The Plan– A Free Short Story

 Friends and followers I am nervous as hell excited to share with you something I wrote that was posted today on The Darker half

It’s a very short story called The Plan

Cadi is done being made a fool of and decides to execute her perfect plan where no one can find you or

hear your screams.



A Fight to the Death Fanfiction Contest



Recently I did an interview with author L.W. Patricks

His novel, Shadow of Wrath was released yesterday!


In the interview I asked L.W. to write a very short story involving the arena in his book and two popular fictional characters, Thor & Magneto, in a fight to the death.

His story was hilarious!

And guess what? He offered a free ebook of Shadow of Wrath for a contest!!

Yay us!


Amy Bartol also offered a free SIGNED copy of any one of the Premonition series books!!!


SO, my friends let’s have ourselves a contest! A fight to the death contest!

We won’t be killing each other for a free copy


Hell yea!

In Shadow of Wrath– Ryker, who is one of the biggest fictional jerk villains ever, makes boys fight to the death in a stone wall arena he created. Dog is forced to kill or be killed (yes, it very much reminded me of Hunger Games). Ryker watches from his balcony with his slave, Allegra at his side.

So here are the rules

Any two characters from any two books must fight to the death in an arena. Like a gladiator. Not cool with writing a death scene? No worries, my stories don’t end in death either. 🙂

Please give a shout out to the authors of these books!!

It can be as short as you want or up to 1,000 words!

Is your favorite an alien? Warrior? Fallen Angel? Zombie? Vampire? Shadow Hunter? Undead *cough* (Brennus) Or just a regular guy?

If they have special powers– cool.

*Gabi, I’m not a writer! And why do we have to work so hard for free stuff on your blog!!??*

This is going to be fun!

We will call it fanfiction

Don’t worry about not being a writer either. It can be as simple as :


Jude from Crash by Nicole Williams & Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Travis and Jude stare one another down in a fight to the death. Jude takes a swing and Travis blocks it, delivering an elbow to the temple. The crowd is shocked that Jude went down with one hit. He’s out cold. The crowd doesn’t know that Travis fights every weekend. They are demanding Travis finish the job, but he refuses.



Daemon Black from the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout  & Brennus from The premonition Series by Amy Bartol

(oh yeah!)

Evie and Katy stand side by side on a balcony overlooking the arena and a crowd of thousands cheering for Daemon and for Brennus.

Evie, who was subjected to more of Brennus’ bites and given a back-up control spell for good measure, loves Brennus and is terrified. She knows that the totally hot guy standing ten feet from her man is no mortal. Not because of his unbelievable abs and sexy hair — no! Daemon is an alien who’s strength and powers rival Reed, a power angel, who somehow made his way into this story due to his hotness and tile cracking skills.

Evie jumps as a gun is fired signaling the start of the fight to the death. Her crimson wings expand with a snap, and she growls at Daemon who has taken on his alien form of near blinding white light.

Brennus is as prepared as always with a small bag of Onyx dust he hid up his sleeve. He throws the bag at Daemon. A cheap shot. And dammit, will anyone ever kick this guy’s ass? He laughs as he does that evil villain slow walk thing, and stands over Daemon’s writhering  body.

Katy, who was infected with alien cooties and knows what Daemon looks like naked, lifts her hands holding blue fire balls. She whips them at Brennus– striking him on the side of his not so shimmering vampire face and knocking him to the ground.

Evie gets right up in Katy’s personal space. “Really, bitch? You wanna go there?”

Katy slaps Evie across the face. It would have hurt a human, but not an angel.

 *Click* Brennus’ fangs engage. “No one puts Evie in a corner! Or smacks her around, that’s my job. She’s moin!”

Evie, who wasn’t actually in a corner, instantly regrets the cat fight she started as Katy’s eyes start glowing and her feet rise off the floor.

“Ah, Brennus?” Evie says while backing up, and is now in a real corner. But this isn’t Dirty Dancing and Katy one pissed off infected girl.

Brennus leaps the three stories and takes Evie into his arms. He flips open the top to his knock-off Green Lantern ring and they are gone. Sucked into a portal.

