queen. Is making Evie your queen worth her losing her soul?
Brennus—I won’t pretend dat Genevieve’s soul means nuting ta me. I tought once that I could let it go, let it fall. Dat’s no longer an option. Since Genevieve has changed me, I find da idea of losing her soul ta Sheol an unacceptable one. I’ll na lose even a piece of her ta dem. Genevieve has made me her God o’ War; I’ll protect her. Her soul is more important ta me dan recovering me own. Me queen will lose nuting; she’ll gain da kingdom she was born ta rule. Moin.
And so there it is. Everything (including the intro and contest description) was done BEFORE I got these interview questions back. What can I say? I am not forgetting all the atrocious things Brennus has done. Nor am I wanting him to end up with REED’s girl, Evie. BUT, folks, I can no longer hate on him as hard as I used to.
Oh Reed… *wipes another tear*
In two days I will sing your praises on this blog like a proper team member.

Tomorrow we have a special treat! Want to get to know another vampire? One that was born to be an angel of death (in a good way).

Here’s a sneak peak

GD—I’m nervous about Lynch. All this time I thought he was a total psycho, incapable of real emotions, then… well, you know. *sigh* With the unfortunate turn of events do you think he will target Ellie?

Nicholas — *frost spreads from his fingertips down the arms of the chair* He wouldn’t dream of it.

Oh dear God… *closes eyes* He just did his frost thing in front of me! COMPOSE YOURSELF, GABI!

GD—Are you still planning a trip to Japan? If so, will you be staying with Ellie?

Nicholas — *Looks down, face darkening* Eliza has her plans to go, and nobody will stop her. And she’ll never be out of my sight, never again.

I have butterflies just reading this again!!

See you all in the comments below! And good luck with all these giveaways! There will be a contest coming up soon *open internationally*!!


In case you missed the post yesterday with a HUGE giveaway, please click on the picture below




Interview with Author Elizabeth Arroyo

We are very excited to have Elizabeth Arroyo here

author of The Second Sign!


Kindle edition on Amazon is $3.99

“Bred to believe in the war between angels and demons, Gabby has come to the conclusion that love is responsible for war, jealousy, and all the other deadly sins she can think of. So when she’s exiled to the middle of nowhere for getting kicked out of her fifth school for fighting, she doesn’t expect to meet Jake. Much less fall in love. 

But Jake is quickly drawn to the eerie beauty of her violet eyes while Gabby is unsettled by their undeniable connection. 

When a demon guardian comes to collect her soul, she refuses to give it up. She’s not a demon. She can’t be. Her father and twin brother are angels. The demon gives Gabby twenty-four hours to decide her allegiance and then starts killing her short list of friends, leaving a message behind: She is the Second Sign.

As Gabby and Jake begin to unravel the mystery behind the Second Sign, she learns Jake may be the key to saving her soul. But it means a sacrifice has to be made that will change their lives forever.”


*That sacrifice DID change everything and I can’t get book #2, The Second Shadow, in my hands fast enough!*


The Second Sign was released earlier this year by Sapphire Star Publishing. How much has life changed since becoming a published author?   Life hasn’t changed all that much. I have deadlines now, but everything else remained the same. I still have a day job, spend as much time with family as I can, and have loads of housework.

This book is a dark young adult paranormal romance. Some scenes were so raw and graphic I felt, at times, that I was right there and marveled at the darkness that came out of your brain. Did you debate taking out or taming down some of the horror in The Second Sign?

I marvel at the darkness in my brain too. =)  It’s kinda scary, really.  After writing one of the graphic scenes, I did pull back to evaluate how far, or how dark, I wanted the book to be. I realized that it was going to be dark and those scenes were important to show the nature of demons.  I did tame down some of the scenes, especially the scene at the Crossroads where most of the murders took place.  We wanted to keep it as “dark” and not venture too far into “horror” territory. 

One thing that is hard to pull off in a romance novel is “love at first sight”. Elizabeth, you pulled it off! Jake and Gabby DO have something between them at first sight. However, neither of them can figure out what and it seemed believable and acceptable within the paranormal setting. AND THAT ENDING! WHOA. What is in store for Jake and Gabby in the next book in this series?

Thank you! I was worried about the insta-love between them, but it was an important part for the story. Gabby and Jake are confused about their feelings for each other because it isn’t a “normal” attraction, and they both can feel that. The reader finds out the reason behind their visceral attraction in book two.

The ending…it is so hard for me to write “happily ever after.” Let’s just leave it at that. =)

While book one focuses more on Gabby’s changes, book two focuses on Jake. We see his progression deeper into what he’s become, his purpose, and how he’s connected to Gabby. We also have some great sidekick characters in book two that I fell in love with.  And of course, we have loads of action and mayhem.

You are from Chicago. Me too.


Cubs or Sox fan?

