Paranormal Week; CAGED Can You Run With Wolves? And GIVEAWAY!

CAGED Series by Amber Lynn Natusch!!


Have you run with these wolves? I have….

From book #2, Haunted set-up: Ruby has a friend’s 18 yr old daughter, Peyta staying with her and roomie Cooper (oh, God… I ❤ Cooper!!), and they decide to turn on some music…

When Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” came on, it was game over. Moves as old as Peyta were busted out across the room as I went into a 1990’s hip-hop flashback. Cooper joined me in doing the running man around the coffee table…”

This so Ruby! I added this excerpt to show you that this series is so damn laugh out loud funny at times. Just after they start dancing her man, Sean walks in unannounced… all straight-faced and serious and as always… hot as hell! I can picture the whole scene and just love all these characters!

Also, I can’t help myself… Ruby, this one’s for you!!!

Turn it up!!!


Who is Ruby? And what’s this inner wolf Scarlet all about?

Is this like 50 shades and the inner goddess?

If so, I’m popping some popcorn!

Nope. Scarlet is Ruby’s wolf, and blows away any inner goddess. I think I love Scarlet just as much as Ruby. Unlike all the other wolves in Caged, Scarlet can plow through a wolf pack of 500 like a boss. This also means that she (Ruby) is a target. Unfortunately the person whose job it is to rid the world of these rare, RB wolves is Sean.

Please see Badass Chicks post here for more on Ruby.

If Sean is her man, then… oh. Oh no.

Yeah. Not good.

Sean is thousands of years old and the son of the god of war and an angel. This equals super powers! Like speed and strength and God-like hotness and! When he growls… the walls shakes.

He’s cool, collected, and rarely breaks from his all-business stance. Well, unless Ruby is involved. Although his job is to take Ruby out, he makes it his mission to save her life.

I an here with you now, and I will be with you until the end of time. You may fall apart, but I will always pick up the pieces… You and I are beyond this world, Ruby. Beyond love.” –Sean

I know! I know… <– second I know said with empathy. I want my own Sean too.

Here’s a link to Amazon in case you need more of Sean right this second– Fractured.

Also, he doesn’t get along with Ruby’s wolf Scarlet. It’s a juicy twist, really. To be so deeply in love with Ruby, and want to kill her inner wolf.

What of this Cooper you’re all hearts and !!!! over?

Cooper? I wish he was my Alpha!!

You look pretty hot driving around in that gargantuan vehicle, Coop,” I told him, grinning ear to ear.

“I look hot in everything, Ruby. You should know that by now.”

“What about us?” Ali asked stepping out of the SUV. “We don’t look hot?”

“You look twelve…” Cooper spat over his shoulder. “Ruby isn’t a pedophile.”


One thing about paranormal books is not just the immediate threat (Oh Crap! I’ve got a knife at my throat!)… or the pending threat (We’ve discovered what the evil villain’s plan is… but can we stop it?)… it’s also the underlined Oh f#ck of it all– beyond all this crazy sh#t, we’ve got BIGGER problems!! Like, The organization that’s been around for thousands of years to keep the balance between the human world and the supernatural world — Yeah, they’re here. Watching, waiting for one wrong move.

And DAMMIT! Ruby just accidentally let Scarlet out!

No worries, Cooper is here. As always.

Cooper is my hero, and Ruby’s. He struggles in book #2, but comes back to us even more wonderful than he was in Caged. As I said earlier, Cooper lives with Ruby. They share an unbreakable bond and this, at times, infuriates Sean. Both are ultra protective of Ruby (YUM) and both feel very possessive of her (YUMMIER).

And it’s not that I am rooting for the underdog, no, no, no. Because their bond and friendship is like no other. I don’t need to wish she would pick Cooper, he’s got her! Just in a different way than Sean.

 I do, however, love me some pissed off, growling, yellow eyed, about-to-go-wolf-on-your-ass Cooper. Sean elicited these delicious, Alpha tendencies and I swear it’s like having two leading men battling it out for dominance!  And I don’t care who wins, I just want a front row seat!!

There are 6 books in this series all of which you can find here.



Paranormal Week; Those Are Some Badass Chicks! Plus a HUGE Giveaway



New folder

We are so excited to celebrate all these amazing authors!

Who is with us!!?? HELL YEAH!

We’ll be talking about all our favs, interviewing characters, SWOONING, 3 giveaways & a contest!!

Day 1 — Some badass chicks! And giveaway

Day 2 — Interview with Brennus from Amy Bartol’s Premonition Series & 2 more giveaways!!

Day 3 — Interview with ❤ Nicholas French ❤ from Julie Hutchings Running Home *SWOON!!*

Day 4 — Character profiles on Daemon Black, Aiden St Delphi, Reed Wellington & Angels, Nickolas French, Jace Wayland, Conner & Sean from the Caged Series, Gavin Blake from Collide & Pulse <– NO, it’s not a paranormal book… but our love for Gavin is on a paranormal level!

Day 5 — Villains we love to hate on Friday the 13th *wah ha ha ha*

AND! A contest! Free ride’s over, folks– time to work for your prize. *evil laugh*

Day 6 — A list of our favorite paranormal novels and some we’re looking forward to reading


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1 grand prize winner

1 $25 Amazon gift card

1 ebook copy each of Origin, Half-Blood, Fallen, Residue, Haven, The Second Sign, The Second Shadow, Fractured, Running Home, Collide and Pulse, Shadow of Wrath, an ebook from the Blood Like Poison series & Madly Series, Down to You & The Wild Ones!!