Dozens of female fans of the Lux series are in the crowd and take action. Most are moms and well equipped to handle any kind of injury. They pour water over Daemon’s bare skin from bottles and back-up sippy cups found at the bottom of oversized mom purses.  A few have anti-bacterial wipes and take their time. One woman has a brilliant idea and suggests the Onyx might have gotten through his…. pants. They strip him down.

Katy jumps down to Daemon’s side.

“I’m sorry over what happened on the mountain Katy. I didn’t have a choice.”

“Blake!” Katy whisper-shouts.

A few of the ladies hear Katy and word spreads quicker than hot gossip that Blake is there. Katy turns away from Daemon and faces the man-boy responsible for the endless torture she endured. He smiles at Katy and runs a hand through his hair. A few women gasp and/or sigh.

Katy rolls her eyes. “I should have known you’d be here, stalker!” She looks over her shoulder, “Don’t let his surfer boy good looks and rock hard body fool you ladies!”

A small group of the women step forward, “Katy, my name is Kristin. These are my friends, Chrissy, Vilma, Simone, and Melanie. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’ve got your back, let’s do this!”

Katy nods and rises from the ground, electric energy running down her arms, eyes glowing. She is flanked on both sides by angry, glaring soccer moms, lonely housewives and twenty-somethings– all of whom want nothing more than to be infected by Daemon….. I mean see Blake dead.

Blake will be given no more chances.

Just then the metal gates to the arena bust open. Reed, Russel, and Zee storm into the arena. They stand, scanning the crowd for Evie, in all their shirtless, rippling muscle glory and twitching wings!

Three women faint.

Caitlin and Christina step away from Daemon– awestruck, yet smirking.

Brennus will live another day.


See how I didn’t take that seriously at all????

Have fun with this! And to make it fair — Every person who enters this contest will have an equal chance. Meaning, if you enter, your name will go into a hat and I will pick from the hat.

Post your twosome in the comments OR link it back to your own blog OR Facebook page.

Contest starts NOW and will end on Thursday, March 21th at 11:59pm.

GOOD LUCK & much love!!!!

Interview with Author L.W. Patricks

I am very happy to have Word Samurai L.W.Patricks here.


His novel Shadow of Wrath will be released on March 13, 2013.


“A brutal tale about survival, tragedy, and human perseverance,

the Complete SHADOW OF WRATH is the first book in the Sins of the 7 series.”

Let’s do this!!


What would you say to a reader who is on the fence about Young Adult Dystopia?

It’s the gateway genre to hard Science Fiction and Fantasy! Don’t like starships, phasor beams, sloppy orcs, and blooming elves, yet want to read something that’s unique, fresh, and different from the world we live in today? Give dystopian fiction a try!

How long did it take you to write Shadow of Wrath?

First draft took about 2 months, second draft another 2, and a third draft almost 3 months. I know the sentences like the back of my hand. You can read me a sentence from the book and I’ll be able to tell you what chapter it came from. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not…

Part of what I liked about Shadow of Wrath are the raw, stripped down emotions of all the captive characters. Particularly Dog and Allegra. It reminded me of The Hunger Games and the acceptance of the world they live in. With that acceptance comes hopelessness and living everyday trying to survive. What was the writing process like for you while creating such a dark world from a YA perspective?

The most important thing I had to do was create characters that can survive in the world of the Arena, seeing as how death was so prevalent. I decided to have a kid living on the streets, Dog, as the central character because he knows what it’s like to survive. He’s done it all his life, and he’s got the brass to stare death in the eye and kick him in the junk.  I also needed a character that’s grounded and can keep Dog from going over the edge and transforming into a heartless killing machine. That’s where Allegra comes into play. She’s beautiful, compassionate, caring, but she also doesn’t have much to live for either. They need each other to exist. The one thing in this world as well, I found that cramming in a love story was fairly difficult. I had to make their emotions real, so my story reflects that. Allegra and Dog’s relationship is what I would perceive as realistic and organic.

I also fell in love with Allegra’s character while writing her and created something more out of her than I originally intended. Once I had these two characters, the rest of the story seemed to fall into place with all the events, supporting cast, and plot threads. The ending changed from what I originally intended though, mostly due to Allegra’s growth from the beginning to the end of the book.


This novel is part of a series (Sins of the 7). How far along are you on book #2? And may we have a sneak peak?