Oh, you are bringing it on. I’m a Southsider. Sox all the way, baby. =)

*** Oh, I’m bringing it all right! 😉 I will admit to owning a Sox World Series champs T-shirt. BUT, it’s my go-to top when cleaning with BLEACH ***

Deep dish or stuffed pizza? Give a shout out to your favorite pizza place.

Deep dish. Connie’s Pizza is my favorite.

What do you think of people who put ketchup on their hot dogs? (It’s ok if YOU do. My daughter is also an offender. I will still buy anything you write)

Oh, no!!!  My daughter is excused too.

How far along is book #2 in this series and will you PLEASE give us a hint?

Book two has a title: THE SECOND SHADOW. I’m so excited! We are currently working on the cover and I’m working on the edits.  It is currently scheduled to be released September 5th.   I haven’t written the blurb yet.

I can say that we meet Jake and Gabby four months after the events in Maine. Gabby is struggling with her change, and Jake is coming to terms with what he did over the summer.  

As the Harbinger, Jake heralds the apocalypse and Hell’s gate begins to dissolve. But he still has free will. All he has to do is let go of his past and learn to accept who or what he is.  

But what will he choose?

**inserts wicked laugh**

What else are you working on right now?

I’m currently pitching a YA supernatural thriller.

Thanks for the interview, Gabi!


Elizabeth spent most of her younger years as an avid reader with a wild imagination which led her to write her first manuscript at the age of fourteen. Her fascination with the paranormal was influenced by the vivid ghost and demon stories her father told her as a child, scaring the crap out of her. It also led her to ask the “what if” question that propelled her down the path of the fantastical.
But, life got in the way. Elizabeth completed a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice at Northeastern Illinois University and works in the community strengthening families. Her love of stories held, and in 2008 she found herself back into her storytelling roots and began writing again. Since then she’s published a short story in SQ Magazine, countless musings on her blog – Chandara Writes, and completed three manuscripts.
In 2012, Elizabeth signed with Sapphire Star Publishing to release her debut novel, THE SECOND SIGN, a Dark YA Paranormal Romance, slated for an early 2013 release.
Elizabeth resides in Chicago with her family, a household of kids, and the bliss of chaos. The good kind.

I’d like to add here that Elizabeth is sweet, funny and an all around awesome person. I devoured The Second Sign and The Second Shadow focusing on Jake? Yay!!

Thank you so much Elizabeth!

A Fight to the Death Fanfiction Contest



Recently I did an interview with author L.W. Patricks

His novel, Shadow of Wrath was released yesterday!


In the interview I asked L.W. to write a very short story involving the arena in his book and two popular fictional characters, Thor & Magneto, in a fight to the death.

His story was hilarious!

And guess what? He offered a free ebook of Shadow of Wrath for a contest!!

Yay us!


Amy Bartol also offered a free SIGNED copy of any one of the Premonition series books!!!


SO, my friends let’s have ourselves a contest! A fight to the death contest!

We won’t be killing each other for a free copy


Hell yea!

In Shadow of Wrath– Ryker, who is one of the biggest fictional jerk villains ever, makes boys fight to the death in a stone wall arena he created. Dog is forced to kill or be killed (yes, it very much reminded me of Hunger Games). Ryker watches from his balcony with his slave, Allegra at his side.

So here are the rules

Any two characters from any two books must fight to the death in an arena. Like a gladiator. Not cool with writing a death scene? No worries, my stories don’t end in death either. 🙂

Please give a shout out to the authors of these books!!

It can be as short as you want or up to 1,000 words!

Is your favorite an alien? Warrior? Fallen Angel? Zombie? Vampire? Shadow Hunter? Undead *cough* (Brennus) Or just a regular guy?

If they have special powers– cool.

*Gabi, I’m not a writer! And why do we have to work so hard for free stuff on your blog!!??*

This is going to be fun!

We will call it fanfiction

Don’t worry about not being a writer either. It can be as simple as :


Jude from Crash by Nicole Williams & Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Travis and Jude stare one another down in a fight to the death. Jude takes a swing and Travis blocks it, delivering an elbow to the temple. The crowd is shocked that Jude went down with one hit. He’s out cold. The crowd doesn’t know that Travis fights every weekend. They are demanding Travis finish the job, but he refuses.



Daemon Black from the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout  & Brennus from The premonition Series by Amy Bartol

(oh yeah!)

Evie and Katy stand side by side on a balcony overlooking the arena and a crowd of thousands cheering for Daemon and for Brennus.

Evie, who was subjected to more of Brennus’ bites and given a back-up control spell for good measure, loves Brennus and is terrified. She knows that the totally hot guy standing ten feet from her man is no mortal. Not because of his unbelievable abs and sexy hair — no! Daemon is an alien who’s strength and powers rival Reed, a power angel, who somehow made his way into this story due to his hotness and tile cracking skills.

