Zephyr; The Men, Angels, And Undead Of The Premonition Series

This week is about ALL the men, angels, and undead. That means I have to set my obsession aside and be fair.

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I gave myself a birthday gift recently – a post with some of my favorite swoon worthy fictional characters. Some of those authors are, Cassandra Clare, Nicole Williams, Sarah Fine, Colleen Hoover (LOVE!!), Veronica Roth, Laury Falter, Abbi Glines, and M. Leighton <–all Amazon links

Here it is in case you missed it

In the comments a few ladies suggested we all read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol. One said she was Team Brennus; the other was 100% Team Reed.

I will start by saying that I am Team Reed.

Are there only two teams?

Meet Zephyr; Power Angel

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Lethal assassin badass! A machine that annihilates the Fallen.

Zephyr is Reed’s best friend. When we first meet Zephyr (Zee), however, we have no clue how fast and hard we will fall for him.

Book #1 Reed’s house. Evie is at a party and Fallen show up. She tells Russell to call Reed and Evie runs (lightning fast speed) to Reed’s house. Only Reed isn’t home.

Oh no.

…. “A soft rustle of fabric coming from the library down the hall, alerts me to the fact that someone is here…. I stop dead in my tracks…. I scan the perfect figure of the angel in front of me…. Slowly, his dark-brown eyebrows pull dangerously close together over his ice-blue eyes. Then, my fear doubles as a low, primal growl accompanies his severe frown.”

Where is Reed!!??

Also, that’s hot.

“Tires screech on the pavement just beyond Reed’s driveway, and my eyes snap open wider…. In seconds, Reed is in the room and has me cradled in his arms…. “I did not harm her,” The angel speaks to Reed in a defensive tone…. He lets me go…. Whirling on the other angel…. Reed’s shirt tears instantly and falls away from his body, while his gray wings arc out in menace.”

Can you picture it? I CAN!


*fans hand in front of face*

…. “Zephyr, if you ever do anything like that to Evie again, you will pray for death.” …. Zephyr grunts and says in a serious tone, “I will kill anything that attempts to harm her.”

And so it begins.

Let us review all the ways Zee has become, for any Team member, the one character in this amazing series we simply cannot live without.

Book #2

Evie cuts Zee while sparing. Reed is shocked and demands Evie show him. Reed leaps forward, and takes a viscous swipe at her, coming within centimeters.

Mr. Soul mate, Russell, is having none of it!


Russell– …. “I shoot forward to pounce on Reed, but am held by Zephyr who whispers in my ear, “Do not go there. He will kill you.”

Zee– Always the voice of reason. Always stepping in. Always with his military plans of attack and/or escape.

Fast forward. Evie escapes from Brennus’ cave with Russell’s help…


 only to find out that Zee and Reed have been captured by the Powers and charged with treason.

What is a half-breed Seraph Angel to do?

She goes and gets her angels, that’s what she does!!


Zee and Reed, hearing Evie give herself up in exchange for them, fight their way into the room. They are bruised, cut, and Zee is … “courageously facing down about twenty or so Powers that are cautiously approaching them from the left and from the right…. Reed just has me in his sights—his expression is lethal.”

Whoa. It gets worse…..

…”Reed pulls me to him, crushing me in a vise-like embrace…. My eyes lock on Zephyr’s blue ones over Reed’s shoulder. He looks wrecked, like he has given everything he has to get to this point…. I reach my hand out to him and he takes it in his, hugging Reed and I together.”

 I feel gutted! I love them! Since we’re going down that road

“Reed places me in Zephyr’s waiting embrace…. Zephyr is trying to calm me down by speaking to me softly in Angel, while petting my hair…. Zee is eyeing all the other angels suspiciously while his arms remain around me.”  <– That part was when I knew if Amy EVER killed off Zee, I would never forgive her.

I came to depend on Zee’s strength as much as the rest of “the family” did through the rest of this series. Zee’s nod of approval, his grunts, his growls of either warning or stamp of approval for the way Reed is handling himself (love that!!) had me both sitting up straighter and relaxing.

Book #4 In the kitchen, battles over for now.

Zee and Reed eye each other. They vow, with an exchange of feathers, to be brothers and always have one another’s backs. I can’t quote it. It’s too emotional for me. And this post is running late as it is due to my inability to STOP reading each book while searching for quotes.

Okay. Let’s talk book #5

My fears:

Xavier roughed up Zee’s girl, Buns trying to get info. BASTARD! Worse! What will Zee do about it? Oh, God… Can he win a challenge? Will Reed step in? Xavier will challenge Reed for Evie. Will Zee step in? Will he be killed? Called back to Heaven? What if something awful happens to Buns? Going back to book #1 — Evie asks Zee what kind of angel is Lucifer? He’s a Seraph. I don’t even want to think about Evie and Lucifer facing off….

My wishes:

BRENNUS FINALLY DIES! , Tau is completely humiliated — Amy, please have his wings severed in the process! , Reed and Evie have a baby (it could happen), Evie can CHANGE Finn back. He’s still on my trust list! Dammit! ,  Russell and Evie detroy the Fallen.

What are your Zee moments?

Fears for book#5

Wishes for book#5


Miss Cristina over at Cristina’s Book Reviews is Team Brennus. She will be doing the Brennus post for us! YAY!

 Earlier today  I issued a challenge of my own — Letting her, and every other Team Brennus member know — Team Reed is ready!

Here it is

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