I’m about 75% done the first draft, though I may have to add more to it. I would love to give everyone a sneak peak, but sadly it’s not polished yet. It’d be like me feeding you raw chicken. However I am thinking about getting the first 50 or so pages revised and edited and throwing it up online in the near future for free, just as an advanced preview.

This is Allegra on the cover


She is a total badass by the end of the book

I love Allegra’s strength, tenderness and plotting to take down Ryker, even when it seems all is lost. In the next book will Allegra’s dreams come into play?

Allegra’s role is much more mysterious in the next book. She’ll be a fairly different character from this one. In fact, for the second book “Awake the Ghosts” we’ll be focusing on brand new characters though there will be some surprise appearances. But that’s all hush, hush for now.


You and I share a love for Marvel Comics. Let’s have a little fun with that and mesh your book and Marvel together. A challenge. 300 words or less. The possible scenarios are endless, so I will not make you spend the next two days coming up with the best match up. Unless you’d like to.

The scene: Your arena

The two people fighting to the death: Magneto & Thor

Magneto’s ability to manipulate electromagnetic energy and magnetism & Thor’s magical Odinforce powers are intact

The crowd is rooting for Thor

The powers that be (Ryker and his guards) want Magneto to win. What the crowd and Thor don’t know is that hidden in the stone walls are hundreds of tiny pieces of metal. A total Ryker move, that bastard!

A request, for swooning purposes: Please make Thor shirtless  😉


*Rubs hands together while wearing a big, dumb-ass smile.

What will L.W. do with the hammer of Mjolnir? Will Magneto’s powers work on it?*


HEY! How did that get there? Damn add media button… (Oh God, yum!)


L.W. Patrick’s Thor vs. Magneto

The topless Thor basically grabs his hammer and shouts out something along the lines of “by the power of Odin’s beard, thou wickedness shall be slain by the might of Mjolnir” to which Magneto looks at him with disdain, clearly uncomfortable staring at Thor’s oversized pecs. Wanting to end the fight quickly, Magneto uses the shards of metal in the wall and hurls them at Thor all at once. However they bounce off the thunder god’s chest like cheetos being hurled at a pink cement wall with nipples. Thor laughs and summons a storm cloud over Magneto, striking him over and over again with lightning admist the rain. Magneto suddenly wishes he wasn’t wearing that metallic helmet of his because his head has basically become a lightning rod.

In one last effort, he tries to pull the hammer out of Thor’s hand with his magnetic powers, but realizes he can’t because, well, he’s not worthy of it. In one epic swing, Thor knocks Magneto out of the Arena like a steroid fueled Barry Bonds before turning his attention on Ryker, grin on his face and sweat bearing down his broad chest and washboard abs.

And that’s the end of that chapter….

*** Impressive, L.W. You even worked baseball into it. ***


I have to talk about She Dreams of Lonely Stars! I liked all six of the short stories, but The Universe Inside Me is the one I cannot get out of my head. Your imagination is incredible! Do you have any plans to write a sci-fi novel in the future?


Actually I was thinking of expanding one of the flash fiction stories into a full length novel at some point in the near future. I’ve never been a ‘hard science fiction’ type of guy, but I love sci fi stories with reality grounded in them. I’m not going to lie; I love the bubble boy character and think a whole novel from his perspective would be unique and fresh, especially against the backdrop of some cataclysmic event. I’ve got a lot of people telling me that they wished my “Last Temptation of Snow White” story was longer too. Not very sci-fi but I guess fairy tales are still fairly popular.

Describe for us a day in the life of L.W. Patricks

I wake up in the morning, stare at the mirror and beat my chest while shouting out quotes from the 90s sitcom “Perfect Strangers.” After that I eat a bowl of protein before leaping out the window to fight crime in all its terrible forms as the “Inconceivable Captain Insane.” After I’m done, I go home and do all my chores very badly so that Mrs. L.W. Patricks decides to never ask me to do them again, (TIME OUT! You just lost some bonus points! Boooooo) thus freeing me to write for a good hour or two before relaxing  with either a good book or some movie on Netflicks (luckily Mrs. Patricks has the same tastes I do). Oh and on Tuesdays, I play Dodgeball where only the strong survive (and by strong I mean the one who can catch balls like it’s their business).