Evie jumps as a gun is fired signaling the start of the fight to the death. Her crimson wings expand with a snap, and she growls at Daemon who has taken on his alien form of near blinding white light.

Brennus is as prepared as always with a small bag of Onyx dust he hid up his sleeve. He throws the bag at Daemon. A cheap shot. And dammit, will anyone ever kick this guy’s ass? He laughs as he does that evil villain slow walk thing, and stands over Daemon’s writhering  body.

Katy, who was infected with alien cooties and knows what Daemon looks like naked, lifts her hands holding blue fire balls. She whips them at Brennus– striking him on the side of his not so shimmering vampire face and knocking him to the ground.

Evie gets right up in Katy’s personal space. “Really, bitch? You wanna go there?”

Katy slaps Evie across the face. It would have hurt a human, but not an angel.

 *Click* Brennus’ fangs engage. “No one puts Evie in a corner! Or smacks her around, that’s my job. She’s moin!”

Evie, who wasn’t actually in a corner, instantly regrets the cat fight she started as Katy’s eyes start glowing and her feet rise off the floor.

“Ah, Brennus?” Evie says while backing up, and is now in a real corner. But this isn’t Dirty Dancing and Katy one pissed off infected girl.

Brennus leaps the three stories and takes Evie into his arms. He flips open the top to his knock-off Green Lantern ring and they are gone. Sucked into a portal.

Dozens of female fans of the Lux series are in the crowd and take action. Most are moms and well equipped to handle any kind of injury. They pour water over Daemon’s bare skin from bottles and back-up sippy cups found at the bottom of oversized mom purses.  A few have anti-bacterial wipes and take their time. One woman has a brilliant idea and suggests the Onyx might have gotten through his…. pants. They strip him down.

Katy jumps down to Daemon’s side.

“I’m sorry over what happened on the mountain Katy. I didn’t have a choice.”

“Blake!” Katy whisper-shouts.

A few of the ladies hear Katy and word spreads quicker than hot gossip that Blake is there. Katy turns away from Daemon and faces the man-boy responsible for the endless torture she endured. He smiles at Katy and runs a hand through his hair. A few women gasp and/or sigh.

Katy rolls her eyes. “I should have known you’d be here, stalker!” She looks over her shoulder, “Don’t let his surfer boy good looks and rock hard body fool you ladies!”

A small group of the women step forward, “Katy, my name is Kristin. These are my friends, Chrissy, Vilma, Simone, and Melanie. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’ve got your back, let’s do this!”

Katy nods and rises from the ground, electric energy running down her arms, eyes glowing. She is flanked on both sides by angry, glaring soccer moms, lonely housewives and twenty-somethings– all of whom want nothing more than to be infected by Daemon….. I mean see Blake dead.

Blake will be given no more chances.

Just then the metal gates to the arena bust open. Reed, Russel, and Zee storm into the arena. They stand, scanning the crowd for Evie, in all their shirtless, rippling muscle glory and twitching wings!

Three women faint.

Caitlin and Christina step away from Daemon– awestruck, yet smirking.

Brennus will live another day.


See how I didn’t take that seriously at all????

Have fun with this! And to make it fair — Every person who enters this contest will have an equal chance. Meaning, if you enter, your name will go into a hat and I will pick from the hat.

Post your twosome in the comments OR link it back to your own blog OR Facebook page.

Contest starts NOW and will end on Thursday, March 21th at 11:59pm.

GOOD LUCK & much love!!!!

Trust Me Tuesdays, a List


In many women’s lives we have more on our plates than we can handle. Someone suggests a book and we have our stock answer, “I wish I had time to read. I used to before____.”


I say that with love and respect. I was one of you. House, kids, husband, friends with good gossip, work. Any free time is coveted. And most of us are so used to being on auto pilot, days blurring together, that the idea of doing “nothing but reading” produces guilt.

Screw that!

Mac & cheese IS a meal your family can eat tonight. Your toilets are not as dirty as you think. If it’s not the kid’s school, don’t answer the phone.

Go get a book.

Lose yourself for once.

Make it OK for today to be about you. Laugh, swoon, cry, get so damn into a book that you forget all the pressures in your life.


Here is a list of some of my favorite books and authors with links.

Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

The Help by Kathryn Stockett (Book is so much better than the movie)

Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

Premonition series by Amy Bartol

Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter

Mortal Instruments & Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Slammed, Point of Retreat, & Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

False Memory by Dan Krokos (This book rocks!)

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (I have not seen the movie)

Short story I can’t get out of my head

The Echoing Howls by Bobby Salomons (FREE!)

Very dark, but loved!

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Shadow of Wrath by L.W. Patricks <— link to first chapter

In the mood for Romance?

Anything by Abbi Glines

Have any favorites to add?