1 hardcover of Dark Lover!

Signed paperbacks!!

2 from Premonition Series

The Second Sign

Running Home

4 winners will receive

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1 ebook of Running Home, Shadow of Wrath, Fallen

Now let’s talk about some badass chicks!

When coming up with ideas for this week of all things paranormal it occurred to me that, what the hell? I do nothing on the protagonists these books are centered around? That’s just wrong. So wrong.

I will admit that this post was the one slotted to be scratched if I ran out of time. Thank God my hypocrisy can remain with things like– talking about people who talk about people. And we can have some fun with these heroines we love and sometimes hate.

Badass thy name is Evie…

From the Premonition series by Amy Bartol.

Evie Claremont’s life changed forever the first time she felt the butterflies-in-the -tummy pull that drew her straight to Reed Wellington. She went from normal college freshman to healing unbelievably fast, super-human hearing, and she could outrun a train, ya know, like Superman. But Evie is no super hero. She’s a badass Serph Angel that holds the key to ending a war between the Fallen and Heaven. Only she has no clue until she sprouts her wings and discovers the Fallen are after her.

So is Brennus, a king of the undead, evil faeries (or fellas) that show up in  INTUITION (book #2) and never leave. Like a pimple that comes back every month. (yeah, I went there)

As Evie accepts who and what she is, she falls in love with Reed, discovers she has a soul mate (Russell), is betrayed by a friend none of us saw coming, is kidnapped repeatedly, tortured, hunted by her own kind, and through all this– our girl is NEVER the damsel in distress. Her ass is saved many times, but it is Evie who makes hard and fast decisions in the name of love, friendship and what is right.

Badass thy name is also Ruby…

Folks, holy crap. If you have not read Caged by Amber Lynn Natusch then do so. Now.

For the first 28 years of Ruby’s life she was blind. Until an attack in the woods left her parents dead and Ruby near death, naked, alone, and unconscious.

She woke with her sight, that took a backseat to her injuries and fear. Then this happened…

“I opened my eyes to a man. My breathing stopped short and I stared. I wasn’t aware of the movement of my arm until I could actually see my own hand touching his face in adoration. He was smiling at me. I closed my eyes and exploded his face with my hands as I’d done a million times to others throughout my life….”

That man was Sean. ❤

I wasn’t always down with Ruby’s choices, or her lack of being able to see what was so clear to me. BUT, this all stays true to who Ruby is. She led a sightless, sheltered, and closed off emotional life. This left her naive, and too trusting at times and not trusting enough at others. She uses humor as a defense mechanism, and her sarcastic attitude covers what she’s really feeling. I just love her.

Ruby is an empath who can sense other’s emotions. But that not the weirdest thing about her. Come to find out Ruby is something rare, so incredibly rare that she becomes a target. And before Ruby has time to digest any of it, and before Sean can figure out what to do, the unthinkable happens and our innocent Ruby suffers at the hands of her own kind. In ways that (thank God) the author didn’t drag us through.

But Ruby is strong, determined and yes, a total and complete badass. WHOOT!

That’s just in book #1. There are 5 more books in this series so far.

Badass thy nickname is Maggie…

From the Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter

What if you had a gift to visit Heaven in your sleep? What would you do with it? Who would you see?

If you’re Magdalene Tanner you use it to help others by setting up a table in a park and offer to bring messages to people’s loved one.

You love her already, right? It gets better, way better. Miss Messenger is being watched, and feels a sense a dread closing in on her.

Enter Eran, guardian angel to Maggie. Turns out Maggie is the last messenger on Earth and she’s lived many lifetimes. So have her enemies, the Fallen. Maggie takes this news head on and sets out to destroy the Fallen. She trains hard and does her best to protect those she loves, including Eran whose sole purpose is to protect her.

On a swoon-worthy note: Maggie can visit former lives in Heaven through scrolls for each soul. And of course, Maggie does what any of us would do… she visits Eran!!! Oh God! It’s all so real and HE’S THERE waiting… always waiting for his girl!

Badassery thy name is Katy…

From the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Let’s just start off with this: Katy endures Daemon Black’s shirtless, pen-poking, taunting, Kitty-calling ass in a way that makes me want to nominate her for something official… like an award for the best poker face. Because if I lived next door to Daemon, you can bet your then-jealous ass I’d be all about it. Katy will take no one’s crap, is proud of who she is, and will stop at nothing to protect those she loves.

Katy moves to small town USA with her double shift working mom after her father’s death and ends up BFF’s with the sort of mysterious girl next door. Dee also has a twin brother, Daemon. Equally mysterious and a total jerk.

One near fatal mistake later and Katy finds out why. Daemon saves her life, but in doing so changes her life in an irreversible way. Where before she worried about making meals, normal teenage crap, reading books,  and blogging… Katy is throw into a world she should have never known existed and also, she’s glowing and moving things by thought. And now that she does, shit gets real– quick. Katy can’t control her new powers and trains her butt off. The first time Daemon and the rest of the Luxen see Katy tap into the “source”, they were just as awestruck as the rest of us.

In book #4, Origin, Daemon Black will burn down the world to save his girl. And Katy will stop at nothing to save herself.

Tomorrow is our interview with Brennus, you do not want to miss it! We’ll also have two more giveaways tomorrow– Yep, time to pick a team, folks.

We’ll also have some juicy teasers