Besides preparing for the release of Shadow of Wrath and working on the series, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Despite sounding like a mental patient in my answer above, I’m fairly a friendly individual who loves talking to people. Email me any time at LWPATRICSK (at) GMAIL.COM and I’ll always try to respond. I also love hearing from my readers and I’m grateful to each and every one of you who buy my book (40% off the first week) and I promise to give you only my best, because you’re all worth it!

From the brain of a Word Samurai!

L.W. Patricks

Thanks L.W. for stopping by and sharing Shadow of Wrath with us!!

In case anyone missed that — 40% the first week

Everyone, I cannot WAIT! for you to read this book so we can discuss the twist (I emailed Mr. L.W. using my shouty caps over the twist I didn’t see coming). Also, I cried (both sad and happy tears) over this ending. I want so badly to tell you why. But I can’t.


Want to stalk L.W.?





Trust Me Tuesdays, a List


In many women’s lives we have more on our plates than we can handle. Someone suggests a book and we have our stock answer, “I wish I had time to read. I used to before____.”


I say that with love and respect. I was one of you. House, kids, husband, friends with good gossip, work. Any free time is coveted. And most of us are so used to being on auto pilot, days blurring together, that the idea of doing “nothing but reading” produces guilt.

Screw that!

Mac & cheese IS a meal your family can eat tonight. Your toilets are not as dirty as you think. If it’s not the kid’s school, don’t answer the phone.

Go get a book.

Lose yourself for once.

Make it OK for today to be about you. Laugh, swoon, cry, get so damn into a book that you forget all the pressures in your life.


Here is a list of some of my favorite books and authors with links.

Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

The Help by Kathryn Stockett (Book is so much better than the movie)

Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

Premonition series by Amy Bartol

Guardian Trilogy by Laury Falter

Mortal Instruments & Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Slammed, Point of Retreat, & Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

False Memory by Dan Krokos (This book rocks!)

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (I have not seen the movie)

Short story I can’t get out of my head

The Echoing Howls by Bobby Salomons (FREE!)

Very dark, but loved!

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Shadow of Wrath by L.W. Patricks <— link to first chapter

In the mood for Romance?

Anything by Abbi Glines

Have any favorites to add?

Russell; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premontion Series

***** SPOILERS!!!*****

This week is about ALL the men, angels, and undead. That means I have to set my obsession for Reed aside and be fair.

I’d also like to say thank you for all the shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!! It’s awesome that so many people spread their love for this series!! Especially with Iniquity coming out soon (I hope).


I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters.

Here it is in case you missed it

In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.

I will start by saying that I am Team Reed.

Are there only two teams?

You decide

Meet Russell


Our angel, Russell; half human, half Seraph Angel. Southern gentleman, football star, loyal friend, and loves his momma and sisters.

We first meet Russell at an event for school. Evie and Russell hit it off and he nicknames her, Red. She feels like she knows him, but can’t place where or how.

Fast forward – and THIS is your first hint that Russell and Evie do, indeed, know each other.

Clenching his teeth, Reed looks at Russell again, but longer this time as his eyebrows come down slowly in a frown. “Am I interrupting your reunion?”

Hmmm. What’s up with that!!??

I’ll tell you what’s up, Mr. Perfect Power Angel – turns out your girl has a soul mate! His name is Russell and she dreams about Russell, not YOU. In the near future she will be willing to die for him. And almost does trying to save him, and in doing so changes him into a Seraph Angel – one level above YOU!

So what does it all mean??

1: Russell is sticking around now. And because Reed loves Evie, he moves Russell into his home for protection.

2: Someday Russell may, and probably will, surpass Reed in strength & speed.

3: Dammit! It’s worth mentioning again…. He’s got Evie’s soul.

And if there is a Team Russell card carrying member out there – that person has a HUGE HEART and is probably on Team Simon, Team Jacob, Team Jem, and Team _______ <—- insert name of underdog who will never measure up to Reed, Jace, Edward, or Will.  No, I didn’t include Gale. I’m on Team Gale…

To a Team Russell reader I say, I’m sorry. This is the part where I slap you in face with my Reed Reality Check:

It’s never going to happen. Soul mate or not.

Look at this face….


That said – let’s discuss a few parts of this series that depending what Team you are on – your heart broke, you wanted to strangle Evie, you hated Reed, you fell in love all over again with Russell, you cursed Amy for bringing these angels into your life because NOW – you suffer from Book Hangover.

Book Hangover definition: Inability to start a new book because you’re still living in the last book’s world

Book #2 Grocery store. The plan; Russell, stay in the car and be the lookout. Evie is going shopping.


Russell  …”Another growl escapes me……My hand twitches on the handle of the door. I am across the parkin’ lot and pacin’ in front of the store window in a matter of moments. I’m not even sure how I got here, but I’m here, watching the round man eyein’ my girl…… Red sees me….. she scans the parkin’ lot lookin’ for any potential threat that would cause me to deviate from the plan….. The manager does the unthinkable and puts his hand on Red’s arm….. Fantasy after fantasy of ways to main and kill him bounce through my head.”

In the two previous posts I’ve talked about all the angels’ wings communicating, the primal growls, and lightning fast speed. In that scene you see that Russell’s angel characteristics are developing fast.

If you are Team Reed – the “my girl” pissed you off.

If you are Team Russell – You are swooning over his animal-like, involuntary, protective-angel response to a man touching Red.

Book #2 Brennus’ Cave. The Plan; If we get separated, Russell, you run as far and fast as you can.


Evie — …. “I hear a deep, low growl and a voice that I thought I’d never hear again in my life. Tears of anguish spring to my eyes because he should have run!….  The image of Russell walking across the hall is nothing short of breathtaking…… He is so much more than human now. He is a dangerous and lethal assassin. He is Seraph.”

That’s so damn hot… but THIS is hotter;

“His huge frame is almost dwarfed by his bright, crimson wings as they stretch out like wide, arching symbols of vengeance.”

HELL YEA! It’s going down!

Let’s get a visual on that!!!!


Oh, Russell.

Now that I’m all warm and fuzzy inside…. Poor Russell. His soul mate is now branded by Reed. And as if all this undying love inside for her is not enough, all his memories come back of their past lives together over the last few thousand years.

Let’s talk about crap thrown in Russell’s face! ie – The island!

Hey, I get it. She is Reed’s Aspire. They are reunited. The whole family is together again! Everyone is happy, aside from Russell. Russell, who was on the beach when Reed & Evie go inside their cabin/cabana – destroying it like rock stars.

I felt so sorry for Russell that I almost had trouble enjoying Reed The Rock star in action.

Ok, so I lied to you. I felt a twinge of pity for Russell. That was before clothes are being ripped off and furniture is breaking.

Russell Pity Party is FINALLY over! Enter Anya

Ho, Ho, Ho. What’s this Miss Everyone Loves Me Evie? Your soul mate has HIS OWN Aspire? Complete with butterflies. Or as Russell calls them, crickets.

How about that library!!?? Russell so hot and clumsy. Wings spread, knocking crap over. SO Russell.

Things I love about Russell:

His southern charm.

He sets aside his immense pain and jealousy, and is there for both Evie AND Reed at every turn.

Gotta give him props for the sparing on the beach that turned into Russell getting his ass handed to him by Reed. But, he tried.

After all he’s been through, he feels guilt over Anya. Not wanting to accept her story that Russell picked her over Evie. Awww.

His bravery

He doesn’t let his Seraph status go to his head.

His loyalty and love for his friends is unconditional

(because I will hear about it in the comments– no, I’m not forgetting the watch switch. Not cool, Russell. Not cool.)

What do you love about Russell? What are you favorite Russell moments?

Let’s discuss!!

UP NEXT — Zephyr (Zee)  Check back tomorrow!!

Xavier; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premonition Series

Yesterday I shared my bordering unhealthy love for Reed.

After reading all the comments I know I am not alone. In fact, we are legion!!

This week is about ALL the men, angels, and undead. That means I have to set my obsession aside and be fair.

I’d also like to say thank you for all the shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!! It’s awesome that so many people spread their love for this series!! Especially with Iniquity coming out soon (I hope).


I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters. Some of those authors are, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Fine, Colleen Hoover (LOVE!!), Veronica Roth, Laury Falter, Abbi Glines, and M. Leighton

Here it is in case you missed it

In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.

I will start by saying that I am Team Reed.

Are there only two teams?

Robyn Leanne , a fellow blogger, says no.

You decide

Meet Xavier; Seraph Angel


After seeing this picture on Amy’s website I almost forgave Xavier on the spot!

“Xavier is Evie’s guardian angelllll.” <—Sang Gabi Daniels in an angelic voice.

Ouch! Move over lovarrr Reed & soul mate Russell. There’s a new (old flame) angel in town! Turns out it is very rare for a Seraph to be a guardian. And rarer still for them to be together for thousands of years. In fact, in the history of Heaven, it’s never happened. And he’s back.  Only Evie has no memory of their past… at first.

As it’s all coming backing to her – I’m making up scenarios in my mind. All involving a patient, loving, I’ll do anything for you Xavier. By the end of that chapter I was OK with the possibility of Reed being called back to Heaven.

Simmer down, Xavier haters and enjoy another pic

(pretend those wings are red. I can hardly work my cell, let alone photo shop)


See that poor angel? He had to endure THOUSANDS of years of watching Evie with Russell in each of their lifetimes. Married, children, happy. In Heaven she fell in love with Xavier. SO in love she volunteered for this mission to be free of Russell. After thousands of years, he finally has her — only now she is branded with the mark of Reed??!!

In a perfect, fictional world — I would be the one branded by Reed! But, that’s besides the point. I have to call a TV time out here. Xavier is wounded.


     Xavier is one angel level above Reed. Oops. I love the way Amy set this up!! Just when things are coming together– Tau, Cole, and Xavier show up. ALL Seraph Angels. All very respected. All are the highest level angel. All exude power, control, and confidence. Why is that important? Because Reed & Zee are Power Angels and have to give up control to the Seraphs! Things just got complicated.

     To Xavier, Reed is a nonissue. Evie is his. What Amy Bartol did here was brilliant! As the reader, you are well into book #4, obsessed with Reed; there is no one in the universe that compares to his strength, efficiency, love, and commitment to Evie.

Or is there????

This exchange between Evie and her father Tau, fuels that question:

What about Xavier?”……“I hardly know him.” I say uncomfortably. ….. He asks me, “What happens when your soul awakens and that changes? What happens when you do remember him?” …. “I don’t know—maybe it will never happen,” I reply. ….. “I forget how young you are, Evie,” He frowns. “There will be an alignment of your heart, your soul, and your mind, and then…. You may feel differently.”

Whoa. Hold up.

 In the next book Xavier will challenge Reed for Evie. This terrifies me. PLUS! She hasn’t told Reed she remembers Xavier.

The part where I go a little off on a fictional character as if she is standing in front of me:

Dammit Evie! Stop putting yourself in positions to be kissed by Xavier! And when are you going to stop lying to Reed!? NOT telling Reed you remember some of the good old days with Xavier is lying by omission!

Moving on.

What if Xavier starts being nice and less controlling? What if Evie forgives his betrayal? What if during the challenge Reed is losing and Zee steps in and is killed? Noooooo!!!! What if all my fears are realized in book #5?



One of this blog’s loyal followers, Kristin is adding her two cents in the form of a hate letter.

Her Kristin / Reed squishy name is KReed. JEALOUS!

I tried it and unfortunately came up with Reabi. Which is too close to a life threatening disease, and brings up images of Cujo. Although the foaming at the mouth works….


I saw your picture before I read book 4 and yes, you are unbelievably attractive….okay HOT.  There I said it, you’re hot; with your come hither look and smoldering bedroom eyes.  A nice piece of eye candy you are.  And if all I had to do was look at you, I’d swoon all day.

BUT. Then I read the book and I want you to know, I DID NOT FALL FOR YOUR CHARMS.  That’s right; I was not enamored with you.  I did not swoon over you.  You are trying to reclaim Evie as yours when she is with Reed now.  Clearly, you do not understand that you are Evie’s EX-boyfriend as in, past tense.  As in, you left her.  Yeah, I know, you were called back, couldn’t disobey a direct order yadda, yadda, yadda.  WHATEVER; you still left her heartbroken.

Evie has told you she does not remember your great love and that her heart is with Reed now.  Take the hint, she’s over you.  Find some self-respect and move on and leave Evie and Reed alone.  Find a nice Stepford Angel who doesn’t mind handing over her free will to you.

The soccer game thing; okay, I’ll admit, it was sweet and touching.  But what you did to her when Reed was taken by Brennus was heinous and unforgivable.  You stood there watching her fall apart, completely broken over the loss of Reed and the torture he would be enduring.  She begged you, BEGGED you to help her and what did you do?  You tied her to a bed, leaving her vulnerable to Brennus.  He could have done anything to her and she was powerless to stop him thanks to you.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you rough up Buns leaving her bruised and battered; Buns, a Reaper Angel, who could not possibly match you brute strength.  Did you forget all the flirting you did with her?  Did it mean nothing to you?

These qualities are NOT attractive. You are NOT a nice Angel.

Unaffectionately yours,


Kristin, you get extra points for the “Stepford Angel” crack. Our Evie is no Stepford!

Up next– Russell. Check back tomorrow!

Reed; The Men, Angels, And Undead of The Premonition Series

I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters.

Here it is in case you missed it

In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.


We had a blast reading the series, swooning, loving, hating, and swooning (did I say that already?). Things got “playfully heated” and there was a threat of blackmail, “I’m not sharing anymore”, “how dare you!”, begging, and some SHOUTY CAPS. How lucky am I to have found people who feel so passionately about the characters in the books they read?

I made a promise they would each have their own post– Kristin & Chrissy, this one’s for you!!

I will start by saying that I am Team Reed.

Are there only two teams?

You decide

This, THIS is our angel, Reed!


<– Look familiar??

Reed—Power Angel.

–Charcoal gray wings that SNAP open in response to Evie’s wings. IT’S SO HOT! The way all these angel’s wings involuntarily communicate with one another, I swear it’s better than any sex scene you could read.  Wait! I’m forgetting about the shower in book #4. More on that later.

–Primal growls that are so animalistic in nature, a contrast to this divine & fine (Oh, I rhyme!) angel.

— Speaks Angel and it’s beautiful, musical. No Earthly language has the proper words to describe Reed’s love for his girl!! Hell yea!

— Lightning fast, can crush stone in his hand, wings,  rippling perfect muscles, wings, bares the symbol of Evie on his chest!, wings, he is so cocky that I cannot help but believe that he is indeed the best at everything.

When my crush turned into stalker mode and Jace Wayland (Mortal Instruments) no longer existed:

Reed and Evie are driving in the car. He is overwhelmed with the need for Evie to know the real him. He carries Evie (lightning fast speed) to his bedroom and shows her his wings. She touches them and they twitch in response to her fingers. SO HOT!

***She also finds a sculpture that he made OF HER on his bedside table. (Does he sit and stare at it when he is in bed? How long does he stare at it? What goes through his mind?)***

Team Reed!!



Ah, that’s better. Moving on…

When I completely lost my sh*t:

Training with Zee, Russell, Reed, and Evie.

Normally Reed is kept out of the training room. He can’t handle watching Evie sparing with Zee, the other Power angel. Reed decides to see “what Evie can do” ( Evie is half angel, fast, and can hold her own). They are sparing. Evie is running on the walls and jumping off things coming within inches of Reed with knives. He is so impressed – BEYOND THAT—this Power angel is so crazed turned on that he throws his weapons to the floor and catches Evie midair.


When fiction and reality blurred and I hated my hottie husband for not being Reed:

Book #4 INCENDIARY — REED’S POINT OF VIEW, first person ( meaning that the voice you are reading is Reed’s. Inside his head, his thoughts.) HUGE battle is over for now. Evie almost died. Evil Brennus almost took Evie again. Well folks, it makes for one hot, I almost lost you, let’s have sex moment. But, that’s not what did it for me. In the shower, Reed speaks to Evie’s soul in angel. Telling her soul that he knows it belongs to Russell… but he’ll wait an eternity and some day all of Evie will be his.

(I might have put my own spin on that!? Basically, that is what happened)

*deep breath* & *wipes tears* & *God, please make Reed real*

 His wings were also spread during this – ruffling and twitching and so were hers. Then he tells her, “I can’t be gentle”… she’s all, “just touch me”… and the tile is cracking.

Up next– Xavier. Check back tomorrow!!